Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Extra! Extra! Mansard Roof survives the Entropy Reign!

Surprisingly, I have been hooked by two new songs. There is something hypnotic about both songs and I felt compelled to purchase them to get a better listen. I still can't put my finger on it but I am digging both songs. Of course, with my luck there is probably a hidden message in one or both of the songs but that is not the point. Good tunes deserve to be listened to even if they brainwash you into collecting Lima beans shaped like "The Leader".

Mansard Roof by Vampire Weekend - sampled solely for its use of Vampire. Purchased because the song kicks ass. Further listening proved that Vampire Weekend has quite a unique sound and resulted in the buying of the entire album. (Think The Strokes meet Paul Simon.) Mansard Roof has a very peppy and catchy beat that will hook you within five notes. It is not enough to make you want to get up and dance, but enough to get your head bobbing. The lyrics are tricky. They are sung so that they are understandable, yet I have no clue what the song is about. Being the lyrics geek that I am, I decided to look up the lyrics. Guess what, I still don't know what in the hell the song is about. There are a few historical lessons but damned if I know why. The good news is that the song is enjoyable weither you understand it or not. And if my opinion isn't enough to convince you that the song is totally worth downloading, consider that the band has been named Spin Magazine's The Best New Band and consequently the first band to ever grace the cover of the magazine before their debut album was even released. I haven't heard such buzz about new band since the Artic Monkeys hit the scene.
But is it better than...

Entropy Reigns (In the Celestial City) by Kelley Polar. First let me say that there is no reason for me to like this song....and yet I do. It was the free discovery song last week on iTunes and since I didn't intially hate it, I downloaded it. It is reminensent of "Don't You Want Me" in the sense that it has the whole He-Said/She-Said approach. Lyrics are inconsistent on the internet so I have had to work with the few lines that I can understand. My best take...the guy has everything and still feels empty. The girl is trying to convince him that he is lucky because he has her. Of course, I could be way off on this so don't take my opinion on the meaning of the song too seriously. The lyrics are not the best part of the song. The techno beat mixed with the monotone sound of guy's voice is awesome. As surprised as I am to admit this...the beat is so good that the lyrics don't really matter. Not sure if it is worth paying for...will have to listen to it more and then decide.

So the answer is no. Mansard Roof kicks Entropy Reigns' ass. Not that it is really that important. The real competion for best new song is Sky verses Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin. I am completely in love with both songs. They have been on my iPod for about two weeks and it would be embarrassing to admit their respective playcount. But I digress and will come back to these two songs another night.

Finally....enjoy a pic of MC on the bus.

WTF is up with the seats? If it isn't miserable enough to have the ride the has to be one that looks like it is from the 80s. Whatever. I don't ride it enough that I should be complaining.


The Kiskadian said...

both songs suck.

THE TODD said...

Vampire Weekend is the shit! I am surprised that you like them, since you seem to hate anything new.

Great picks my dear friend.

Dr. Fine said...

That is my favorite episode of The Simpsons