Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Winner Gets To Go To McDonalds

So if you have watching any of the professional sports that have been on TV over the past couple of have no doubt seen the commercial for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Just in case you haven' it is.

Now you all know that I love professional athletes. You probably also know that I love Guitar Hero. So for me...this commercial is one of the best ones that I have seen all year.

Let's start with A-Rod. A-Rod is a totally unexpected member of the "band" which makes it so awesome. Alex's major downfall in life is the fact that he is arrogant SOB but he somehow manages not to come off that in this commercial. He genuinely seems to be having a good time and that is why he works in this commercial. When he first slid out I thought "No way!" because I couldn't imagine A-Rod allowing himself to be seen acting so silly. He even flashes that same smile that I saw back in May when I forgave him for being the most notorious choker in Yankee history. Bottom line...I love him in this commercial.

Then came Tony Hawk. I have no real opinions regarding Tony...professionally or regarding this commercial. I do think that they could have found someone better...someone like Peyton or Eli. Just saying.....

Next is Michael Phelps which was totally awesome. I loved seeing him rocking out on the guitar...especially when he and A-Rod are jamming while laying on the couches.

But then came Kobe. At the risk of opening myself up for abuse...I will admit that I am kind of a Kobe least of his commercials. In this particular commercial....he is FREAKIN' AWESOME! He totally channeled his inner geek for this one and he looked amazing doing it! Seeing him own that song made me feel like I could hang with him. He sang, he danced, he hammed it up for the entire commercial. I could spend hours trying to explain how cool it is...but I won't. Watch it and see. Let's just say that the geek in me is totally crushing on Kobe in this commercial.

Which reminds me of a commercial from earlier in Kobe's career.

I have yet to find anyone who understands my feelings regarding this commercial...but hear me out. The first time I saw this commercial....I cried. Watching it now...I still get teary eyed. Perhaps it is the whole "helping out kids thing" but it chokes me up every time. I crushed on Kobe for a good year after seeing this one for the first time.

So let's hear it for Kobe...who is just behind Peyton and Derek as the greatest pro-athletes who also make commercials.

Oh...and let's hear it for the Phillies! I am happy that they won the World Series...and not just because they are not the Red Sux.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Were So Young...All For One and One For All

Sorry for the hiatus....and thanks for the emails and calls.

So in effort to get myself back on is a special Tuesday edition of iPod Shuffle.

Blood on Blood by Bon Jovi - This song really doesn't get the credit that it deserves. I think that it is because New Jersey is one of the greatest album of all time. It contains so many absolutely outstanding songs that one was bound to be overlooked. Vocally Jon rocks the hell out of this song. Dino and I were lucky enough to see this song performed live when we saw Bon Jovi in least I thought we were lucky to have seen and heard it live. It remember getting a little teary-eyed because it is a rather personal song. Listening to this song there should be no doubt that Jon is one of the best singers out there. Lyrically it is pretty damn good because it is descriptive enough that you can actually imagine a young Jon running around with his young friends. But even better....the lyrics provoke reflections on your own days of youth and friends who were there. One really must consider themselves lucky if even one of those friends is still around later. I am lucky to have more than one of them still in my life. And based on the fact that both of them spend several hours on the phone with me over the past week, I would say that there is a lot of truth to this song. So I dedicate the best line of sing to those of you who sacrificed a lot of sleep for me last week.. Best Line: "Through the years and miles between us it's been a long and lonely ride but if I got a call in the dead of the night, I'd be right by your side."

Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins - Hearing this song kind of pisses me off because I am reminded of how talented the Smashing Pumpkins were and how much it sucks that they are no longer together. I almost feel cheated. Oh well. This song is bitter...but I am not exactly sure why. But it was by far one of the better self-loathing alternative rock songs that came out during the 90s. I think that I didn't appreciate it during its heyday because it was a little too dark but now I appreciate its opening I have fallen for it many a time. Truth be creeps me out as it seems kind Ted Bundy-ish. Still a good tune though...creepy stalkerness aside. Best Line: "Disarm you with a smile and leave you like they left me here to wither in denial, the bitterness of one who's left alone."

I Get Lonely by Janet Jackson - I think this might be the last song by Janet Jackson that I actually liked. The title is accurate as it is all about being lonely. More importantly it captures what goes into being lonely. Only someone who has ever been lonely can describe the feeling of loneliness. From the sitting by the phone waiting for the call to know that everything is okay. Only someone who is changed by meeting someone can recall the little details such the day of the week that you met that person. This song is a very sexy song about the desperate desire for that one special person. It captures how no matter how miserable the wait do it anyway because you know that it will be worth the wait. Best Line: "Holdin myself close, pretendin my arms are yours...I want no one but you."

Real Love by Mary J Blige - There is only reason why this song is on my iPod....because it makes me laugh. There is only part of the song that does this and I know for a fact that there is only one other person who knows what I am talking about. Thank goodness for the "Old Skool lunch hour" and the memories that it created. All that being is not a bad song...but Mary has definitely gotten better with time. I am not even sure how to write out the best line but I will do my best. Best Line: "I-----ahhh--------'m seachin' for a real love."
Got My Mind Set On You by George Harrison - Tough luck Dino but this song reminds me too much of you not to share it with my readers. So one night Dino and I were driving somewhere when this song came on the iPod. I was trying to remind Dino what an awesome video this song had and mentioned that it was by George Harrison. Dino never remembered the video by said that he liked George...especially his song "Faith". So after a few minutes of laughing so hard that I was in tears and almost wrecked the car, I was able to compose myself enough in order to let him know that he had confused the former Beatle with the guy from Wham! who went on to sing "I Want Your Sex". When I hear this song now, nothing has changed. I still think that the video was damn awesome and I still laugh as I try to picture George Harrison singing "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." Best Line: "Its gonna take time....a whole lot of precious time....its going to take patience and time". Ok so maybe not the best line but there really isn't that much to work with.
Once again...for the record...I still love Joba and am still a loyal fan.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life Was A Song....

I do not cry for my I am certain that he is already watching over his family from above. I do not cry because he drank, laughed, and sang until the end...which is all he ever wanted to do. I cry for those of us that are left here trying to figure out how to fill the gap that he left behind. He is the only person that I have ever met who lived and loved his life completely and did so on his own terms. I cannot put into words how dearly I loved him and how much I will miss him.

Blogging will be sporadic as I will be going home at some point in the next few days.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Though They Try...They'll Never Break Me

Let's start out by saying that I am quite pleased with the World Series match up. Sure my evil plan did not end up working out but that is okay. If the Yankees cannot be in the World Series, all I can ask is that the Red Sux are not there either.

Now enough about baseball...let's shuffle.

You Can Sleep While I Drive by Melissa Etheridge - Here is another example of why Melissa is one hell of a song writer. This is such a sexy and romantic song and most people don't even know it. Start with the can sleep while I drive. That in itself is a pretty romantic gesture but when you add to the point of the goes to new level. Think about it, the singer is offering to drive while the other one sleeps just to get out of town. Sometimes the desire to get away is so strong that it is almost impossible to fight the urge to just get into the car and drive. It is definitely a download-worthy song. Best Line: "There's a chill in my bones, I don't want to be left alone so baby you can sleep while I drive."

Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood - Alright Carrie, this song is exactly why men tend to call us ladies crazy. I never realized how crazy this song is until Andrew blogged about it and now I am even a little bit afraid. The repeated "right now"s of the song scream obsessive stalker because only someone who is slightly over the edge would spend so much time thinking about what he is doing "right now" over and over again. Then of course there is the specifics that come from saying that she "took a Louisville Slugger to both headlights". Andrew made an excellent point that most people would lack the specific details of the brand of bat used to beat the shit of the car. Then there is the hatred of "bleached blond tramp" who is singing "a white trash version of Shania karaoke". Why is that a girl always hates the other woman...who really hasn't done anything wrong? The scariest part of the song has to be the fact that Carrie's voice seems to escalate to a rage as the song progresses. Hell...after hearing this song even I am afraid to fuck with Carrie. Better watch your back Jessica. Best Line "The next time he it won't be on me." No shit.

Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance: Quite honestly this song is absolutely awesome. I tend to forget how awesome until I hear it and then I always think "why don't I listen to this song more often?". You can't tell me that you don't get just a little pumped up whenever you hear it. The opening minute and half of the song actually is a little bit annoying but once you get past totally kicks ass. I actually think that this would be a perfect karaoke song. Whenever I hear this song I feel somewhat defiant and get a "fuck you" attitude though I am not exactly sure towards whom. Maybe that is why it is such a great song. It inspires the listened to "carry on" and that can mean anything to anyone. The important thing is that it stirs the desire to fight the good fight and that can't be a bad thing. Seriously though...this is an awesome tune! Best Line: "So paint it black and take it back, let's shout it loud and clear, do you fight it to the end, we hear the call to carry on."

I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy - I seriously love these guys more with every song. It is actually a little dangerous because they have broken into my Top 10 favorite bands and they are putting out new awesome songs unlike other contenders such as Blink 182 and Green Day. This is another song that just gets me all pumped up. If I could dance around right would be to this song. Hell...I think that it is going to replace "Shake It" as my primary ring tone on my phone. Say what you will about Fall Out Boy but musically they are extremely talented. Their songs are cleverly written and most importantly...Patrick has the best voice of any new band at the moment. As I have said before...when he belts a line it sends chills down my spine. The man can wail and I love it. Now the best part of this song is the last 1:15 because Patrick really shows off in this part He starts out channeling the Chris Isaak in him before just busting out. It is freaking outstanding. Best Line: "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me, the best of us can find happiness in misery."

See The Sun by The Kooks - And here is an example of why it is worth it to download the free iTunes downloads every week even if you don't know the song. I have never heard of this song before and it has become one of more frequently listened to song. It is also a ton of fun to is usually a song that is sung in the shower. I don't know why I have so much singing this as I wash my hair in the morning but it is. I usually sing it a little bit louder and more off key on the mornings where I am smiling before I get out of bed which means that it makes me smile later on throughout the day. The funny part is that this song cheers me up and helps me keep my head together. I wouldn't say that it helps with the patience but whenever I start to feel frustrated, I listen and sing this song and realize that it hits the nail on the head. It is no longer a free download but I think that you should download it anyway. It is worth $0.99. Best Line: "Yeah no matter what you do, take a look at yourself and realize I've been good to you". It is true, you have and I am grateful.

Stand By Me by Ben E King - This has got to be one of the greatest songs of all time. It is definitely one of the greatest love songs of all time. I doubt that there is a person who doesn't have a memory to this song or wouldn't like to have one. Whenever I hear this song I can still smell the campfire. There really isn't much else to is just an awesome song. Best Line: "No, I won't be afraid, oh, I won't be afraid just as long as you stand, stand by me." Nothing is ever as scary when you have someone special at your side.

Finally...yes I heard about Joba and guess what...I still love him. So for all of you who keep texting me about is not having the effect that you are hoping for. I don't condone what he did but he was a man about it and that is yet another reason why I am totally a Joba fan.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

That Was A Chest Bump

So perhaps it is the fact that my mood is a little poor to begin with or maybe it is because I am watching more TV than usual courtesy of my damn name but several commercials are really starting to piss me off. You know what they say about misery loving they are.

Lets start with the new Brooke Shields VW commercials. Call me uptight but something about this just seems kind of wrong.

Moving on...and let me point out that is the main reason I stopped watching the playoffs last year...those damn Frank TV commercials! I hate them so much. Every time I hear the beginning of one...I want to throw something at the TV.

The damn Free Credit Report Commercials. So help me, they just seem to be getting worse with each damn commercial. Someone has to stop the madness. This one by far is reason enough to never watch live TV.

Carfax...I miss the quiet, less annoying ones that joked about "new carpets" and "fresh coats of paint". Oh well.

Now if I could pick my are a few that I just can't get enough of.

Eli and the Chest Pump.

Joba's Mo's Commercial.

Derek's Gillette Razor Commercial

Now if someone can find me Derek's Gillette Deodorant commercial...I would be one happy girl.

Finally...I have to say that I am disgusted with the Devil Rays. They don't deserve to go to the World Series...damn it all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Going Down To South Park...Gonna Have Myself A Time

So I gotta say that after last weeks season opener of South Park I had serious doubts about being able to continue to follow the show. In fact, I have yet to talk to anyone who wasn't a little bothered by the season opener. But never the less...I decided to take a break from the massacre that was the Dodgers/Phillies game and watch tonight's episode. Honestly...I really just needed a laugh because today totally sucked.

I have to say that it was one of the funniest episodes that I have seen in a very long time. It is so funny that it warrants its one post..brief though it might be.

WARNING.....WARNING.........Spoiler Alert......WARNING.......WARNING

So it starts with Wendy giving a speech on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In typical Cartman form, he laughs every time she says the word breast as well as cracking lame jokes about "Killer titties". Wendy decides that she has had enough of his shit and challenges him to a fight after school. At first Cartman thinks that it is a good idea until he realizes that she is serious about kicking his ass. He also grows concerned when Butters points out that if he loses, everyone will think that he is a fag. So Cartman tries to make peace with Wendy but she refuses to back down unless Cartman apologizes in public. He refuses so Wendy's anger escalates to the point where she tells him that she is going to "kick his fucking ass" and that she is going to make him eat his own underwear in front of everyone. He misunderstands this to be his way out so he proceeds to eat his own underwear. Wendy laughs at him but is still determined to fight him. Cartman even pleads with Stan to stop Wendy by saying "Dude you are my bro and she is your bitch. I can't beat up my bro's bitch." Determined not to fight with her...Cartman resorts to desperate measures and earns himself detention by going to the bathroom on Mr. Garrison's desk.

As a result of the detention and against Cartman's wishes, the fight get rescheduled for first thing in the morning. Cartman then plays his ever reliable last card...and cries to his mom. Mrs. Cartman takes him to Wendy's house where he cries to her parents and accuses her of being a bully. In spite of pleading her case that it is justified, her parents forbid her to fight Eric. So being the bigger person, she goes to school and refuses to fight even though Eric denies that cried to his mom and calls her the baby.

Yet that isn't all that is up Cartman's sleeve. He starts off the school day by giving his own presentation on Breast Cancer Awareness by cracking rude (but humorous) jokes that send Wendy flying off the hook. As she starts to berate him, Principal Victoria pages Wendy over the speaker to get into her office. Expecting to get yelled at for being a bully, Wendy is thrown a curve ball when Principal Victoria practically orders her to fight Cartman. She did under the guise of doing it to stop Breast Cancer however it was a lovely play on words as she described the cancer as a "a fat lump of pure evil that must be stopped". More determined than ever, Wendy storms out of the office and goes straight to the playground to get Cartman his due.

In what is my favorite fight scene in all of South Park world, Wendy proceeds to beat the shit out of Cartman. I am talking an all out ass beating. At one point she is banging his heat against the jungle gym. By the end of it, he is lying bloody and beaten in the mud and Wendy is using what little energy she has left to kick him in the ribs. Normally I would be against anyone kicking some one while they are down but in this case...I loved it. By the end of the fight...everyone including the ever loyal Butters is cheering for Wendy. The fight ends with Wendy calmly stating that she is done and simply walks away. It was freakin' awesome!

I am not sure why I enjoyed it so much. Perhaps it is because the last person to truly square off against Cartman ended up eating his own parents or because Wendy was fighting evil and for a good cause...I can't really say. I do know that she is one of...if not my favorite character on the show. And if you remember way back to Season 1 Wendy warned everyone...."Don't Fuck With Wendy Testaburger".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You & Me Babe...How 'Bout It?

So I know that it is Tuesday and I should have shuffled last night but I didn't not. What can I say? The excitement of two playoff games and one Monday Night Football game plus the fact that Crazy Taxi was paying triple points and cash last night kept me away from the blog. So I will make up for it tonight because I cannot get comfortable because of my knee. So let's get started.

Forever by Mariah Carey - I had forgotten about this song until the evil genius that is iTunes Genesis recommended it. There is nothing spectacular about this song lyrically or musically but that's okay. Not every song has to be excellent to be enjoyable. It is a sweet song to the one who got away. Vocally it is not Mariah's best song but the fact is that it is well sung and I enjoy it. Well done was worth the $0.99 to have it on the iPod. Best Line: "If you should ever need me unfailingly I will return to your arms and unburden your heart."

Walk On Water by Eddie Money - I swear that Eddie Money was under appreciated in his time. Every time I hear one of his songs I am reminded that he had a pretty damn good voice. This is not one of my favorite songs by is still pretty damn good. When I heard it just now it actually made me feel pretty guilty. It is not fair to doubt the love of someone that you love. This song talks about mistakes that have been made and the fact is that things are bound to happen in any relationship...big things and little things. It made me promise myself to keep that mind because it really is silly to get upset over a little thing like not getting to talk to someone when planned. The best line of the song is also the opening line so that makes it even better. Best Line: "Well if I could walk on water and if I could find some way to prove, if I could walk on water would you believe in me? My love is so true."

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits - This song recently became the #1 played song on my ipod. It is hard to point out one single reason why I love this song so much...because everything about this song works. It is so good that I never get sick of it and I never fail to smile when I listen to it. It is such a romantic song that is wonderful because it is real. What can I is one of the best songs of all my humble opinion. It is hard to pick the best line because so many of them are great. Perhaps it is the fact that this song understands that "the timing is wrong". Perhaps it is the sexiness of the challenge "You & Me 'bout it?" It is probably the fact that it has one of the most real and romantic lines in a song ever with "I can't do everything but I'd do anything for you, can't do anything except be in love with you". Whatever it is about this melts my heart every time I hear it...and that is a good thing. Best Line: "The dice were loaded from the start and I bet and you exploded in my heart." Great song...truly is.

What the hell is happening in the world of baseball? There is no reason that the Dodgers or the Red Sux should be trailing 3-1 and yet they are. I can handle the disappointment of the Dodgers not going to the World Series as long as the Red Sux are also watching it from their couches. The good news is that it looks like they will be. I just hate the Red Sux so much.

As long as Boston doesn't win the ALCS... I am good. Either way...I am working on my "Let's Go Phillies" chant because I will cheer from them regardless of who they play in the championship.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Wow. I didn't realize that the last What Is was so tough. If one more song would have been identified...I bet the Final Jeopardy would have been guessed. The answers were:

200 - Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
400 - Head Over Feet By Alanis Morrisette
600 - Down On My Knees by Trisha Yearwood
800 - Arms Wide Open by Creed
1000 - Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Final - Parts of the Body

Moving here are my random thoughts from this weekend in sports.

Let's start with the Longhorns beating the Sooners. While I am no longer the devoted Husker fan of my youth, my Big Red Pride is still there. For you non Big 12 fans...this means that there is only time of year that I won't wish bad things on the Longhorns and that is when they take on the Sooners. The Sooners are the Red Sux of college football. I truly dislike their presence. So you can bet that I watched with great pleasure yesterday as the Longhorns somehow how outplayed the #1 Ranked Sooners.

Let me say that I was less impressed with the Red Sux/Rays game...but only because the damn thing refused to end. By the final inning...I didn't care who won as long as it just ended. I mentioned this to someone this morning who asked why I simply didn't turn off the TV. By the time you make it to extra would be a sure sign of weakness to give up. One must stick it out to the matter what the cost.
Can someone please tell me just what in the hell is going on with the Jets? No I am not talking about their playing...I am talking about their damn uniforms. First of all...when I first turned on the game I thought I had it wrong and Pittsburgh was playing. Where is the Jets green? Secondly...why do the uniforms look like practice jerseys from the 80s? I have never been a fan of the retro look and this is exactly why. Finally...did you notice the sideline hats? Why in the hell is there a T on them? If it is supposed to be is lost on me. Oh and it was it rather boring game until the end.

Hooray for the Rams getting their first win of the season. I have abandoned them for good but it was still nice to see them win.

Every Sunday is good Sunday whenever Peyton leads the Colts to a win.

Let's talk about that Cowboys/Cardinals game. Who expected that the Cardinals would be able to beat the TO and the boys. I for one was quite pleased. I do have to say that my heart still flutters whenever Kurt Warners smiles.

Was today the day of terrible calls and bad plays or what? I know that one of the commentators joked that the refs would be sore from throwing all of those flags but as lame as it sounds...he is probably right. What a crazy day in the gridiron.

The highlight of the weekend in sports has got to be tonight's Dodger/Phillies game. First of all...Jamie Moyer looked terrible which was a bummer. I guess I have to say that I love his commercials...hate his skills on the field. I was not surprised when he hit the 1st Dodger...and super excited when he hit the 2nd one because I knew that something would come of it. (I have been wanting to see a fight since I missed the one between the Yankees and the Angels.) So I was not surprised to see Kuroda throw at a Phillie. It was bittersweet that it was Shane Victorino. On one hand it was awesome because he was so classy about it and on the other hand it was a bummer because he was so classy about it. He didn't rush the pitcher which was a bummer but he reacted in the most professional way ever. I was most impressed by his willingness to accept being thrown long as it wasn't in the head. It was awesome. I don't know what exactly was said to provoke the bench clearing incident that followed but it was still pretty cool. Nobody threw in punches but it was still cool. I loved when Joe Torre had to hold Manny back from starting an all out brawl. I have to admit that I am becoming a Manny fan. He is awesome now that he is not in that dreaded Red Sux jersey.

Oh and it was cool that they finally won. There is still hope.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Is....

Answer to Final Jeopardy - Songs from the Billboard's Top 100 from 1988.

Tonight's Category: Name That Song

$200 - I look at you and I fantasize that you're mine tonight.

$ 400 - You treat me like a princess and I'm not used to liking that.

$ 600 - No one matters more in my life or makes me feel like you make me feel inside.

$ 800 - I'll show you love...I'll show you everything.

$1000 - If there's a way, I'll find it some day and then this fool will rush in.

Final Jeopardy - What do these songs have in common?

So this should be the final night that I do the Jeopardy thing. Sleep seems unlikely so my brain might actually start functioning in its normal, sleep deprived capacity soon.

On a baseball note...Damn the Dodgers and them ruining my evil plan.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Is....

Answer to last night's Final Jeopardy -

Amy Heckerling, who either wrote, producted, and/or directed all of the films. Kudos to Kenny for naming all of them...being that he is a movie buff I will assume that he didn't cheat and use the internet.

Tonight's Category: Name That Song:

$200: Sometimes if I shout, it's not what's intended. These words just come out, with no gripe to bear.

$400: So don't deny, I can't fool no one else, the truth is in the tears I cry.

$600: Living in a world of fantasies...I can't get you outta my head.

$800: Touching heat freezing on my skin, I pretend you still hold me.

$1000: 'Cause if there is something better well they haven't found it yet.

Final Jeopardy:
Name the common link between the all of these songs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Is....

Movie Quotes

$200: "I've been thinking. If you're here and I'm here doesn't that make it our time?"

$400: "I love self-loathing complaint rock you can dance to."

$600: "Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good."

$800: " Hey, wait a minute, there's no birthday party for me here! "

$1000: "Yeah, yeah, Joanie loves Chachi, but does Chachi give a flyin' fuck about Joanie?"

Final Jeopardy:
Name the common link to all of the above movies.

Monday, October 6, 2008

If There's Something Weird & It Don't Look Good...Who You Gonna Call?

For the love of Bob Cat Bob....tonight's games are quite possibly the longest games ever...that or I am just a little on the impatient side. I keep switching back and forth between between Monday Night Football and the Red Sux/Angels game...all the while cruising around the world of Facebook. Now I have added blogging and iPod listening to the's that for multi-tasking? So let's shuffle.

Earth Angel by Death Cab Cutie - So there are like a dozen versions of this song that you can download but this one is by far the best. The only downside is that you have to buy the whole album but it is totally worth it. I can't think of a better way to describe this version than to say that it is totally reminiscent of the high school dance days. DCFC has come a long way over a short period of time but a large part of their appeal is their high school garage band sounding music. What can I say? When I hear this song I think streamers, balloons, girls in overpriced dresses and guys who are cursing themselves for buying a wrist corsage because a pin on one would have given them a chance to...well you know. Bottom line is that this is a romantic song no matter how does it but DCFC just does it in a real way and I love it. Best Line: "I'm just a fool in love with you."

Come To My Window by Melissa Etheridge - So I used to love this song. Honestly, it was one of my favorite songs to sing in the car and in the shower. Melissa rocks this love song out and I think that is awesome. It oozes passion and it is well written and just overall a damn good song that gets bonus points for paying tribute to the whole Romeo and Juliet balcony thing. Oh and it has a killer opening verse. That's right...not just a killer opening line but an opening verse. The problem is that every now and then someone or something will use a song and then suddenly you think of that whenever you hear the song. In this was the fine folks behind South Park and I usually forced to change the song rather than think of the scene it was used in. Damn it all. Best Line: "I would dial the numbers just to listen to your breath."

Just Fine by Mary J Blige - Here is another song that I also think of a pop culture moment whenever I listen to it. In this case it is of Michael Strahan singing and dancing to this song in the locker room before the Superbowl. Yet that always makes me laugh instead of nauseous like the pop culture moment that the previous song reminds me of. But I digress...this is a new song to make the Millie Dance List. In the right mood I am able to sing and dance all over the place to this song. Today was one of the those as I jammed to this as I drove home from work today. Work was work but I was in a pretty great mood this afternoon. Sometimes all it takes is taking a minute to appreciate the flowers and all they have to offer. Best Line: "Appreciate glad that I've got mine."

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. - I refuse to believe that there is a person alive who doesn't like this song. They either don't want to admit it or haven't heard it. It is impossible not dance just a little bit when you hear this song...even if it is just a head pop. This is one of the wacky songs that can even get you doing the really stuff like using your hand as a"phone" when asked "who you gonna call?" Seriously, as I listen it to right now and I kicking myself for not listening to it more often. I guess that I had forgotten how much I love it. I think that I will be butchering it next time I hit the karaoke bar. Best Line: " Who you gonna call...GHOSTBUSTERS!".

As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B Hawkins - The sweet melodies and lyrics of this song make it an irresistible song for me. I think that I was like 12 when it came out and I loved it then and still really enjoy it now. That is staying power! Seriously is not an overly sweet or stalker-ish song. It is a simple love song from a girl to the guy who is somewhere else. Admit liked it too when it first came out. Best Line: "I'm still recalling things you said to make me feel alright, I carried them with me today."

I'd Die For You by Bon Jovi - Talk about a totally awesome power ballad. It is on my list of songs that I hope that I will one day get to hear them play live. In addition to the killer intro and the amazingness of Jon's ballad has pretty damn awesome lyrics. OK so it they are not incredibly profound or anything but they are real. They are a confession of imperfection and love...and quite there anything hotter than that? Best Line: " But if I could see inside you maybe I'd know just who we are 'cause our love is like a hunger...without it we would starve."

God it pains me to say this but let's hear it for the bloody Red Sux and their incredible win over the Angels tonight. I hate to admit it but that was one hell of a finish to what had up until that point had been rather dull game. I am only happy for them because this means that they are one step closer to losing to Manny in the World Series. It is all going according to plan.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Overdosing on Sports

I love sports...but holy smokes was today tough. If only I would have had two TVs in my living room so I could watch both football and baseball. Actually, it would have required three TVs to watch all of the games that I wanted to watch but that would have been a bit excessive...even for me.

My quick summary of football...and I do mean quick because I really only watched it when the baseball games were at a commercial is that football would suck without the Mannings.

Let's start with Eli. There should be no doubt in any one's mind that Eli is the real deal. He is not better than Peyton...but I will submit to you that he is younger and still developing as a professional quarterback. Take that how you will. My point is that I watched him off and on through his game today and he looked damn sharp on the field. At 4-0...he is showing the football world that he is all grown up and can handle the pressure of being on a championship team. He is proving that last year's Superbowl win was not a fluke and that he and his Giants are contenders for it again this year. With the state of the Colts this season...let's just say that I am pulling for the Giants as I would rather have a Manning in the Superbowl than a Romo, McNabb, and so on.

Speaking of the Colts...I will admit that I was swearing under my breath as I watched the score ticker and saw the Colts falling further and further behind the damn Texans. And yet in the 4th Peyton and boys proved that they are champions at heart and managed to pull off the greatest comeback thus far this season. Never mind the fact that they were up by 10 at the end of the 1st quarter and went into the locker room at halftime trailing by 7. I don't care what anyone says...Peyton Manning is the best quarterback playing the game.

I didn't see the Ravens losing this weekend and I was surprised that the Jags lost. I just figured that after the way that they started off the game that it was their night. Sorry Kenny.

Let's hear it for the Phillies and them taking about the Brewers today...not that the Brewers really had much of a chance to begin with. That being said...the Phillies are looking pretty damn good. Honestly, I think that they deserve it more but it would go against my strong desire for a Dodgers/Red Sux showdown in the World Series. So nothing personal against the Phillies...but can I hear a "Let's Go Manny!"?

Sucks To Be A Cubs Fan

I may have gotten the # of games wrong but so far things are going according to plan.

Let's here it for Manny and the rest of the Dodgers!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue Not Like Your Hair Is Dyed...Blue Just Like The Moon

Happy Saturday. I really do apologize for the lack for daily blogging. My only excuse is that it is a combination of Facebook, MLB Playoffs, and lack of sleep. The good news is that it is now taking me almost an hour to built up enough online points to play my favorite Facebook game, the baseball games don't start for another few hours, and I actually slept for about eight hours last let's blog.

So let's totally steal from Entertainment Weekly again and discuss 16 Great Simpson's Best Guest Voices.

#16 Alec Baldwin as Caleb Thorn in Bonfire of the Manatees. In this episode Marge leaves Homer because she is pissed that he was allowing Fat Tony to film a porno in her house. So a series of events ends up meeting Caleb, who is a friend of the Manatees. I kept wanting to tell Caleb that "It is OK to love is another thing to be in love with Manatees." While it was not one of the better Simpson's episodes I have to say that Alec did a pretty good job. I much preferred him doing his own voice in "When You Dish Upon A Star".

#15 Jack Black as Milo in Husbands and Wives. I don't care for Jack Black and can't say that I was impressed with him in this episode. Luckily it was more a cameo than a guest starring role.

#14 Glenn Close as Mother Simpson in various episodes: Absolute genius. Her motherly voice was the perfect choice for this role. I am actually kind of bummed that they killed her off.

#13 Dustin Hoffman as Mr. Bergstrom in Lisa's Substitute: There a few voices that are truly distinctive and wonderful and Dustin's is one of them. There is just something comforting about it so it is no wonder that Lisa developed a crush on him. Hell...I develop of crush on him every time he speaks. Of course it was easier while watching the Simpson's episode because let's face it, Dustin is no Derek Jeter. Nevertheless....Great guest voice.

#12 Beverly D'Angelo as Lurlene Lumpkin in Colonel Homer: Another great choice. Beverly also has a pretty distinct voice and while you knew it was her while watching the episode you weren't think of the National Lampoon's movies the whole time.

#11 Harvey Fierstein as Karl in Simpson and Delilah: Karl is one of my favorite one time characters on the Simpsons but I honestly never really thought about how did the voice until today. The light bulb went off as I made the connection.

#10 Sarah Gilbert as Laura in The New Kid on the Block: She was not one of the best all time guest voices...she will be memorable because she was Bart's first crush.

#9 Winona Ryder as Alison from Lisa's Rival. I never knew that it was Winona. I never really like this episode so that is probably why I never paid attention to who it was.

#8 Mandy Patinkin as Hugh in Lisa's Wedding: Love the episode, never paid attention to who was in it. The weird thing is the Hugh was British and you know what a sucker I am for accents. Oh well. Seriously though...great episode.

#7 Michelle Pfeiffer as Mindy in The Last Temptation of Homer: No wonder Homer was tempted by Mindy. Michelle has a super sexy voice. Once again...the Simpsons crew got it right.

#6 Meryl Streep as Jessica Lovejoy: I never really thought about it but Meryl's voice really does have an evil and sensual touch to it. Another great choice.

#5 John Waters as John in Homer's Phobia: This is one of my all-time favorite episodes and it is because of John. Of course it was serious typecasting but the fact is that you couldn't just throw any gay actor into the role. John's voice was openly gay...but not overly gay which is why it was great.

#4 Lisa Kudrow as Alexis in Lard of the Dance: She this one didn't work for me because Lisa's voice will always be Phoebe. It kinda ruined the episode since Alexis was supposed to be Lisa's age.

#3 Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce as Sideshow Bob and Cecil in multiple episodes: It is almost hard to classify Kelsey Grammer as a guest voice being that he has been in so many episodes. That being said...Sideshow Bob was always made better by the presence of Cecil. Both were totally awesome guest voices on the show....and I still hold out hope that they will make one last appearance. And I have to agree with EW's point that it was borderline sacrilege that Sideshow didn't even have a cameo in The Simpsons Movie.

#2 Marisa Tomei as Sara Sloane in a Star Is Born Again: What I like about the Simpsons crew is their ability to pick a voice that can surprise you. I never would have classified Marisa as having a "sex kitten" voice but she did in this episode. It was another brilliant choice.

#1 Ricky Gervais as Charles in Homer Simpson, This Your Wife: This is my #2 favorite Simpson's episode and it is because of Ricky. His accent wasn't as much sexy but as it was funny. I actually bought the Simpson's Testify album just so I could have his song "Lady" and "Lady Riff" on my iPod because they are so funny.

Now let's end with a few of my favorites that were left of this list.

Danny Devito as Homer's brother Herb.
Neil Patrick Harris as himself playing Bart on TV.
Every MLB player who played himself in Homer at bat but especially Darryl Strawberry.
Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Constance Harm. She was destined to be the voice of a lawyer.
Sam Neil as the Cat Burglar...have I mentioned that I love Sam's voice.
Julia-Louise Dreyfus as Gloria. Not once while watching it did I think of Seinfield which is awesome.
Albert Brooks at Hank Scorpio. I know that he did many voices on the Simpsons but this was by the far his very best one-time character.
Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. Kiefer is hot no matter what form.
Johnny Cash as the chile induced coyote.
Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff. Jon too has played many characters on the show but this is my favorite.
George Carlin as Seth.
Phil Hartman as Lyle Langley. It is hard to put into words what Phil did for the Simpsons. This was my favorite role of Phil's because of when he sang the Monorail song.
Simon Cowell as the preschool judge.
John Goodman and Henry Winkler as the biker gang guys. (totally forgot their names and too lazy to check wikipedia.).
Pierce Brosnan as the house.
Finally...Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie Simpson. Sure it was only one word but the point is that it was Elizabeth Taylor.

Even now...The Simpson's is still a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff on TV.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Birthday Suits Abound

Holy Facebook obsession has come back something fierce. I think that it is largely due to my lack of sleep but that's okay. If I wouldn't have gotten a crabby phone call asking about the blog this evening...I might not have been able to tear myself away from the world of Facebook, where I spent the evening throwing virtual fish and Vice President Candidates at people. So upon surfing my favorite sites looking for is my take on EWs 30 Unforgettable Nude Scenes.

30: Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall: So I just saw this movie last night and I loved it. I think that it is an incredibly smart move to have Jason nude in the beginning of the movie. It made the whole scene all the more awkward and for that reason, people can relate to him. He won serious "lost puppy dog" points in my book. Hell, Jason is becoming one of my favorite comedic actors. Maybe I can convince Neil to get an autograph.

29: Uma Thurman in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Never seen it so I can't say it.
28: Julianne Moore in Short Cuts: I have seen the movie and can honestly say that I had forgotten the whole nude scene. So for just doesn't make the cut.

27: Donald Sutherland in Animal House: So, so, so gross.

26: John Cleese in A Fish Called Wanda: Funny and yet oddly disturbing at the same time.

25: Bart Simpson in The Simpsons Movie: Funny but unfortunate because it sparked an overuse of the phrases "I like men" and "Bountiful penis". Oh is certainly the most unexpected one so far on the list.

24: Craig Daniel in Casino Royale: Quite honestly the only reason for a girl to see this movie is to see this scene. Never mind the whole torture part of it...the man takes good care of his body and boy did he show it in this movie.

23: Brigiette Bardot in Le Mepris: I have never even heard of this movie or the actress.

22: Kate Winslet in Titanic/Iris/Little Children: So quite honestly...if I looked this smoking while in the buff...I would probably want to show it off it too. The nice thing is that the each movie takes the nudity to a different level. It Titanic it was all about innocence lost in young love, in Iris is was all about deep and sensual love, and in Little Children it desperate passion which shows that she is smoking hot and a great actress.

21: Peter Sellers in A Shot in The Dark: Never seen it and guessing that for that I should be grateful.

20: Viggo Mortensen in Easter Promises: Now I must say that the movie was amazing without the nudity. The nudity just took it to another level of greatness. Viggo is a damn sexy man.

19: Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat: So gross and yet so funny.

18: Kirk Douglas in Saturn 3: WTF is Saturn 3?

17: Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights: Still can't get past the fact that I first saw this with Big Red so I think that the nudity was lost on me. Besides...there wasn't much left to see after the CK ads...not that I am complaining about either.

16: Elizabeth Hurley and Mike Myers in Austin Powers: More funny than sexy...and the joke went on for a little bit longer than needed.

15: Russell Crowe in Hammers Over the Anvil: Once again I must WTF is this movie?

14: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminal: There is no denying that the Govenator had an amazing body back in the day. Plus he rocked the accent so mucho bonus points.

13: Daryl Hannah in Splash: I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid so I have no real memory or opinion of the lack of clothing. I suppose that they had to make her naked at some point though based on the fact that she was a mermaid for goodness sake.

12: Graham Chapman in The Life of Brian: More important than why he needed to be naked in this movie is the question of why I have seen it more than once?

11: Cast of Calendar Girls: Have to admit that I have never seen it. I have heard that it is tasteful and funny and blah blah blah but the fact is that I want to hide from the future in that regards as long as possible.

10: Cast of The Fully Monty: At the risk of sounding sexist...I found this to be cinematic genius. It was so funny that the yuck factor was practically nonexistence.

9: Will Ferrell in Old School: So so so funny. It definitely brings back some memories from my younger, wilder days. This really was the last truly funny movie that Will has made.

8: Tyler Nilsen in Walk Hard: The randomness of the scene made it funny but nothing spectacular.

7: JULIAN SANDS, RUPERT GRAVES, and SIMON CALLOW in A Room With a View: Never seen it but doubt that I will. Why where a bunch of grown men frolicking in the water together?

6: Charlton Heston in Planet of The Apes: Somewhat disappointing. He lost some of his sexy appeal when he lost his clothes. I am not sure why but he did.

5: Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give: The nudity in this move is totally awesome. It is funny and tasteful...and didn't seemed forced into the script like some nudes scenes are. Totally awesome.

4: Kathy Bates in About Schmidt: Good for Kathy for feeling comfortable and confident enough to do...bad for those of us who were not warned about it prior to seeing the movie.

3: Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man: Not sexy and unnecessary.

2: Beverly D'Angelo in National Lampoon's Vacation: I can't say that I really remember it. I prefer Christmas Vacation to Vacation so that is probably why.

1: David Kelly in Waking Ned Devine: Once again...I have never heard of the movie.

So basically what it boils down is that the wrong people are doing nude scenes. Sure there were a few treats but here is my list of men that I think should rock their birthday suits on the big screen.

Jon Bon Jovi...he is practically naked in this picture anyway so he might as well give it up.

Eric Bana...did you see his body in Troy? I bet the man looks smoking with all of his clothes on the floor.

James Marsden: Something tells me that he works out...and if one puts in the effort...why not show it off?

Tom we know that he works out and after suffering through seven seasons (and counting) of Smallville I would say that I have earned the right to take a peak at the man of steel.

Finally...I am trying to figure it out...but I am trying to devise a plan involving naked Yankees. I am not sure that it could be a movie but maybe for charity or something. No matter how it takes place...everybody wins.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playoff Predictions

So here it playoff predictions....based on my knowledge of baseball and clouded by my personal feelings.

Division Series:

National League:

Brewers vs. Phillies: The Phillies will take it 3-1. The Brewers had a good run but they are not a World Series worthy team.

Cubs vs. The Dodgers: The Dodgers will take it 3-1. Let's face it... Manny and Joe Torre know how to win while all the Cubs know is how to lose.

American League:

Red Sux vs. Angels: I hoping with all of my heart that the Red Sux take it 3-2. Stick with me on this...

White Sox vs. Devil Rays: The Rays will take this one 3-0. The White Sox are lucky to have beat the Twins...which still isn't saying much. If the Yankees or Red Sux were in their division...this whole last minute tie breaker game would not have been necessary.

League Championship:

National League:

Phillies vs. Dodgers: I would like to see the Phillies go to the big dance however it benefits the greater good if the Dodgers win 4-3 so we at least get a good series out of it.

American League:

Red Sux vs. Devil Rays: The Cinderella story stops here. The Red Sux will take it 4-1.

World Series:

Red Sux vs. Dodgers: The Dodgers will take it 4-3. Here is how and why...

- Joe Torre...he knows how to win championships and he knows how to beat the Red Sux.

- Financially it maximizes sales throughout the country. A cross-country battle for the World Series, especially these two teams will cause merchandise sales to skyrocket.

- It will be the ultimate Ha-Ha for Nomar and Manny. boils down to the fact that I hate the Red Sux. The world of baseball will be redeemed for me if the Red Sux lose to the Dodgers in the final game of the World Series at the hands of two former Red Sux whom have done better for themselves after having left the Dark Side.

So let's sit back and see how October plays out.