Thursday, July 31, 2008

Duty Blues

Boy it has been awhile since I have said that.

Check back tomorrow.

But I can't help but say...GOOD RIDDANCE! This is the best news I've heard all day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And I Was Thinking Of All The Places That I Could Hide

I hate to say I told you so 'bout those Yankees? I knew that the Yanks would win with Joba on the mount. As tough as it is to be a fan sometimes, there are also those days when it is just damn awesome. Today was one of those days. Today the Yankees played like Yankees. It was a beautiful thing.

Is there really any doubt that Joba is DA BOMB? I never thought I would love another starting pitcher (the last few have hurt me too much) but I have to admit that Joba is winning my heart. The kid is amazing. I am officially loving Joba...and think that I am going to take that next step and buy his jersey.

So anyway...every now and then I get on board with a song a little later than the rest of the world. Don't fault for the truth of the matter is that I don't really listen to a lot of new stuff because most new stuff is shit. Of course, it is hard to avoid new music as its usually being played in restaurants and Target stores. Lucky for me I was eating at Chili's the other night and heard a new song that is OUTSTANDING. So let's spend tonight talking about Shake It by Metro Station.

First of all...the song has a great beat. It starts off with bonus points because it makes me want to dance within the first twenty seconds of the song. The song would be perfect for dancing the night away in a club. But the real reason that this song works is guessed has awesome lyrics.

The lyrics are well written but what sets it apart from other songs is that it is well written and sexy. Just listening to it sends me in a daydream that will never be realized but still pleasant nonetheless. Let's take a look at them and you'll get my point.

"I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door." While it is not technically the opening line...I will credit it as such since it really does open the song. I am not sure what about this line I like so much but it hearing it makes me simply want to agree.

It moves on to "Your body is cold but girl we're getting so warm". I suspect that (or at the very least hope) that this inspires a pleasant memory for everyone who hears it. For me, it reminds me of walking down the an unfamiliar street in an unfamiliar town as it lightly rained, with electricity in the air, and feeling that I was the luckiest person in the world for getting to hold his hand. I remember that I was shaking but it was not because I was cold on that January night.

Moving on...we get to the line "Tonight you're falling in love...this feeling is tearing me up." Perhaps I am setting the women's movement back by admitting this but I find this line incredibly sexy about a man foretelling the way that a woman is going to end up feeling. Call me crazy but there is just something about hearing like "You are going to become addicted the sound of my voice" or like the above line that I find overwhelmingly sexy.

The chorus is catchy but nothing too spectacular. The best line in the chorus has to be "Now if she touches like this will you touch her right back?" It strikes me as slightly competitive and yet I imagine that both parties will walk away winners.

The next verse is what really seals the deal for me. It is the reason that I love this song. The verse starts with "Your lips tremble but your eyes are in a straight stare." This line seems to capture that there is something truly intimate about locking eyes with someone special as you build the foundation for something amazing.

Then it moves to my favorite line of the song. "We're on the bed but your clothes are lying right there." I suspect that any explanation of the line is not needed. What can I say...I find it find clever.

I like the next line but if you want to know what it is...look it up.

The final verse is awesome as well. The best line of that verse is "But I could tell that you could tell that I was taking my time." I think that I like this line because it makes me smile. It reminds me of that moments leading up to the "big" moment. You know, the "accidental" touching, the glances that just a little longer than socially normal, the leaning into that person even though you can hear them just fine, you know...not quite foreplay but the "feeling the other person out" flirting. By this point you are about 95% certain that the other person is interested but you keep doing this stuff just to be sure.

This song is totally downloadable...and worth every penny. me and I'll burn you a copy because it is that awesome.

So Shake Shake...Shake Shake Shake It!

And by the way...the whole thing with Edwar Ramirez today was bullshit!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm So Tired But I Can't Sleep

It is not always easy to be a Yankee fan but that being said...I am grateful everyday that I am. We might not have won tonight but we sure made one hell of a comeback. Tomorrow will be different as Joba will be on the mount.

So I don't know about you but I still remember the moment that I saw the GREATEST COMMERCIAL EVER. I was sitting on the couch...enjoying what up until that moment had been a rather dull Superbowl...and then it happened...I saw the G2 Commercial featuring Derek Jeter.

As stated in a previous posting, there have been few moments in my life that I actually had my breath taken away That was the 3rd.

It was not a fancy commercial...though there are special effects of the baseball field appearing in front of him as walked through the greatest city in the world. Words cannot describe how sexy he looked as he walked along in the black winter coat. Until that point, I had never imagine that he could look so sexy wearing so much clothing. It was a rather intimate commercial, just Derek and his thoughts. Don't ask me what he said, as all I heard was the sexy hum of his voice. (It would be unladylike for me to elaborate on the effect that his voice had on me at that moment.) It really is the greatest commercial a girl could ask for.

But the point of this post is not the fact that Derek is the sexiest man on the planet, nor that he starred in the greatest commercial is that once I got over the sheer sexiness of Derek...I finally decided to actually look into the product that Derek was selling. Not that it really mattered, since if it is good enough for Derek, it is good enough for me to spend my money on. (As previously demonstrated by my purchasing of both lines of Derek Jeter cologne in spite of the fact that it simple sits on my shelf...never having been used except when I sprayed it around the Seattle office in effort to convert the Red Sux fans to the right side.)

I am totally hooked on G2. It totally puts Propel, Vitamin Water, and good ole Gatorade to shame. I have actually started to buy it by the case because it is that good. Grape is my is Derek's.

So if you take anything away from this should be that:
1) G2 kicks ass and you should drink it.
2) Derek Jeter is the sexiest man alive.
3) If Derek says that it is must be and whatever it is should be purchased immediately.

And so as my insomnia reaches full should be noted that am no longer firing on all cylinders (if I ever was). When one is as tired as I am....special consideration should be given to the weird shit that I spend my time thinking about.

I am aware of how truly pathetic it is that I am excited about that the thought that Derek and I share the same favorite flavor of G2. No need to point it out. But hey...relationships have started with less.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Really A Cat You See & It's Not My Last Life At All

Monday Night I have missed you so!

Let's jump right in.

My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow (34) - Is there a better Sheryl Crow song? I doubt it. More importantly is there a woman alive who cannot relate to the song? I'll admit that on more than one occasion I have agonized over a man on the way out just as Sheryl does in this song. I am certain that it is the reason why it is a hard song for me to listen to think. Think about is song from my heart that sings of the very pain that comes from knowing your mistake has moved on even though you have not. What can I say? It sucks and nothing makes it feel any better. So I think that this is why I have a hard time to listening to this...thus its low playcount in spite of the fact that it is a pretty damn good song. Best line: "When you go all I know is you're my favorite mistake".

I'll Be by Edwin McCain (75) - For the rest of my life I will think of Scotty Roberts whenever I hear this song. This was the song that he chose for his homecoming dance theme song and being that I was behind in the presentation line, I must have heard it like twenty times before the big night. I remember the way that he joked around as he sang it in practice and made me laugh. But more importantly, I will always remember the way that his eyes lit up when the song started just as he prepared to be presented to the court. His eyes lit up, he gave me a quick hug and walked out into the spotlight and flashed that smile that made every girl in the room fall in love with him all over again. Scotty was a good friend whom I miss. If you're out there...hook a sister up with an email!!! Best line: "You're my survival, you're my living proof my love is alive, not dead".
These Photographs by Joshua Radin (409) - OK so I have written about this song at least a half dozen times before but once again I must throw the blog=my rules. So once again, I am inclined to say that this might be one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard. To read the lyrics, one might be inclined to disagree but hear me out. There is something about a photograph that I find romantic and almost magic. I think that it is the way that it can bring back the feelings from a special moment or the way that it can set fire to the passion created by the person in the photograph. As I have said previously, one of the best lessons that I have been taught is that a mental photograph is just as if not more amazing than a real one. It is more intimate....which brings me to the best line: "And these photographs keep me alive".

Scars by Papa Roach (184) - I was certain that Papa Roach would never top Last Resort but I honestly think that they did with this song. It isn't as hard rocking as LR but it has emotion so it is the winner in my book. While I literally wear my scars on my sleeve (lame joke I know but I am seriously sleep deprived yet again), this song reminds me that the even the internal scars serve a purpose. Best line: "And our scars remind us that the past is real, I tear my heart open just to feel". Oh and the video was cool!

So Many Men by Me & My (26) - I cannot thank Dance Dance Revolution enough for bringing this song into my life. It is not that I needed another song to narrate the friendship that Dino and I have but the point is that this always makes us laugh. It is a terrible song but I cannot help but start dancing and have to fight to urge to call Dino right then and there. That being said, this song isn't just Dino and I's song. This also belongs to Josiah and Dino since I tricked them into dancing to this song on DDR as well. Man is that an awesome invention! How else would I get men like Dino and Josiah to risk making fools of themselves as they dance to a song called So Many Men. Best line: "So Many little time!"

Don't Bother by Shakira (87) - The appealing part of this song is that it is angry without going overboard. I also like that there is a sense of strength in spite of the fact that surely her heart is breaking. Anyone who has ever been dumped for someone else can understand the range of emotions displayed in this song. First there is the jealousy of the other woman....the listing of all of the reasons she is better and why that you makes you hate her. Then it moves to defeat...accepting that she is actually better. Then it moves into denial...when you deny that anything is even tell this lie to yourself. There is the final matter how desperate...making outrageous promises that won't keep the guy anyway. Finally, you return to the act of trying to convince everyone, including yourself that everything is OK. As one last Hail Mary attempt to regain your dignity, you promise not to let the man who just broke your heart see you cry. Highly unrealistic in the real world...of course if you pulled a Shakira from the video and destroy the guys car while he is in bed with the other might be feasible. Best line: "So don't bother, I won't die of deception, I promise you won't ever see me cry".

Faithfully by Journey (278) - Oh how I love Journey. I am once again convinced that they are the second greatest band ever...critics be damned. While this is not the best Journey is their best ballad. I tend to judge a ballad by the what I call the eye effect. If I can sing the song without closing my is not a worthy ballad. If the song passes the eye is on to the head test. If the song moves me to tilt my head to the side, it once again passes the test and moves higher up the ballad rankings. Bonus points if the song gets me to do both at the same time. The final test of power ballad worthiness is if it can make me do the back bend. If the song moves me to bend slightly backwards as I belt it passes the final test. Few songs can make me do all three at the same time. Guess what...this one does which is why is the clear winner of the best Journey ballad...and a contender for the Millie Top 5 Power Ballads of all times. Best line: "And being apart ain’t easy on this love affair, two strangers learn to fall in love again, I get the joy of rediscovering you".

Magic by The Cars (196) - What a simple and sweet song this is. How can anyone not like it? It does feel like magic's got a hold on you when you first feel those sparks from a new love. I am also fairly sure that the last part of the song is about sexy which is cool since it is obvious. It is actually romantic in the way it is described. Best lines: "I see you under the midnight, love darts in your eyes. How far can you take it till you realize there’s magic in your eyes?"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Only Keep Myself This Sick In The Head Cuz I Know How The Words Get You

In response to tonight's Yankees - Red Sux match up, I have chosen to find comfort in one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs. To all my fellow Yankee fans, I ask you to sing along with me to I'm Like A Lawyer With the Way I Am Always Trying to Get You Off (Me&You).

"The best way to make it through with hearts and wrists in tact is to realize that two outta three ain't bad...ain't bad".

(Sidenote...It was last November last time I wrote about this song...and it was bittersweet than as it is tonight, though for a different reason. The difference is that unlike before, I can say without a doubt that last years wishes are not this year's apologies. Tough though it is sometimes, I am grateful everyday.)
Bloody hell...tonight's game was tough to let's end tonight with something oh so pleasant to look at.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Up To You...NEW YORK! much to say in such little time. So let's start with the good stuff.

How about those Yankees?!?!?!?!?

I don't want to jinx them...thought after the way the Yankees spanked the Red Sux today, the Yanks could lose tomorrow and still be the winners of the weekend. It is a beautiful thing.

Before we jump into tonight's game...let's talk about last night. I didn't get to see the game as I was stuck in the Dallas airport but I didn't need to. The score was enough...but let's talk about what really mattered from last night's game....JOBA. Joba is the DA BOMB! The man is clearly proving that he is the real deal and deserves to be a starting pitcher. Holding the Red Sux to no runs is a major feat and Joba is to be commended for it.

So let's talk about tonight's game. In case you haven't Yanks embarrassed the Red Sux by beating them by a score of 10 -3. Being that I was exhausted from my late night flight...the only real thing that I accomplished today was watching the game from start to finish. I will admit that I did feel a moment of woe when the Red Sux took an early lead. But honestly...I didn't give up as I might have in a different game. The reason...the Yankees are on fire and Boston is not.

I am not going to bore anyone with the details of the game...rather just stick with the highlights. The highlights were:

- Andy Pettitte. The man is money in the bank. Every time I watch him pitch he impresses me over and over again. His strikeouts are a thing of beauty.

- Robinson Cano. I don't know what happened to this guy...but I hope he keeps it up. He is hitting like an all-star and I love it. He started the Yankees on their comeback today and deserves credit for it.

- The Manny drama. to be fair...I hate the guy so any issue with him is going to amuse me but this particular issue is quite entertaining. Why would a guy like Manny bench himself with a fictional knee injury at this point in the season? That part isn't what's funny. What is funny is how good ole Theo responded to it. The fact that he apparently said that he would gladly considering Manny if only Manny would waive his NO TRADE clause is what I am loving. Even the GM of the Red Sux organization sees what a little bitch Manny is. My guess is that whatever message Manny was trying to send was not received due to the fact that his presence in today's game did not result in a win.

- JETER! OK so he didn't have any major offensive plays but his defensive plays were amazing. After all of these years of watching him play, he still makes my heart race when he plays well...and not just because he looks so good when he does it.

Regardless of tomorrow's battle between my beloved Yankees and the Dark Yankees have proven to teams through the league that they are well on their way to taking over the American League.

Finally...once when I was 9, Todd randomly showed up at my house. He did this often but it is was significant because he said that he just felt like he needed to be there. An hour later was when I found out that my great-gran had passed away and Todd did his best to cheer me up as I cried. It is nice to know that years later...Todd still seems to know when I need him to cheer me up as I cry and magically appears. It helps that I was at the airport near his house but still...knowing that I have a friend like him reminds me that I am lucky. I am also lucky to have been able to make a new friend during this past week. Few people surprise me and it is always a joy whenever someone does.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Belated Blog Hiatus

Sorry for the silence folks. I had fully anticipated blogging while TAD to Dallas but thus far I have worked and drank by the pool.

I will leave you with these two final is to damn hot in Dallas!!! And more Yanks have successfully swept the past two teams that they have played. Watch out Red Sux Nation.

Check back on Saturday!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Come On Let's Go

So in spite of the lukewarm reviews that mass media has been providing the new album by The Offspring, I am inclined to say that I think it might be the best album that has been released so far this year. It is my favorite album by the band since Smash...mainly because almost every song on the album is pretty damn good. So let's break them down...

Half-Truism: This song is not your average feel-good anthem but it still makes me feel energized when I listen to the song. It actually kind of reminds me of Livin' On A Prayer because it seems to embody the same message of fighting the good fight...regardless of what the outcome may be. Half-Truism offers a realistic outcome of the battle in its final line of "All our light that shines strong...Only lasts for so long" which gives the song credibility in my opinion. I like its message of self-liberation and keeping focused on what matters and to hell with the shit that doesn't. Overall...I like this song. Best line" You’ll make it better, shake it off, it never mattered anyway."

Trust in You: In spite of its title...don't think for a second that this is not a happy song. This song is angry and wants everyone to know it. Yet for all its anger...the song seems to want to get past the anger. I can understand the feeling...when you love someone, you want to trust them in spite of the fact that you have been badly hurt by that same person. Oh well. Best Line: " But I’m willing to find what’s really inside and show I am strong enough to trust in you."

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid: I don't think that I would describe this song as angry...more like bitter. In spite of its bitterness...I really do like this song and it might be my favorite on the album. I might be way off base here, but I think that the song is about the puppet finally standing up to the puppet master. It is about exposing the fraud behind the curtain for what he is and that is pretty damn awesome. But the main reason that I like this song...the opening line of course. I love a song with an engaging opening line. Best Line: "Show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time."

Hammerhead: So this is the song that seems to be the heavily released track so far off the album. I don't get it because I don't see anything spectacular about the song and probably wouldn't have bought the album if I had heard it first. It is somewhat reminiscent of 90s Offspring so I guess that is the angle. I am not even sure what the best line of the song is so let's just move on.

A Lot Like Me: So my best guess is that this song is a stab at every wealthy person out there who fails to give anything back to the people that made them rich to begin with. It is quite an angry song. I have no real opinion on the song so let's move on.

Takes Me Nowhere: This is an accurate portrayal of self-destruction and I really like it. It has a catchy beat and does not come off as angry as most of the other songs on this album. Yet it is one of the most real in the sense that anyone who has ever regretted a reoccurring behavior can relate to it. You know that the road that you are on will take you nowhere and hurts those around you and yet you stay the course. Best Line: "All the friends I've lost and the pain I've caused have never been enough just to make me stop."

Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?: A very deep song about a teenage regret. I think that everyone has had one of those moments where we wish would have spoken up but lacked the courage to do so. Kudos to The Offspring for doing so in song. Best Line: "And I'm so sorry now, I didn't know cause we were so young."

Nothingtown: The other candidate for my favorite song on the album. I think that it is because on good days, one can really imagine "getting out of this place" and even though it is completely foolish to entertain such is nice pretend. It is nice, even if just for a few moments, to pretend that you can just up and leave and go some place...and what the hell...bring along that special someone. Then the moment passes and the reality sets in as you find that you are still in and will forever remain in Nothingtown. Best Line: "Our superhero play, we'll leave this town today, hold on tighter with my lighter shining through."

Stuff Is Messed Up: I guess every punk band has to do an anti-government, anti-war, anti-celebrity song and this one is brought to us by The Offspring. It doesn't come off as seriously angry...just annoyed. Of course...most of the lyrics are sang way too fast for even me to understand so who knows? Either is a mediocre song that I don't see myself listening to very often. No line.
Fix You: Not your average song by The Offspring. It is a pretty good that I can easily relate to but just not the type of song that you would expect from the band. It is actually a little tough for me to write about this song because it hits too close to home from me. Best Line: "I wish I could fix you And I wish you could fix me."

Let's Hear It For Rock Bottom: Hell...with a title like could you not what to listen to it? In spite of its painful and dark subject, the song does have a decent beat that kind of makes me forget that it is about something so serious. But as a good friend of mine is learning first hand, sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you finally see the top. So this song brings a smile to my face as I know that he is going to get his life back on track soon. Best Line: "Wasting away, we’re hitting rock bottom and going down in flames, well it’s not that bad." Its not my dear friend.

Rise and Fall: Ah the title is a wonderful thing when it doesn't let you down. It is a rather nice ending song for this it is somewhat energetic and you can rock out to it. It is a great way to close out an album that is a little dark and all too real. Even better...the last line of the song...the last line of the totally awesome. Best Line: "It is Triumph and Despair, Wish and Realization and we are both."

Overall...the album is damn awesome!
Speaking of damn awesome....
Let's hear for the Yankees Sweeping the A's. I have a pretty important bet on the Yankees/Twins series this week so cross your fingers for me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lovin' The Yankees

Can anyone please tell me why the Yankees have signed Richie Sexton? Why take a guy that even the last place Mariners didn't want?

Moving of the best aspects of living in CT has got to be the fact that I can watch every single Yankee game without having to be a slave to Comcast and pay the outrageously high price for their MLB Extra Innings channel. I took great pleasure in watching today's Yankee/A's game...all 12 innings knowing that it wasn't costing me a small fortune.

Let's hear it for the greatest team in baseball (even if their record doesn't yet reflect this) and their persistence in winning today's game. Some have said that it was barely a win...being that the winning run scored as a result of Jose Molina getting cracked in the knee by a somewhat wild pitch. To that I would say that the Yankees never would have been able to score off of such a situation if not for the bases being loaded at the time. The fact that Derek Jeter was the winning runner has nothing to do with this decision.

Watch out Red Sux Nation...Yankee Universe is about to take over!

BTW...I am officially a Joba-the-Nut fan. The guy is awesome!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

MC on the Move

Enjoy a few pics of the Traveling MC doing what he does best...traveling.

Seriously...if you haven't been to Wall gotta check it out.

Blog On - A.D.D. Style

So I made to the east coast. I didn't really think that I wouldn't but should never count their chickens before they hatch...or so I am told. And are a few of the random thoughts and conclusions that I came up with on my journey.

My sister's wedding went off fairly uneventful for which I am grateful. So far I have very few pictures but here is one of the few that has been sent to me...which oddly enough doesn't not actually contain my sister or her new husband. So enjoy this random pic of my step mom Marti, my dad, MC, me, Dino, and my aunt Crackie.

- Tmobile's coverage levels are total shit. I am strongly considering paying the damn termination fee as a result of nearly two days that I lacked cell phone coverage....including that scary night in the hotel that was the splitting image of the one in Vacancy.

- Rubbermaid's on top roof storage system is the worst thing EVER invented and I urge everyone reading this to never waste your money on it. Your items that would have been stored in it will thank you. More will thank yourself because it sucks when you are driving and it is raining outside of and inside of the damn car!

- I still don't quite get the whole Wall Drug thing but I think it is totally awesome nonetheless! If you haven't been there, you really should visit at least once. Who doesn't want a free cup of ice water when driving through South Dakota? They have the weirdest shit shown in the above photo.

- Illinois has officially won my vote for the WORST state in the nation. Every time I go there I am reminded why I hate it so much and vow to never return. The roads suck, a lot of the people there are assholes, and it is the most driver unfriendly state that I have ever been on. Seriously...I hate that state so very much...and understand why my paternal grandparents are so comfortable there.

- The iPod is the greatest invention of all times and made the road trip pretty damn awesome!

Moving on....a lot of strange stuff has been happening in the world of pop culture...which it made it a pretty bad time for me to be on hiatus. I don't want to spend a lot of time recapping stuff since most of it is old news but I cannot help but comment on a few of the events that really got me all worked up.

- Brett Favre vs. The Packers. Bloody hell is this situation pretty fucked up. I love and admire Brett...always have but he is testing the limits of that admiration with each day that he continues this nonsense. First of all...I hate that everyone is calling it a come back. The man hasn't even been out for a full season! That would be like me heading into the office on Monday morning expecting attention for my comeback from the damn weekend. It is asinine. The other part of it that bothers me is that Brett seems to behaving like a selfish, entitled child and that is not how I want to remember one of the greatest QBs to play the game. Brett retired by choice. The Pack wished him well and started to prepare for life after Favre. By all accounts, they seem to be on track and suddenly here comes Brett wanting to insert himself back into the mix with no concern for the impact that it could on the new dynamic of the team. In my opinion....Brett needs to humbly back down on this one and realize that there is life after football.

- The whole controversy of if it is OK to sell pictures of newborn babies. Quite frankly...I think it is a little odd but what is more concerning are the people who are paying for it. I just think of all of the more important things that the money could be spent on and I find it slightly disgusting. I totally respect Jolie/Pitt for giving the money to charity but I still think it might one of the reason that "the world is burning to the ground". Whatever...I am amused by how passionate a lot of the nightly news shows are about the whole thing.

Finally...the one that you have been waiting for...

-The Madonna/A-Rod scandal. Quite first I thought that I must have read the subtitles on the TV wrong as I sat in my hotel room when the news broke. For all of the press that I have read on the subject...I still just don't see it. It is too odd of a pairing in my mind but whatever...stranger things have happened. But moving has only made me pity A-Rod, which is strange because the man should be the happiest guy on the planet. He has an insane amount of money, two kids, plays for the great baseball organization, and gets to see Derek Jeter on a daily basis. What more could one ask for? Yet...this is just one more example of the fact that A-Rod has no backbone or mind of his own and as a result has found himself manipulated once again. He seems to allow himself to be controlled by the people around him and I just don't get why he allows it. I hate that I feel badly for him...but I much in fact that I actually wanted to give him a hug. I don't know if the thing is for real...though there are a lot of reasons to believe that it is...but I can guarantee that these two will not have a fairy tale ending. That being is highly entertaining.

I have missed blogging and vow to do it more regularly.