Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't Let It Go Away

So I have no real desire to put a lot of thought into tonight's post, as I am physically exhausted and mentally wired. Thus...the return of the iPod Shuffle Post. Do not take this as sign of my laziness...but as an opportunity to reflect on a few songs that you probably haven't thought of in awhile or possiblly even ever. So here is the iPod shuffle game. The idea is to hit shuffle and write something about whatever song comes up. Just a few thoughts or memories, etc. So in following with Chance's formula...let's do 5 songs and call it a night.

We Are The Jockeys from The Simpsons (14) - This is the WORST Simpsons song EVER from the WORST Simpsons episode EVER! Don't believe me...just ask Comic Book Guy who made more than a few references to this very fact in the episode.

Runaway by Bon Jovi (158)- This is the song that started it all and for that I am grateful. I have memories of young pigtailed Millie running around with her pink and purple Pocket Rocker, singing this song over and over again. I drove my dad crazy with this song, though in reality he probably never should have bought it for me in the first place since I couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 at the time. I miss my Pocket Rocker. I tried for months to find one on Ebay but no luck so I quit when I realized that it wouldn't be the same without Bon Jovi to play on it Anyway...The good thing about Runaway being the first hit for Bon Jovi is that they always play it concert which is awesome. I always get chills as soon as David starts banging the opening notes on his keyboard. You know...David looks like the dude who played Merry in Lord of the Rings.

Mamma Mia! from Mamma Mia! (106) - How in the world did I leave this song off of my tribute to musicals? This is one of the most fun songs in the world to sing...especially while cleaning or stuck in traffic. Even better...they are making it into a movie this summer.

A Little Respect by Erasure (196) - This song is one of those songs that you cannot get out of your head. I always think of Scrubs whenever I hear it because the entire cast sang a line of it in one episode.

New by No Doubt (45) - How odd that I have heard this song twice today? I really liked this song when it first came out on the GO! Soundtrack. I thought I understood the song...but I really didn't. I heard what she was singing about, but never really had felt it. Since this is the last song of the post, I'll add a few of my favorite lines in for your pleasure. The opening line is awesome because it states from the beginning what the song is all about but the best line of the song has to be: "My normal hesitation is gone and I really gravitate to your will." Wow. Check out lyrics on this one. It is one of the best No Doubt songs.

Tomorrow is another day and another will be better I promise. Assuming I get some sleep tonight.

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