Saturday, March 29, 2008

But It's The Wrongs That Makes The Words Come To Life

Again let me start by apologizing for my lack of blogging. Have I mentioned how much I really hate my school work? Well to be fair...I hate one of my classes which isn't bad because I am taking three. I am just hating the pop culture class so much that it is hard to remember that I am enjoying the other two. Oh well...I digress...the point is that to my few subscribers...I do apologize and strive to do better once I am down to two classes. Moving on...

Have you heard the Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer cover of Beat It? Holy shit is it awesome. give me chills. So let's quickly break it down.

Michael Jackson's Beat It is an awesome tune to begin with. It is not one of the best songs ever but it is pretty awesome in its own right. So for me to say that Fall Out Boy and John Mayer (?) have completely blown Michael out of the water with their cover is saying something.

I inserted the question mark by John's name because I am not exactly sure what John Mayer's contribution to the song is. He is credited as being a contributor to the song but damned if I can figure out how. There is a chance that I hear him during the chorus but I cannot be sure. Maybe he is just playing guitar which is always a good thing. isn't that important because he pretty much sucks no matter how you look at it.

The reason this cover of the song is so damn awesome is because it rocks out. As previously stated...Beat It is a pretty decent pop tune. Kudos to Fall Out Boy for realizing its rock potential. It was meant to rock.

I have to admit that as much as I like crooners like Joshua Radin...there is something incredibly sexy about a man who can belt out a rock tune. Take Chris Daughtry for example. He is pretty good looking in a rocker way but then when he starts belting out a song like "Its Not Over" he goes from good looking rocker to full fledged hottie. Maybe it is the fact that it requires a certain level of confidence to really let loose in a song...I don't know exactly...but it is quite appealing. But tonight we are not talking about Chris...we are talking about Patrick Stump.

Hot damn can Patrick wail?!?!?! This guy was blessed with a sexy voice and set of lungs to match. I am not sure why it took hearing him sing Beat It for me to realize that he is the real deal. (For the record...I am a huge Fall Out Boy fan...not a bandwagon jumper.) I have always enjoyed hearing him sing and the band's lyrics are awesome. Clearly Patrick demonstrated his vocal talents in songs such as Grand Theft Autumn and This Ain't A Scene. Sure I got a small case of the chills when he belts out "He tastes like you only sweeter" in Thnks Fr The Mmrs but nothing compared to Beat It.

If you trust nothing else that I blog that my pop culture class really really sucks and that Fall Out Boy featuring John Mayer (?) is absolutely worth the $0.99 to download from iTunes.

After ten minutes of searching through various youtube videos of Beat It...I choose to add this one because it was the best sound quality and because I found the video cycling amusing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Everybody Needs Somebody To Lean On

Let's jump tonight's round of the Monday Night Shuffle. But first let me say that it is probably a good thing that I am back onto the shuffling of music. I have been listening to nonstop Bon Jovi since the concert. (Did I mention that it was FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!???!!!???)

All My Life by K-Ci and Jo Jo (20) - I doubt that there is anyone around my age who doesn't remember this song. I absolutely loved it when it came out. (Sophomore year maybe?) This is actually one of the songs that I got in trouble for requesting on The Box. http:// So Anyway...this song brings back fond memories of homecoming and winter ball dances, of the hours of prep work that went into them, the anticipation of RK arriving to take me out for a night of magic and romance. I remember us slow dancing to this song and thinking that the feeling of bliss would last forever. Silly young thing that I was...I actually believed that I had found my prince charming and "happily ever after" was mine. I smile every time I hear this song because of those memories but also feel relieved when it is over. The song ends and reality returns...the notion of "happily ever after" vanishes with the final note. That being said, what a sweet love song. One of the best of its generation...and of mine. (I still can't believe that I am one of the few people who remembers The Box!!!!)

Handle With Care by The Traveling Wilburys (214) -Mental note to blog about the greatness that was Traveling Wilburys. This is such an awesome song. It is a compilation of some of music's all time greats and it is perfect. Seriously, there is no way to improve this song, unless you find a way to add JBJ to it. I never get tired of it and I always sing along to it. I think that it is one of the best non-Bon Jovi songs ever.

Twisted Transistor by Korn (48) - OK so I am not hard core enough to like this song but every now and then I like to pretend that I am. It is such a catchy hard rock cannot help but get caught up in it. I think that Korn's mainstream success was because their music was tough and rockin but catchy enough that poser hard rockers like me could get into it. I learned the hard way that I am not tough enough for Korn. I still get the chills (and not in a good way) whenever I think of the Korn Kage. (Seriously Todd...WTF were you thinking?) That was the scariest concert that I ever went to and the end of Millie the Hard Rocker.) Still...I challenge anyone to hear this song and not rock out just a little bit.

Dreaming of You by The Coral (159) - Once again I must give credit to Scrubs for introducing me to this song. I was actually dancing around my kitchen to this song about a week ago as I cooked dinner. Even more fun than dancing to this song is singing it. Maybe it is my frame of mind right now but I love to sing this song at the top of my lungs, as loud and off key as possible and rejoice in not being the only person in the world feeling this way.

Stone In Love by Journey (245) - Have I mentioned that Journey is the second greatest band of all time? Well they are. Burning love doesn't come once in a lifetime for most of for that reason alone I am not totally on board with this song. But it got it right with the line "Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth, I do recall, those were the best times, most of all." It is an awfully long song and it seems a bit unnecessary.

Your Woman by White Town (67) - I was all about this song when it came out and now I am not exactly sure why. I seem to remember that it got overplayed but I still loved it. I loved that it was sung by a guy singing from the woman's point of view....but that seems to be the only real appeal of the song. The lyrics are certainly realistic though. They always make me think of the "devastation" that followed a high school break up. How many of my friends did I comfort using the very same lines after they had been dumped by their flavor of the month?? I must have been so smug, thinking that I was above that sort of drama. To be fair, I never cried to them when my romance failed....but that was long ago and how things have changed.

This Ain't A Love Song by Bon Jovi (208) - Is there a better rock ballad? Well yes probably but you would never know it when you listen to this song. It is one of the few songs that I have never heard performed live but that is probably a good thing. I would no doubt be moved to tears worse than I was a few nights ago when they played (You Wanna) Make A Memory. When Jon described this song last season on American Idol, he said that it was meant as "If this ain't a love song...than nothing is." Well duh....I wanted to kick whoever the dumb girl was who didn't get that. I is obvious that the meaning of this that if he is wrong about the love that they felt, than he is wrong about everything else. This song is filled with emotion. It would take a really strong and/or stupid girl not to fall in love with any man who should ever sing this song. Seriously...great ballad.

Let's close with a new edition to the My MC & Me Collection.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

You Ask Me If I've Known Love and What Its Like To Sing Songs In The Rain

I swear, Bon Jovi gets better every damn time I see them in concert. I was actually moved to tears at one point during this show. There is no greater band than Bon Jovi.

Oh and Daughtry was awesome too. I am too tired to say any more for the night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Wonder If You'll Understand That Its Just the Touch of Your Hand

So tonight we declare who is the better solo male artist. This is inspired by the question posed by Todd a few nights ago. Honestly, it really isn't that tough of a choice. Here is why.

Let's start with Jack Johnson. First let me say that Jack Johnson is one of the most talented artists to hit the mainstream in the past decade. His lyrics are quite good and the music that accompanies them is pretty damn good as well. I am quite fond of Jack.

But then there is Joshua Radin. There is a magical feeling created by his music that is hard to put into words. I was a fan as soon as I heard my first song of his, which as his cover of Only You. Every song that I have heard since has solidified my position as a loyal fan. (Hell he is one of three musical talents that I claim to be a fan of on Facebook.) As stated in previous posts, Joshua's lyrics seem to come directly from my life and my heart.

So let's see how they match up.

Jack is from Hawaii.
Joshua is from Ohio.
- The winner...don't care either way. Just stating the facts.

Jack has been on the music scene for 7 years.
Joshua has been on the music scene for almost 3 years.
- Jack wins this one as it is significant that he has survived longer than most solo artists.

Jack is fairly attractive.
Joshua is not so much.
- Jack wins this one too...but not by much as neither one is close to Jon Bon Jovi, Derek Jeter, or Strider.

Jack's music often has island style music accompanying it which makes it easy and fun to dance to.
Joshua's music is not for dancing...not even slow dancing.
- Jack wins again because I love to dance.

Jack's celebrity friend is Ben Stiller who is funny as hell and can be seen in the Taylor video.
Joshua's celebrity friend is Zach Braff, who is even funnier and directed the Closer video. (It is also said that Braff fought with Scrubs producers to use Joshua's music in the show which helped launch his musical career.)
- The winner is Joshua because Scrubs is freakin' awesome!

Jack's best musical cover is Imagine. It is the best version of Imagine in my opinion. (Critics be damned.)
Joshua's best musical cover is Only You. It is also better than the original. It is one of my favorite all time songs.
- The winner is Joshua...just listen to the song and you will understand.

Jack's best love song is Better Together. It is an outstanding song of love that isn't too mushy and can be danced to.
Joshua's best love song is These Photographs. It is in the Top 5 played songs on the Millie iPod and it is so wonderful. It is hard to dance to but it melts my heart a little bit each time I hear it.
- The winner...Joshua.

Out of 7 is a tie since the first one has no clear winner. So let's settle it with lyrics.
Jack has fun lyrics but few really get to me. Joshua's lyrics echo my deep feelings, some of which I have never shared with anyone. I know that he is not singing to or about me, but the fact that someone could understand those feelings is a reassuring thought. Joshua's songs make me want to believe in the mushy romantic bullshit again. So that is the reason that Joshua is the better solo artist. Hell, he might be the best solo artist around at the moment.

Let's close with a few of my favorite lines from Joshua to help demonstrate what I am talking about.

From Closer - That is our life, we walk right into the strife and a tear from your eye brings me home.

From Sky Mile - And all the gold dust in her eyes won't reform into rain. You hadn't lost the one thing you kept in a safe place, remember the face of the girl who had made you her own and how you left her alone.

From Sky - Oh, oh, oh, oh, you know the way to keep me on my toes. I, I, I will be fine - just say you'll stay forever mine.

From What If You - But for tonight I'll stay here with you. Yes, for tonight, I'll lay here with you.
From The Fear That You Won't Fall - And I know its easy to say, but its harder to feel this way, and I miss you more than I should, than I thought I could, I can't get my mind off of you.

From These Photographs - It took to long to find in your eyes, my best surprise.

From Today - I sat beside you and became myself.

From Someone Else's Life - And somehow I'll make tonight our own, I'll show you every way I've grown since I met you.

From Lovely Tonight - And you would be the last thing I saw coming, I'm still surprised

Just a reminder of who won the last time. In spite of the Derek Jeter joy of yesterday, I still stand by my decision.

Leave The Simpsons Alone!

So here is the deal. In my quest (however foolish) to pursue higher education, I decided that one of my classes would be the Study of Popular Culture. Should be a no brainer right? After all, it is one of the few joys that I have these days. Well let me say that this plan backfired! I am not enjoying the class and to be is actually starting to piss me off. If it wasn't for the fact that it is getting me closer to a very important goal of mine, I would probably walk away from it. But that is not the point of this post.

So as I was working on homework this evening (the main reason that my posting have become less frequent), I found myself getting super pissed off. The main book for the class is pretty much bullshit. The author devoted some time to slamming The Simpsons and much to my surprise, most of the class agreed with him. More surprisingly, most of them admitted that they watch the damn show!!! Now I will admit that I have been less impressed with the show over the years but it seemed like an uneducated and unwarranted attack on one of my beloved treasures. I was the lone rebel who actually defended the show on the discussion board (Thanks to Chris Turner's 2004 book Planet Simpson I was able to provide creditable references instead of just Millie's opinion) but I am still kind of ticked off so I'm going to finish my rant here.

One of the things that really pissed me off was that the author of the book said that there are no good parental figures in the show. I think that this is bullshit. So here is my response to that ludicrous statement.

- Let's start with Homer. In spite of all of his short-comings and boneheaded moments, I don't see how anyone cannot love this guy. The author said that he is terrible father but disagree. Homer's problem is that he is handicapped by an unnatural immaturity but his heart is in the right place. In episode 303, Homer gives up his last ribwich in order to see Lisa's big moment. In episode 219 "Make Room for Lisa", Lisa sees things from Homer's perspective after going into a sensory deprivation tank. She realizes that Homer does a lot of things like going to the museum and the ballet even though he hates them because he wants to spend time with her. Being a parent is often about sacrificing for your children. Homer often does it late but always comes around just in time.

- Let's move onto Marge. Is there a more devoted mother on televising? She is the moral compass of the family which is no easy feat. She defends her kids as demonstrated in episode 40 when she pleads with Mrs. Van Houten to let Milhouse be friends with Bart again. She also came to Lisa's aid in episode 377 where Lisa is on trial for speaking about evolution. Not only does she risk her own freedom to read "The Theory of Evolution" but she sets up her own husband to get Lisa off the hook. But the best example of Marge the wonderful mom is in episode 131 when Homer and Marge lose their children to The Flanders. The episode starts with Marge making a fuss over all of the kids (including admitting that she crawled around the dump to get materials for Lisa's school project) and a simple misunderstanding leads to the kids ending up in foster care. Marge is miserable without her children and fights to get them back. In the end, Maggie is unsure if she wants to join Homer, Bart and Lisa (Marge is not in the picture yet.) or stay with the Flanders Flock. Just as you think that she has chosen the Flanders, Maggie spots Marge and the decision is made. She makes her way towards her mother which in itself is a testament to her love for her mother since she can't really walk. Clearly Marge is a great mother if even the baby can recognize it.

If either of my parents has spend half as much time with me as the Simpson parents spend on their kids, my life would be very different.

Let's end this on a positive note. So after a long afternoon on a color guard event, I went to the Navy Exchange to buy one thing. I left with about twenty things and none of them were the one that I went for since it was conveniently sold out. (Damn Navy exchange!) As I stood in line amidst a ton of staring people (I was still in my color guard uniform so you can imagine what kind of attention a Coastie dressed as such would get at a Navy Exchange), I was growing more and more irritated. Then it happened. I saw something that immediately brightened my mood. (Those of you in my regular texting circle already know what I am referring to since I sent it to you via picture message.)

Every ounce of anger and frustration that I had been feeling melted away as I stared at that magazine cover. He really is more attractive than any man should be.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day in the Life

Some days you just gotta have some fun.

Good times had by all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Coming Out of My Cage and I'm Doing Just Fine

Hope you're ready for another round of Monday Night Shuffle.

Step by Step by the New Kids on the Block (15) - I am going to get so much shit for this one but oh well. I doubt that anyone who reads this will actually be that shocked to know that I have a few NKOTB songs on my iPod. Say what you will, but they were actually fairly decent by boy band standards, except for the fact that none of them could pass as eye candy. Why do I like this song? Because it catchy and it easy to sing along to. Also because it is a throw back to my childhood, as I had this song for my pocket rocker. When you break down the lyrics, you will find that there aren't that different from those used today. "Hey girl, in your eyes I see a picture of me all the time." I'm not afraid to admit it, back in the day I used to pretend that they were singing to me. Of course, I was like seven so give me a break.

The Promise by When in Rome (144) - This has got to be one of the best songs from the 80s, probably one of the better songs ever. Hear me is the perfect song to sing to your beloved. Why? Because it is real. There is no sappy bullshit...just honesty. Sure it is not the type of song that you will share a slow dance to or make a memory to but the fact is that this song is better than all of that. A girl would be much wiser to pick a guy who sang this to her than some bullshit song about giving her the moon. He promises that he will screw up from time to time but he also promises that he will make it up to her if she stays. That is why this song kicks ass. "I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be. But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me, I promise, I promise you...I will." I'd fall for that.

Mr. Brightside by The Killers (165) - I remember that the first time I heard this song I immediately hit the playback button and listened to it again. This is the best song by the Killers and one of the best songs of the decade. The video was the bomb as it seemed to channel Moulin Rouge. I don't know what it is that makes this song so special, except that I feel it. I hear it and I feel the words. The beat is awesome too but the words are so real, quite beautifully written, and filled with passion. If it was a slower song, it might be impossible to listen to. "But its just the price I pay" indeed.

Endless Summer Nights by Richard Marx (77) - I miss Richard Marx. He had a decent voice, he wrote good songs, and he wasn't bad looking. Oh well. In spite of the sadness in the song, I have fond memories of it. I will always remember it for it is to me. I smile every time I hear it and I hope that I am not alone.

Better Together by Jack Johnson (232) - I absolutely love this song. It is simple and sweet and it is in my Top 25 played list. I have many foolish romantic fantasies that I think about when I hear this song. Jack Johnson is freakin' amazing!! It is hard for me to describe the feelings that this song creates in me so here are a few lines that might do it for me. " If all of these dreams might find their way into my day to day scene, I'd be under the impression I was somewhere in between, with only two, just me and you. Not so many things we got to do or places we got to be, we'll sit beneath the mango tree."

It has been a long and stressful day so let's call it a night. I still have a lot of homework to do this week and for next week.

Here is MC with a Dwarf!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

And If All My Dreams Come, I'll Be Spending Time With You

The Best Karaoke Songs According to Rolling Stone Magazine:
- Don't Stop Believin by Journey: Duh, this is a no brainer. It is one of my all-time favorite Karaoke songs ever. Hell, it is one of the best songs ever. The problem is that it is a really tough song to sing. Therefore I only karaoke it on special occasions. The last time that I karaoked this song it was in attempt to be noticed. Sadly, the plan backfired and did not have the effect that I wanted. Oh ended up working out in the end but the point is that the next time you hear someone sing this song, terrible though it might, cut the person some slack. That or try it yourself so that you are justified in passing judgement. Still, the greatness of this song cannot be denied.

- Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson: For the love of God, ladies please stop the madness. Sure we have been scorned and we can all relate to this song but that doesn't mean that this song should be a karaoke classic. First of all, not even Kelly makes it sound good, so why in the hell would you think that you could do any better. Secondly, there is not a guy in the bar that will find you attractive after singing this. They will think you to be a angry bitch and want to stay clear of your drama...and rightfully so.

- Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi: I am torn about this one. It is also one the greatest songs ever but I am not sure that it should be so recklessly exploited by karaoke. It is a tough song to sing and I personally want to throw things at the person butchering it. That being said, most who sing it love Bon Jovi and therefore it is usually a tribute to their greatness. So I cannot agree nor disagree about this selection.

- Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N' Roses: I love this pick. You don't have to sing well to sing this song and there is no major disrespect by butchering it. My only complaint is when people pick this song and then just stand there like petrified wood. If you are going to pick a song like this, rock out or belt out or something of that nature that is worthy of a song such as this.

- Like A Virgin by Madonna: I agree with this pick but only if a guy is doing the singing. It is not amusing when a girl sings it but it is funny as hell when a guy does. Everyone in the bar will be laughing and in the end that really is the point of karaoke.

And now here is the list according to Millie.

The best:

- Minority by Green Day: This song is the perfect way to get everyone into a singing mood. Any chance that a bunch of drunk people get to collectively swear is awesome. Besides, it is perfect on days when you have had enough of "The Man". Unlike many of the other Green Day songs, there is no obvious political opinions in this song so it is safe in almost every bar.

- More Than Yesterday by Spiral Starecase: If you must dedicate a song your beloved at a karaoke bar, please use this one. It is fairly easy to sing, most people know it and will bail you out if you totally suck, and it is a happy paced love song so you can dance around on the stage. The good thing about this is that it has the potential to sound even better when sung terribly. You can't go wrong with this pick and any karaoke bar worth its weight will have it in their collection.

- Authority Song by John Cougar Mellencamp: Warning, don't even try it if you don't know the song. You will not be able to keep and you will get laughed at. That being said, when sung well, you will have the entire bar singing and clapping along with you. As long as you can sing the fast parts in the different verses, the chorus is a breeze. Success is also dependent on you actually singing. If you are meek and quiet, you will look foolish.

- Nuthin but a "G" Thang by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg: First let me preface this by saying that make sure that you are in the appropriate bar before selecting this song, and even then go with the edited version. Next, you will only find success if your intention is to look foolish and have fun. Exaggerated hand gestures and poser attitude is a must. (Hence why I said to chose your bar wisely, least you start a gang war.) I have only a few goals left for my time in Seattle and one of them is to get Dino to sing this song with me in a karaoke bar. We will lay the mack down indeed.

-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham: So here is the thing...most people cannot sing well. If they could, they would be making millions of dollars performing in front of sold out crowds. Karaoke is all about having fun and no shame. So this is why this song is money in the bank at the karaoke bar. It is funny no matter who sings it, as long as you have fun with it. Just try to sing this song without cannot be done. It is always a crowd favorite and because it is not a commonly selected song, people will respond to it better than one that is picked every night.

- Anything by The Four Seasons, Neil Diamond, The Doors, Weezer, Billy Idol, or any one-hit wonder from the 80s.

The Worst:

- The Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton: I just don't get this one. No normal human likes this song and yet at least once a night some drunk chick with choose this song. It requires no talent to sing and it does nothing for the crowd.

- With Arms Wide Open by Creed: Haven't we been punished enough by having to listen to Scott Stapp sing this shit without having to hear some drunk dude do his best impression of the loser? It is the same thing every time, he stumbles up the stage and he tries his best to sing from the back his throat as he tries to keep up the words on the screen. Then he tries to spread his arms "wide open" and realizes after the first time that he can only use one hand because the other is holding the microphone. So then you have endure the shitty song with drunk guy spreading one arm out. I hate this song and wish that it were banned, not just from karaoke bars but from all media outlets as well.

- Summer Nights by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John" First let me say that no other man can sing like John and every man alive should be grateful for that blessing. Next let me say that there is only one song from Grease that is worth singing and that is Grease Lightening. I will never understand why couples continue to get in front of a bunch of people and sing this stupid song. It is always accompanied by nervous giggling by the singers, cringing by the audience, and lifetime of shit talking about the guy's friends. Just don't do it.

- Unchained Melody by any artist: Guess what folks, no one can sing this song well. No matter how much you drink, this will not change. So don't even try.

- Anything by Shania Twain, Dido, The Dixie Chicks, Alanis Morrisette, Garth Brooks, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, or Barry Manilow. is MC with Dino before they left for Mt. Rainer for the second time.