Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Would NPH Do?

First let me start off when the most arrogant and ignorant quote that I have heard in awhile... you guessed is from asshole A-Rod. Today he was quoted as having said "It is painful to see that lineup without me in the clean up spot and helping them win everyday." The reason that this pisses me off so much is that team has lost more games with him in the line up than when he doesn't play. It is a minor it has no effect on anything except that it demonstrates what an arrogant dumb ass A-Rod is. Yet another example of why A-Rod should keep his mouth shut.

Moving on....

So I have to say that I absolutely loved this movie! It was wrong on every possible level and I couldn't help but love it. It is trash humor at its finest. I am not sure that it was better than the 1st movie...but it was pretty damn close.

I know that I have a personal bias but I must say that once again the best part of the movie was Neil. He is so damn funny.

I wanted to break down the rest of the good parts of the movie but the fact is that the whole thing is funny and I need to get to bed early tonight since I will happily be waking up early tomorrow morning. So after the Neil next favorite part of the movie was the sheer lameness of Kumar's poem, so allow me to share that with you. I suspect that only other geeks will appreciate it but that's OK.

Kumar Patel's Root 3:

I'm sure that I will always be / A lonely number like root three / The three is all that's good and right, / Why must my three keep out of sight / Beneath the vicious square root sign, / I wish instead I were a nine / For nine could thwart this evil trick, / with just some quick arithmetic / I know I'll never see the sun, as 1.7321 / Such is my reality, a sad irrationality / When hark! What is this I see, / Another square root of a three / As quietly co-waltzing by, / Together now we multiply / To form a number we prefer, / Rejoicing as an integer / We break free from our mortal bonds / With the wave of magic wands / Our square root signs become unglued / Your love for me has been renewed.

So to be honest...there was a small part of me that felt a little bit guilty today as I stood in line to purchase my movie ticket. I knew that everyone else I knew was working or doing something else serious and important in nature...and there I was...standing in line to see one of the most juvenile movies of all time. The guilt passed as I spent the next two hours laughing my ass and enjoying not having to think about anything but the movie. It was nice to not think even if it was just for a few hours.

If you want to laugh...see this movie!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Its Not In The Words That You Told Me

No fuss...just Monday Night Shuffle.

M79 by Vampire Weekend (31) - This song reminds me so much of Paul Simon's Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes. Not so much the lyrics but the beat and sound of the Ezra's voice. It is a enjoyable to listen to even if you don't pay attention to the lyrics. At first I thought the song was a brief but passionate love affair. Further listening to the song proved me wrong. I think it is more of a cry against hatred. Also cool but not exactly the sweet romantic song that I thought it was a first. The line: "Stay awake to break the habit."

Spare Me the Details by The Offspring (65) - I think this so song is funny! Sure the topic isn't very funny but it is the way that it was sung. I have said it before but I think that Dexter is one of the more talented lead singers in alternative music. I laugh every time he sings "I'm not the one who's acting like a ho!" I don't know why I find it so damn funny about that but you can't go wrong with a song that makes you laugh. I also like it because it seems to be the theme song to nearly every party that I went to high school. What makes people think that the wounded party wants to hear all the details anyway? My favorite line is obviously the one mentioned above because it is funny but here is another one. " And it drives me insane sittin' with a vision, stuck with that image burned into my brain."

Bittersweet by Big Head Todd & the Monsters (30) - This song is just that for me but not for the obvious reasons. I always think of Jenn S whenever I hear this song. I have fond memories of us driving around the Duke City one summer day just enjoying the break from everyone else in our lives. It was the day that we got kicked out of Party City for throwing at least three dozen army men with sticky feet to the wall. It wasn't the first place that we got kicked out off and not the last but for some reason it is one of strongest memories of our friendship. Jenn S was the one girl-friend that I was completely comfortable being friends with. We were never in competition with each other, we were never jealous of other, we never used the other to make our self better...we were simply friends who enjoyed the other's wackiness. Anyway, every time I hear this song I have memories of us driving down Montgomery BLVD listening to this album...singing this song over and over again. Every memory that I have of Jenn is positive and fun up until the end. I still remember how beautiful she looked the last time I saw for some reason I never saw the obvious injuries that she had sustained. I wished that I thought of something special to say to her that last time I looked at her. Instead I said nothing and never even cried until the day of her funeral. I think of her often but don't really of think of her death. I always think of us joking around the gym or being escorted out of party stores or restaurants...both of us laughing so hard that we were crying. In fact...there is only one memory of her in mind that she isn't smiling or laughing...and even then I think that I saw of hint of smile on her face the last time I looked at my good friend. I picked a line in honor of my friend in though it is necessary to point out that this is a song about passion gone cold. The line: "She's not so far as she seems". I think that she would be proud of me for finally getting on the back of a motorcycle recently. It wasn't as tough as I expected it would be but of course it helped that I trusted the driver completely.

Hold the Line by Toto (58) - This song spends the entire time naming off all of the things that it isn't about. I never got it when I listened to it in my younger days....back when I foolishly believed that love would make perfect sense once I found it. Now I think that if the love is real you don't have to say "what" exactly is it. In fact is easier to name the things that it "isn't" because love doesn't seem to make sense. So I think that they got it right when Toto sings that "It's not in the way that your love set me free, it's not in the way you look or the things that you say that you do" It is all of those things and more. But I must say that there is something intoxicating and extremely romantic about love setting someone free...even if the love doesn't come at the right time. Toto got it right with the line "Hold the isn't always time."

White Flag by Dido (215) - Here is another song that totally got it right. Whenever I hear this song I tell myself that it is the perfect "road map" to being strong. That is the funny thing about the end...rarely are both parties happy that it has finally come...regardless of what kind of end it is. In the event that I reach an end and I am the one who is less than pleased...I will find strength in this song because if you thought enough of the person to love that person in the first place...don't they deserve at least that much? The line that is just totally awesome in this song is "And when we meet which I'm sure we will, all that was there will be there still. I'll let it pass and hold my tongue...and you will think that I've moved on." Of course if the other person ever loved you they will know better but I am sure the effort will be appreciated. All of this I have learned from watching far more movies and TV shows than any normal person should.

Its Not Unusual by Tom Jones (181) - This might be one of the greatest non-Jovi songs ever. I love this song! Yes I am aware of how lame that makes me but I don't care. It is a great song to begin with but I think of its use in the greatest alien movie ever and it escalates it to a newer and greater level. Something about those little green guys dancing on stage with Tom Jones just equals movie greatness. Damn it all but just thinking about it makes me want to the movie but I won't since I promised to try to get some sleep night and I am the right condition to actually do it. Maybe tomorrow night I will sit down and watch the movie. I will have to make due with the movie as much to my dismay...Tom Jones concert tickets are a little more pricey than I had expected. I would pay the price to see him but I doubt that anyone else would and what fun is it to go to a concert on your own?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Did I Take You By Surprise With My Hungry Eyes?

After devoting a post to Everclear it only seemed fair to devote a post to the other band that I love who manages to perform covers well. So let's talk about New Found Glory.
Let me say that I think that most of the original stuff pretty much sucks. In fact...of the 19 songs of theirs that are on my iPod...all but one is a cover of another song. The thing that makes New Found Glory better than the average cover band is that they managed to find the best of movie music songs and turn them into punk rock greatness. Let's face is impossible to feel cool while listening to certain songs but that doesn't make them bad songs. New Found Glory obviously realized this as well and decided to do something about it. So here is my review of some of the cover songs by New Found Glory.

Never Ending Story from Never Ending Story (duh) (61) - OK so honestly...I loved the movie and the original song. In fact I seem to remember driving certain people crazy with both. While the NFG version is harder to sing along to because of the is a hell of lot easier to rock out to. In fact, unless someone is paying close attention, it is highly unlikely that anyone will realize that you are rocking out to the theme song for a childhood story involving a princess, a giant dog, and the evil darkness. It is a great cover.

I Don't Want to Miss A Thing from Armageddon (19) - Also not better than original but a hell of lot better than the shitty country version. It is good to listen to but it is just not the same. The song loses something in the rock version. This song was meant to be a passionate song...and this version fails to capture the emotion.

Glory of Love From the Karate Kid Pt 2 (104) - OK now this song OUTSTANDING! It is my second favorite cover that the band does...and it definitely in my Top 10 of All-Time Greatest Covers. It has an advantage over most because the song is so freaking awesome to begin with. In spite of great rockin' beat that NFG still captures the desire in the song. Every time I listen to either version of this song I ask myself if there is a more romantic song. The answer is yes but it is hard to remember when listening the words. NFG makes magic with this song as it rocks and still manages to a be love song. To sum it up...I absolutely love it!

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (51) - Pretty much the same as the song above. The passion of the song is not lost in the rocking of the it is awesome. Vocally it is better than the in this case...I would have to say that overall it is better than the original. It is hard to say that since it breaks the heart of the sappy romantic that is buried inside of me...but punk rock Millie wins in this particular battle.

My Heart Will Go On from Titanic (64) - The original version is another example of a song that most people won't admit to liking and would be embarrassed if caught listening to. It is actually a pretty damn good song. Think about is well written, oozes emotion, and meets every requirement of a ballad. The problem is that it is sung by Celine Dion who has from some reason become taboo for anyone under the age 50. I personally don't get it but oh well. This version eases the struggle for people who want to enjoy this song. It rocks enough that you don't lose all of your "cred" but I wouldn't recommend testing that theory too far.

Kiss Me from She's All That (45) - Dino and I once discussed this song and decided that no man can listen to the original version without a woman present without seeming a little gay. Even is probably best to act annoyed that you are having to listen it just to be safe. This version is a little bit better for protecting your manliness...but not much. It is a great version and for some reason amuses the hell out of me but a spade is a spade. This song is and always will be a song for chicks. Kudos for NFG for trying.

The Promise from Napoleon Dynamite (74) - Once again...I absolutely love the original version and have not enjoyed many of the other covers of this song. It wouldn't say that this is one of the most romantic songs ever but it is one of the most passionate songs ever. There would be no saying no to anyone using this song as their means of convincing. So the fact that none of that passion is lost in this version makes it totally rock. It isn't better or worse than the original...just different. (Don't you hate that cop-out line?!?!?)

Love Fool from Romeo and Juliet (34) - This song runs into the same trouble that Kiss Me does. It is a song that is for chicks only. While NFG does a better job of making this song still falls short in spite of the obvious attempt of changing all of descriptives to female. If you are secure enough in your could probably get away with rocking out to this version.

Iris from City of Angels (2) - This is the only cover by NFG that I don't like. Sorry boys but Iris is on the very short lists that should never be touched by anyone. The original version of this song in the Top 5 of most romantic and passionate songs ever and one would never guess it if the NFG version was the only one that they had heard. Poor choice...and it kind of pisses me off when I hear it...hence the low play count.

Let's close out the list on a good favorite cover by the band is...

Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing (186) - Without a doubt...I like this version better than original. The original is pretty much the bomb but it is kind of awkward. You can't dance to it (slow or otherwise) and you can't rock out to it. It is simply a song to listen to and enjoy. It is a song a yearning which makes it awesome and NFG captures it in their version. In the right mood...the NFG version gives me chills when I hear their take on the line "I need you to see...this love was meant to be."

So overall it was a pretty good weekend. Friday was a pretty good was low key so I got to BS with a few of my favorite work people. I got to leave early which allowed me to have a very pleasant afternoon that kept me smiling all weekend. Then Elizabeth and I got to enjoy dinner and drinks with Dino at The Rock. The only bad part of the day was not being able to hook Dino up with our pretty waitress. (Even after I made a point of stressing that he was "Uncle Dino" for crying out loud!!)

Saturday was a great day of shopping topped off with the pleasure of the lone Yankee fan in a Mariners/As game. (I got a lot of shit for wearing a Yankee jersey to the game but no one took me up on my offer to wear an Ibanez jersey if they bought it for me. Go figure.) And the weekend ended with a low key Sunday were the excitement of the day was confirmation of the fact that a simple text message really will make me smile for the rest of the day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

And If She Had To Die Trying She Had One Little Promise She Was Gonna Keep

There are a few things in life that can always be counted on. It is a relatively short list but that is okay. That is what makes them special. Here are just a few of them:

- A simple text message can make me smile all day.

- Dino will make me laugh in three minutes or less of us seeing each other.

- Derek Jeter will ______ (fill in the blank as he is amazing at damn near everything).

- No matter how far away or how long we go without talking Todd and Robin are two of the best friends I've got matter how much we drive each other crazy.

- And the subject of tonight's posting...Everclear will always put out a kick ass album! Oh how I love me some Everclear! (The band not the liquor which has done more damage to me than any other drink to date.) So let's talk about their latest album and why it totally rocks!

It is called "The Vegas Years" which is awesome because it makes me feel like I have something in common with Art and the boys. The album is a collection of the band's favorite covers and you know what a sucker I am for covers. It is essential for any fan of the band and here are a few of the reasons why.
- Their cover of Hall and Oates "Rich Girl" is far better than the original. Not anyone with any taste in music will respond to this statement by saying that achieving this wouldn't be hard because the original is LAME! Point taken but the reason that is works for me is because the band has managed to turn a shit song into a pretty damn good one. That in itself is commendable no matter what your music taste.

- Their live version of their cover of "Brown Eyed Girl". A previous posting talks about why I love this version. To borrows from the Van Morrison original but the band puts their own spin on it but talking about the memories that this song inspires. So it rocks. But hearing it live (or more hear the live version of it) takes it to a new level. I can imagine hearing it in concert and that makes the mind wonder to a night that will never happen but is a great feeling nonetheless.
- Their live version of "867-5309". This song is impossible to hate to begin with so it has an advantage from the start. Everclear plays it well and makes me want to sing aloud with them. I have said it before and will said it again...Art is one of the best alternative vocalists ever. There I said it. (x2 Andrew!)
Their cover of Tom Petty's American Girl. This was a brave move by the boys of Everclear as no band has ever been able to achieve the greatest that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers did with this song. I won't say that they reached that level with their take but they came closer than any other version that I have ever heard. This song confirmed to me that Everclear is the best band at paying respect to the great songs in music. If you only download one song of this should be this one.

The best song on the album...their cover of Woody Guthries "This Land is My Land". OK I know how lame this sounds but hear me out. Unless you are completely cannot be an American and not know the words to this song. I have loved it since I was kid but let's face isn't exactly a rocking song. Well Everclear fixed that with this version. They didn't take it too far but far enough that the average alternative nut won't feel like an ass for listening to it with the car windows down.

In addition to these outstanding covers the album overs Everclear's take on songs from other musical greats such as Yaz, Cheap Trick, Neil Young, and my only complaint of the album...The Go-Gos. (WTF man?)

Oh Everclear...what a wonderful gift to give to a long time fan like me! By far the best album I have bought in a long time!

What the hell...let's have a shout out to Everclear the Alcohol. I won't touch it now but it was once my liquor of choice as it often got me kicked out of class and never once gave me a hangover.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Don't Believe The Hype

Let's face it...not everyone is not everyone is meant to dominate the NFL. Not everyone is destined for greatness like Peyton and Eli Manning. Not everyone will achieve the level of notoriety that Brett Favre did. The simple fact is that even though you get drafted into the NFL there is good chance that you will either pale in comparison to the greats or even find the spotlight and blow it like Michael Vick. In honor of the fine college athletes who are about to embark on this journey...let's discuss some the worst performing draft picks in the history of the NFL.

Lawrence Phillips - Drafted #6 by the Rams. OK...I started with Lawrence because he pissed me off as a kid and honestly...he still bugs me. Not only did he shame the Rams but he shamed the Cornhuskers which = Double Whammy. This guy had a great deal of potential on the field...but couldn't get his shit together off the field. The one good thing from the whole Lawrence fiasco...the NFL now does psychological testing for all draftees.

Tony Mandarich - Drafted #2 overall by the Green Bay Packers in 1989. For the record...I don't really remember this guy. I do remember my father predicted who the next Mandarich would be every year at our annual NFL draft party. I never really got it as a young girl but now I get it. This guy was over hyped from the start and probably never would have lived up to all the expectations that came from being named "The Greatest Offense Line Prospective of All Time." Whatever genius at at SI who wrote that deserves some of the credit for the fall of young Tony. Who could live up to a title like that? Clearly not Tony who lasted a pathetic and insignificant seven years in the NFL.

Derek Brown - Drafted #14 by the New York Giants in 1992. Derek's claim to fame? Well he is credited with being the main reason that teams avoid drafting tight ends in the first round of the draft. Way to ruin it for the rest of 'em.

David Klingler - Drafted # 6 by the Cincinnati Bengals. This is another name that my football loving father would use to describe poor performing athletes. In this case...Klinger is said have spent more time on the turf than on his feet. I seem to remember being compared to him after a pretty disastrous fall in the gym that I didn't get up from right away. I thought it had to do with clinging to the floor....a silly fact that always makes my dad smile whenever I remind him of it. Anyway...any QB who throws more interceptions than TDs throughout his career deserves to be turned into a "You don't want to be like ___, do you?" I might not have known who he was but I knew from my father's tone that I didn't want to be like him.

Andre Ware - Drafted #7 by the Detroit Tigers in 1990. Andre is proof that the Heisman Trophy does not equal success in the NFL. His claim to shame...he only three five TDs in four seasons. A quick Google search on Ware taught me that Ware was also the laughing stock of the CFL...which makes his story all the more tragic. I wouldn't call the Heisman a curse but....

My All Time Favorite Draft Bust....Ryan Leaf - drafted #2 by the San Diego Chargers in 1998. In all fairness...I should be nicer when it comes to Ryan Leaf but I am not. I don't hate him...I just find his descent into football history amusing. Maybe it is because there were so many comparisons between him and Peyton Manning. Maybe it is because some people said that Ryan should have been drafted before Peyton. Maybe it it is because he always seem cocky compared to the sweet southern charm of Peyton. More likely it is the fact that he was a total ass who pissed off everyone from his teammates to the waterboy. Sure nobody wants to talk to the media but when you are single handedly responsible for the crash and burn of an NFL team, you better figure out how to explain yourself. Ryan did have one good appearance since being drafted...and that was his cameo on a recent episode of The Simpsons in which he endorsed a mop.

To be honest...I intentionally left off Joey Harrington in spite of the fact that he earned a spoton this list but only because of the fact that I have long admired the guy. Truth be told...Joey should have have been so much more than the floating QB that he has become. It sucks but all is well when he flashes that smile. Of course I cannot think of Joey without thinking of Eric Crouch....but we'll save him for another night.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"_________, You're With Me"

So my latest guilty pleasure...reruns of NCIS. As my sleep becomes less and less frequent...I was forced to find a new show to watch instead of tossing and turning. There is only so much Law & Order: SVU or Scrubs that one person can watch without going a little bit crazy. Thanks to the fine folks at the USA Network and TIVO...I have three weeks of NCIS All Day Saturday Marathons to watch.

So last night I made a pretty good dent in the collection of the shows to watch and I am totally hooked. I can't say that I understand it is not the greatest show ever. Nevertheless...I just want to keep watching.

Let's talk about a few of the characters that I am learning to love.
Let's start with Abby. I identify with Abby for one reason only. We are geeks who will never fit in. Much like her character...I can't say that I care. Sure I can do the social thing but I have given up on fitting the mold. I prefer my geeky ways to the stress of trying to be popular. I have come to embrace my geeky ways and love my friends who appreciate The Geek That is Millie. The folks on NCIS love Abby and her wacky ways which makes a geek like me hopeful.

Dr. Ducky is an adorable old man. He reminds me of that 'grandpa" figures from my church that I had growing up. Watching him makes me wish that I had my own old British mentor to amuse me.

Tony DiNozzo reminds me of every completely wrong for me guy that I have ever dated. Good looking and charming and a total pig. Sure there is a sweet side to him but it rarely surfaces and never lasts. With men like that...I think that it is the challenge of getting to see that side that keeps a girl trying. Sometimes when Tony smiles I think back to the " Tonys"I'm grateful for the memories but relieved that I am not longer in that phase of my life. The good thing is that Tony is fictional so it is safe to crush on him from the comforts of my living room.

Tim McGee is the type of guy that a girl should want to end up with. Cute (but not too cute) and a complete gentleman. He is a tough and smart geek which gives him bonus points in my book. He is a badass agent by day and writer by night. He is the perfect alternative to Tony and they balance each other out. My favorite scenes of the show are the two of them ragging on each other for their various traits. How can one not like McGees good ole boy charm?

But the best character of the show...Jethro Gibbs of course. Being that he is the star...this shouldn't surprise anyone. Seriously though...what is about him that is so damn appealing. He is a good looking older guy...but not too good looking. He is charming but only in small doses. Yet he is the reason that isn't mediocre. He takes the show to whole new level. If I could pick someone to have a boss in real life, it would be Gibbs...head slapping and all. Mark Harmon was named People's Sexiest Man in 1986. Don't get me wrong...he was pretty sexy even back then (I only this because I googled the photo I was a mere four years old when the issue) but I think that he is better looking today. A lot can be said for a man that gets better looking with age and Mark is on that list.

If the charismatic character aren't enough for you to watch the it for the awesome dead body scenes. Perhaps it it the horror flick lover in me but I think that they are fantasic! They are probably the best on television!

Monday, April 21, 2008

This Could Be The One Last Chance To Make You Understand

For your reading pleasure...this week's Monday Night Shuffle.

Go Walking Down There by Chris Isaak (62) - Chris is a guilty pleasure of mine but I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I don't feel particularly cool whenever I listen to him. I think the reason that I like this song is because everyone knows that Chris is one hell of crooner but in this song he is rebellious and kind of an ass. Clearly he is pissed off at the world in this song because everyone is happy but him. I know it is weird but I think that his implied Fuck You to the world is pretty sexy. He makes no apologies for being envious and angry and that is hot. Besides, who hasn't felt the exact same way at least once before. It totally sucks to be surrounded by happy people when you are heartbroken and miserable. That being said...Chris has a pretty amazing voice and could sing about rocks and it would still sound sexy. The line "Look at all you happy people, I wish I could be like you."

Mr. Jones by Counting Crows (47) - I won't pretend that this song makes any damn sense. I also won't pretend that I haven't loved it since the moment that I first heard it. I think the remarkable thing is that I have never grown sick of it considering that it is on almost every "Most Overplayed Song" list on the Internet. I have probably sung this song more than any other non-Bon Jovi song. The fun part of singing this song is that it instinctively gets me to do the head bobbing and jumping around wherever I am at. The line. Well it is a tie between "We all want to be big stars but we don't why and we don't know how." and "Well gray is my favorite color." Gray is not my favorite color but it seems like such a random line for a song which is what makes it awesome!

Bathwater by No Doubt (123) - Anyone who knew me when this album came knows that I was completely obsessed with it. Nine years later I still really enjoy it. I think that Return of Saturn was No Doubt's best album...there I said it. (Words uttered just for you Andrew!) This song is the second best song on the album. I think the reason I like it so much is because once again it features a heartbroken singer who makes no apologizes for being bitter. While Chris was angry in the above mentioned song...Gwen manages to come off endearing and vulnerable. She knows that she loves the wrong man and that it is her own fault. She knows that the man is trouble and that she will never be able to change him into the man that she needs...and she still continues to love him. She knows that he is and will continue to break her heart...and she still continues to love him. She would rather be miserable and in love with him rather than be without him. The line: "Wanted and adored by attractive women, bountiful selection at your discretion, I know I'm diving into my own destruction." Strange is.

Gallery by Mario Vasquez (139) - Oh Mario...why did you have to "reveal" yourself to another man in the bathroom and ruin your chances of being the next American Idol? You could have had many great hits instead of this moderately successful song. This song reminds me of a conversation that I had with a man named Jason B (who kinda looks like Mario) regarding Jeremy K. The words were different but it was basically the same thing. I should have listened. Of course...I learned a valuable lesson from the ordeal but looking back...I think that somewhere I already knew that whenver possible it is best to wait until the vehicle has come to a complete stop before exiting. Perhaps Jeremy was never taught that lesson and needed a subject to test that theory. By-gones really. The line: "After he's done dulling your shine you're out the door and he's through with you."

I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan (215) - I absolutely adore this song. It speaks to the ska/alternative rocker buried deep inside of me. It is the quintessential ska love song. You can jump and dance around to it while pouring out your heart. I had forgotten that it was on my iPod until I was flying back from VA a couple of weeks ago. I laughed and even shed a few tears because it is just that kind of song and I was in that kind of mood. If it was played as a slow would be depressing. That was the great thing about ska music. It was so peppy and faced paced that it didn't matter what the lyrics were still had a smile on your voice. The line (s): "I'd do anything just to hold you in my arms, to try to make you laugh cuz somehow I can't put you in the past. I'd do anything just to fall asleep with you. Will you remember me cuz I know I won't forget you."