Saturday, February 9, 2008

Random Recap of the Past Week

So the fact that my couch lounging days have continued longer than I expected plus the fact that I am being plagued by yet another round of insomnia have forced me to sink further into the realms of pop culture. The bad part of relying on On Demand to cure my boredom is the fact that it seems to update its contents only once a week. Honestly, how many times can they expect me to watch Star Wars III? (Answer...3 which is completely insane considering that I have the damn movie on DVD and can watch it anytime I please. But that is a matter for another day.) I have spent so much time in the world of pop culture, (which is not a bad thing, but too much of anything is never healthy) that it is hard to pick one topic to pick to post about this evening. So here are a bunch of random thoughts for your enjoyment.

Invisible by Clay Aiken (playcount 4) - First let me ask the question of why I can buy the incredibly lame video of this song but not the actual song on iTunes? It is the only Clay Aiken song that cannot be purchased on iTunes. Secondly let me ask why I am so pissed off about it? Seriously...any insight will be appreciated. Anyway... I actually wasted $1.99 on the damn video a few months ago and it came on my iPod about 2am this morning and since I was wide awake I actually focused on the lyrics...which prompted me to say WTF? How in the hell did I not know that this is a seriously creepy song? How did such a creepy song become so damn popular? Have you ever listened to the lyrics? The whole song is crazy stalker material but here are a few of the lines that particularly creep me out. "I keep tracing your steps, each move that you make." Okay so that alone isn't too bad on its own and could even be viewed as kind a sweet puppy dog devotion but then it is followed by a chorus with the following lines. "If I was invisible I could just watch you in your room. If I was invincible, I'd make you mine tonight." Call me paranoid but I think that these are the words of a stalker. If I wanted someone to watch me in my room...I would simply let him in and there would be no need for him to be invisible. The whole invincible part is exceptionally creepy to me because if the girl wanted Clay...he would be get her without being invincible. He wouldn't have to make her would just happen. Of course...I highly doubt that Clay is singing about a girl...but that isn't the point.

Going back to Star Wars III, as much as it pains me to talk badly about my beloved Star Wars story...there are a few parts in this movie that I just don't get. Who in the hell thought that Samuel L Jackson was the right choice for Mace Windu? I honestly can't think of worse display of acting as when Anakin tells him that he thinks that Chancellor Palpatine is a Sith Lord. The dumbfounded look that Mace gives him before he painfully spits out "A Sith Lord?". That was the best take? For shame Mr. Lucas. Moving on. Obi Wan's saber skills were laughable in damn near every fight that we see up until the end battle with Anakin. In the previous battles, he got his ass whooped very early and needed saving by Anakin or Yoda. Yet he somehow managed to keep up with and eventually get the best of Anakin? Sorry but I have to wave the bullshit flag on this one. And then...I don't understand how if Obi Wan loved Anakin so much, why in the hell did he leave him there to suffer? I mean, if someone that I cared about had just lost all but one limb and was on fire I don't think that I would just walk away. No wait...jack his lightsaber and then just walk away. What kind of mercy is that? is it that none of the Jedi Knights saw the attack coming? Okay so it was supposedly a big secret but once the killing started, how is that only Yoda felt it? It seriously makes you question if the dark side wasn't the way to go. Because even in the end, it was the dark side that destroyed The Emperor unless you want to believe that Darth Vader completely abandoned it at the last minute. It is a nice thought but not likely. Good did not overcome evil...evil destroyed evil.

There is only one good thing about football season being over...and that is the fact that I am no longer being brainwashed into thinking that I need to buy a truck. I must have watched 200 truck commercials during the playoffs and they actually had me comparing the Dodge Dakota, the Chevy Colorado, and the Honda Ridgeline...though now I have no idea why. I just got a new car this year for goodness sake. Anyway...this made me think about all of the other commericals that I am seeing too much of and how thankfully that has had the opposite effect of the truck commercials. I don't care that that some crazy lady on Nip/Tuck wants to look like a cat. I really don't care that Sarah Conner has her own chronicles. I especially don't care that Comedy Central is going to be showing Amercian Pie: The Naked Mile tomorrow night. And above all...I really don't care that FX is about to start another season of Dirt because it is a shitty show to begin with. Oh well.

One major plus for me in TV this week was the return of the Green Arrow on Smallville. His haircut was rather annoying as it was a little too long but that is the only negative thing that I have to say. He is just so damn awesome and it pisses me off that Clark won't join him because then we would see him in every episode. And no it isn't a hottness factor, though he is easy on the eyes. The Green Arrow is just awesome! Justin Hartley is playing the role so well and it pisses me off that The CW vetoed giving him his own Green Arrow show. I would join the rally to fix this but I am busy fighting the good battle to save The 4400. I don't honestly think that sending Sunflower Seeds is going to save the show but I can't bitch about the show being cancelled if didn't at least try to save it. But back to the Green Arrow...he is only decent part of the show left. I am actually glad that Smallville is nearing the end because I don't think I can take much more of the saga of Clark and Lana. They have been trying to work things out for 8 damn ain't gonna work! Besides, we all know that he doesn't end up with her in the end so give it up already!

In spite of my recent break from music...I feel as though I reached a major milestone with my iPod. I now have two songs that have been played 300+ times. Out of a list of 3003 songs, that is a pretty major accomplishment by geek standards. So let's close by giving them their own moment in the spotlight.

Honey & The Moon by Joseph Arthur - OK so if you follow the might actually be sick of hearing about this song. Too bad because I love this song. I listen to it because I love the thoughts and the feelings that it gives me. If there was one line that I could use to explain why that it would the first line which is "I don't know why I'm so afraid, if you weren't real I would make you up." Why? Simply because every girl has a man of her dreams and if she hasn't found him, he exists in her mind and her heart. When you do find that someone, it is hard to believe that it is real because you had no doubt given up on feeling the way you suddenly do. It is my heart that sings that opening line as well as the line "I wish I could follow you to the shores of freedom where no one lives." But then there is the line that I often sing in my mind "But right now everything you want is wrong." That line serves as a reality check and keeps my head where it should be which keeps me okay.

(You Want To) Make A Memory by Bon Jovi - So the fact that one of the most played songs on my iPod is from Bon Jovi should come as no surprise but the fact that makes this really significant (at least to me) is that this song is less than year old. My obsession with Bon Jovi aside...this is another song that I listen to because I like the feelings and thoughts that come along with it. I think that I have said it before, but the sheer romantic nature of this song is that it doesn't lie and promise forever. It sings about a moment. I have come to fully appreciate what it means to make a memory and I know that to make a memory is to steal a piece of time.


The Kiskadian said...

dude you like clay aiken. that is so lame. how can you like some cool stuff and then ruin everything by admitting that you like that fag? where is the bitching badass girl i used to know? you used to be so cool milville. but i still luv ya in though you are soooooooo geeky.

Millie said...

You make it sound like a bad thing. I much prefer the role of doormat geek as opposed to bitching badass...less effort required and the results appear to be the same.

The Kiskadian said...

you know, the girl i knew never would have been happy as a doormat. you used to be sweet but strong. what happened to your backbone? what happened to the fire? where is the fight?

Todd said...

I have to agree with Robin on this one. What makes you think that you are a doormat and why is that better?