Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just Let Her Cry

As I stated once before...the only thing that those damn Dixie Chicks ever said that I agree with is that some days you gotta dance. Sadly...I am still not healed enough to dance. My other vice is music...and yet I cannot bring myself to do that either. You see...when you are as obsessed with music as I can be a blessing or a curse. One line of a song can send me down memory lane and for a brief moment I am transported back to whatever blessful moment is engraved in my mind with that song. Other times, a song will bring back whatever pain is associated with it and I am in hell all over again. Sometimes it is both.

So tonight I turned to the TV to keep me company and boy did it backfire. After tearing up at the end of an episode of Scrubs, I decided that clearly I needed to stop fighting the urge to cry. This got me thinking about how there are a few movies that are sure to make me cry. Factor in the aftermath of the surgery, the lack of sleep, the factor that I am still waiting for someone to tell me what is worse that getting gum on your shoe...and you have the makings for an all bawl session. Here is my list of ultimate tear-jerker movies for your sobbing enjoyment.
Beaches - Damn it all but I cry every time I see this movie...and I have seen it at least 100 times. I can speak every line, sing every song, and I still love watching it. My eyes start to swell when C.C tells Hillary that her memory is long and Hillary responds with "I'm counting on it." From there it all goes downhill. The Wind Beneath My Wings starts to play and next thing you know Hillary is dead and I have mascara running down my cheeks. Silly isn't it? Every time it is the same thing. She dies every time and I cry every damn time.

Moulin Rouge - See for further details. Though as sad as it is, I had a pleasant converation this week and this movie was brought up and it really made me want to watch it.

La Bamba - So earlier this week I thought that I was going to have to ride in a little 10 seater plane on an upcoming trip, which I avoid solely because of this movie. In effort to mask my terror at the thought of this...I teased Dino that he better pull a Bob if my planed crashed by dropping to his knees and screaming "MILLIE!" as opposed to the infamous "RITCHIE!" as in the end of this movie. We laughed as he practiced it but it shouldn't matter now because my subtle hints worked and we have ninxed the plane ride. My would have to have a heart of stone not to tear up when Bob screams "RITCHIE!"

50 First Dates - I know how weird this sounds but I cry at the end of this movie every time. Sure it is supposed to be a happy ending because they are together in the end but I think it is incredibly sad. Seriously...can you imagine not remembering that you were a parent? Every morning you would be forced to realize that your child is a stranger and you can't recall a single significant moment in her life? That aside, the whole loss of memory thing doesn't sound like a bad idea at the moment.

Untamed Heart - This movie is damn sad to begin to with. Sure you know that Christian Slater is going to die pretty early on in the movie but...but there is an emotional tie to the movie as well so that makes it worse. In the final scene of the movie, Marissa Tomei is going through Christian's stuff and she puts on one of the records that reminds her of him. I know that feeling of clinging to what is gone. I know the loneliness that comes in the days that follow. It sucks and Tomei portrayed that well.

So now that I am bumming hard...let's end on a funny note. I don't know how it all started but for some reason, I have been engaged in a game known as "Hide the MC". Well...there are only so many places that you can actually hide the MC and I think that we three players of the game have found them all.

My best victory in "Hide the MC"...the creation of the MC Remote Control.

Never leave home without one.

So inspired by the AT&T commercial..."Hide the MC" has evolved into "My MC and Me". It all starts here folks. Check out future posts for this reoccuring game as you can never be sure of where he will turn up next.

1st Pic - Mack Dino and I taking officially launching "My MC & Me".


THE TODD said...
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THE TODD said...

I must confess you are so silly Millie Vanillie. There is only one thing worse than having gum on your shoe. So instead of dwelling on it, throw out the shoes, and hum a different tune forever.

Millie said...


I had thought that you had forgotten. You know I tried to tell three different people that joke on my last work roadtrip and no one got it.

The Kiskadian said...

all of these movies suck. if you want to feel better, watch 300 or some other movie that is actually good instead of this shit.

THE TODD said...

I love the new profile pic. Where was it taken?

Millie said...

Torchlight Parade. It was awesome. I was a fool for the Star Wars float. They almost had me convinced to join their group.