Wednesday, February 20, 2008

He's Back and Better Than Ever!

It should come as no surprise that I have eagerly been awaiting the release of new music from Joshua Radin. I can't explain it but I love his music. In fact, one might go so far as to say that he is my favorite solo artist at the moment. His music is haunting and seductive at the same time which is a rare combo. He is your classic crooner and therefore the fact that he is not exactly a Derek Jeter matters not. He is sexy because he sings songs that seem to pulled directly from my heart. I have never heard him sing any louder than a soft, almost whisper and that is just one of many reasons that I love his music. So imagine my joy when I discovered that he put out new songs early from his upcoming album...Unclear Sky-EP.
(If you don't know who Joshua Radin is...shame on you! Here are Millie Notes Version.
And here is a breakdown of the four songs can be found on iTunes.
The Fear That You Won't Fall - The previously blogged about version was an iTunes exclusive so this is technically a new album release. As I stated in my previous posting about Joshua, this song was a late addition to my collection and its playcount exploded over the past few months. The new version is not necessarily better...just different. Both versions send chills up and down my spine when he sings the line "I miss you more than I should, than I thought I could." Seriously...great tune no matter what version you go with.
Sky - OK so this song was bound to be a winner in my opinion because it sings of a girl with brown eyes. Selfish reasons is honestly another great tune! Joshua truly captures the loneliness of the night in this song....and the fact that a simple gesture in the morning can make everthing better.

You Got Growing Up To Do - The first time I listened to this song...I thought that history had been made and Joshua made a song that I didn't like. A second listen was that it is a very sweet song. Parts of it still make me sad but there is hope so it is okay in my book.

Lovely Tonight - This song is the reason to love Joshua Radin. What an amazing song!!! It might be my favorite one by certainly made the waiting for new material worth it. I will leave it at that...this song will no doubt climb quickly into My Top 25 as it is an unbelievable song.
So now the only question I break down and drive to 300+ miles to Spokane to see Joshua in concert in March? I am torn...especially since I am already counting down until the next Bon Jovi concert (Less than a month!!!!) so should I really blow the money on two concerts in one month, both of which require significant travel to attend? Bon Jovi is a no brainer, besides, I have already purchased my plane tickets to go see him again. And as for Joshua...his music cracks my bitter shell and makes me want to believe in love again. The madness stops (thank God) after his songs end...but what is the harm in believing again for just one night?
Here is the latest in the "My MC and Me" game. He has been busy...and rest assured that he will be joining us on our road trip down the coast!
(Dino and MC @ 10100ft on Mt. Rainer)

(LT and Dino cutting birthday cookie as MC supervises. Safety First!)

See you on Friday folks! Blog Hiatus until then!


THE TODD said...

I don't get the MC thing? Is the joke that he doesn't know or what?

Radin's songs aren't bad but they sound the same and they are too touchy feely for me.

Have a good trip. You are sure traveling a lot these days.

The Kiskadian said...

are you back yet? i really need to talk to you. i tried calling you but it went striaht to voicemail. my world has turned to shit. call soon before i do something stupid!