Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like the Stars Wars Poster on My Bedroom Door

Twice in this last week I was asked why I watch the same movies over again. I have my reasons but it did make me realize that it wouldn't hurt to watch a few new ones now and then. So in a foolish attempt to expand my horizons I decided to venture back into the depths of the On Demand menu and watch something that I had never seen. Upon completion of said goal, I would log on and blog about the movie for your enjoyment. Not a bad way to spend the night right?

The only trouble is that I just wasted 98 minutes watching one of the worst movies I have ever seen. In fact...at this moment I am hard pressed to think of a worse movie than The Covenant. So why did I watch the whole thing? Simply because I am not one of those people who is okay with not knowing. I had to watch until the end to find out if Caleb would defeat Chase or would would he give in and will his powers away. I can't say that I would have been upset with either outcome but I had to finished what I started. So I did and you know what...it doesn't matter...the movie was still shit. My life is no better for having watched the damn thing. Worst yet...there were several spider scenes, damn it all, and now I am suffering from a serious case of the creepy crawlies. I predict another sleepless night with the light on for Millie. Oh well.

Because I refuse to spend any more time on this horrible film...here is another round of iPod Shuffle Game for your enjoyment. I think that I am going to change it from the iPod Shuffle Game to Monday Night Shuffle. I say this because three people have told me that they rediscovered their passion for a song that I wrote about while shuffling. Call me crazy, but it kind of validates my role in the realm of pop culture.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins (33) - Killer song from back in the day, pre-high school if memory serves me. I remember that you weren't anybody unless you had your own copy of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I still don't know exactly what they are singing about in this song but I think that was part of Billie's charm. It is without a doubt one of the more prominent songs of the 90s, no matter what the assholes at VH1 say. As if it wasn't awesome enough...it has a great opening line: "The world is a vampire, set to drain." Great song, worthy of any iPod. I miss the Pumpkins...

Wonderful by Everclear (140) - Talk about a great but truly sad song. Is there any child of a broken home who cannot relate to it? I think of this song when I am really pissed off because for the time being I still picture a young Millie when I hear this song. I will never forgive myself if that image changes to a young Elizabeth. Not only that...but I too want things that I had before. For as heavy of a song as it is...it is still one of my favorite from Everclear. I have said it before...Art is a damn talented writer. My chest tightens every time I hear the line "I don't believe you when say that everything will be wonderful someday."

Mouth by Bush (102) - Though incredibly eery, this is a hot song. I seem to think that it about him giving in to the woman who is chasing him. I also think that it is not entirely voluntary. Either way, it just sounds hot. Hell...Gavin could be singing about dirt and it would sound hot. The man has a truly amazing voice. Not even the fact that song ends with the word "mouth" being repeated like a dozen times is a bad thing coming from Gavin.

Mas Es Amar by Enrique Iglesias (94) - So in spite of the fact that my spanish is more than just a little rusty...I think I understand the song. He is telling that girl in the song that eyes never lie and he sees her sadness. So much can be said with ones eyes. Anway...Why do I have this song in spanish on my iPod? I don't exactly know but I really enjoy it...as shown in the playcount. Enrique is another man with such a sexy voice that it doesn't matter what he is singing about it, the ladies are bound to swoon. Yes I know that I could download the english version but I prefer the spanish one. I think that my grandfather would be happy with this choice.

Talk Dirty to Me by Poison (172) - Say what you will about hair bands, but it is almost impossible not to rock out with this song. Hell...it is impossible not to sing along to it as well. I spent $75 to see Poison in concert just to rock out to this song live. I always think of Scrubs when I hear this song though, from the episode where it is some guy's dying wish to hear this song once a day until he dies. Dr. Kelso says no so Carla and Ted opt for singing the song instead. I personally would not have chosen this song as the last one for me to hear, but it wouldn't be a bad standby in case in Livin' on a Prayer is unavailable.

Finally...here is the latest installation of "My MC and Me."

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THE TODD said...

For God's Sake Millie Vanillie, what the fuck did you expect from a movie about the decendants of the Salem Witches? You should have known from the the plot that the movie would be total shit!!!

Nice selection of songs on the shuffle. I just downloaded Wonderful. You are validated.