Thursday, November 22, 2007

Joshua Radin = Underated Artist

So if you follow the Millie blog, you have at least heard of Joshua Radin. If you ever discussed music with me, you know that Joshua is close to my heart. Either way, it is always a goal of mine to expose my blogging buddies to unknown artists that I love. So here is my list of the top 5 songs by Joshua in hopes that you find a place for them too. (In order by 5th greatest song to best song ever.)

#5 Closer (played 22 times on the Millie iPod): Honestly, I cannot say why this song is the number 5 song except that it is appealing but not as much as the songs I will discuss in the near future. There is no line that draws you into the song. It has no real meaning to me but yet I never turn it off. It is simply a sweet song that I love.

#4 Today (played 39 times on the Millie iPod): So this song is also a very sweet song that is easy to listen to. It is haunting because I think that we have all been in the situation where today is the day that we are finally going to make that leap...only to get ready to jump and realize that we are a day too late. It sucks. It is worse than taking the chance and getting rejected, since at least this way you know. When you never take the chance, you spend your life wondering. (I think John Michael Montgomery also sang about this but I digress.) Yet...the part that gets me is my pick for the line of the song: "You looked right through me like there was no one else.". Okay, so I have been here too...and this sucks even more. This song is a combination of what goes wrong with love, yet still manages to be romantic. If that isn't amazing...I don't know what is.

#3 Only You (played 35 times on the Millie iPod): This song is kind of cheating, since it is a cover. It is one of the few covers that I enjoy as much as the original. (FYI...the original version was performed by Yaz so take that for what that is worth.) RK and Todd are probably the only ones who reads this blog that remembers (or knows for that matter) about the first time I heard this song. This song doesn't really fit in my life anymore...but it reminds me the good ole days and why there is a small part of me that misses them. "Only you" earns the number 3 spot because it is one of the songs that narrates a part of my life that I keep close to my heart. Todd once said that the fact that it means little now is a symbol of me getting older and wiser. (whatever) After today I agree with the first part. I guess I should be pleased. I will not list a line...since this song is little more than a reminder of the past to me...and I really don't need reminding of those days. (Not to be taken in a bad way.)

# 2 These Photographs (played 128 times on the Millie iPod, making it the #6 played song overall): So I first heard this song on an episode of Scrubs and I was hooked from that moment on. (A Previous Millie blog mentions this song if you need more info.) I said once before that it is HOT because it is real. Sure we women love the sappy romantic nonsense...but it is the real stuff that captures our hearts. The song talks about the everyday moments that can capture a man's heart, which is nice to believe in. The line that speaks to me while writing this blog is " ...When you talk on the phone, you speak to me and I am truly no longer alone." This song inspires me to believe that I would actually be able to give someone "photographs" of the real Millie that could captivate someone. Of course, this is unlikely since the only pictures of me are either in uniform or being SUPER Geeky...and I doubt that I am going to captivate anyone dressed up as Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

#1 The Fear that You Won't Fall (played 91 times on the Millie iPod). In all fairness...this is a late arrival, having gone from 13 times played to 91 in the month of November. I can't really explain why this song is #1 so I will leave it with a line (not the line but deal with it.): "Sometimes it's easy to say but it's harder to feel this way." Honestly, who can't relate to that feeling, no matter where you are in life?

So in closing...Joshua Radin has somehow managed to hack into the mind of Millie. If you haven't heard his at least one of songs mentioned above. Or if you are against downloading (??????????) let me know and as long as you are not an blogger stalker and I will send you a "mix" to enjoy.

Happy Turkey Day my friends. I will make every attempt to blog tomorrow but no promises since I think that it is going to take an obscene amount of alcohol to survive the day.


Todd said...

I thought that were going to Padme??????

Anonymous said...

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