Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of the Decade

What a decade it has been for music. As with every decade we had some good songs, some terrible song, and few totally awesome songs. Thanks to things like Youtube, iTunes, and Rhapsody all of said mentioned songs were accessible to people everywhere and anywhere you could find a computer anytime you wanted. Gotta love it.

I took a few things into consideration when making my list such as overall popularity, music and lyric quality, and impact on pop culture. I tried to keep it from being a list of Millie's favorite songs but there are few that made this list soley for that reason.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane my friends!!!

20) Rehab – Amy Winehouse 2006 – Let me start by saying that I don’t really care for this song. It’s not bad but I just don’t see what the fuss is about. That being said, it is on my list because I cannot deny that was a staple of the decade. Everyone was singing it though I am not sure why. Do you remember that clip of Rosie O’Donnell singing it to her webcab? What the fuck was that about? But I digress…but I don’t really care so I’ll move on. Best Line – “No No No”

19) Can’t Get you out of my head – Kylie Minogue 2001 – La La La La…La La La La La La… can’t get you out of my head is right. Holy Shit was this song annoying. Everywhere you turned you heard it. It was on every radio station, played in every gym on the planet, and let’s not forget the extended remixes that graced every club on the planet. Personally this song drives me crazy but there is no denying that it earned a spot as one of the best songs of decade. Best Line – “La La La La…La La La La La…La La La La La”

18) Daylight – Matt and Kim 2009 – Thank you Barcardi for exposing this song to millions of music lovers like myself who might never have heard this song otherwise. You know the one that I am talking about…where they are going through time and everyone is dancing and drinking Barcardi. It was actually the perfect song because this song makes me want to hang out with my friends while having a few drinks. The lyrics are what takes this song from average to awesome. This song is all about just letting go for awhile. Forget the clocks, forget the job, forget the bullshit. Just kick off your shoes, run around and have some fun. No stress…just fun. I love this song. You can’t be in a bad mood when you hear this song. Best Line – “I hope someday I’ll see without these frames.”

17) Piece of Me – Britney Spears 2007 – Hooray for this song making it cool to like Britney again!!! It is catchy, clever and a ton of fun to sing. And it really is as simple as that. Best Line – “I’m Misses Oh My God That Britney’s Shameless.”

16) If I Were A Boy – Beyonce 2008 – Scorned women of the world united thanks to this song. This song was our generation’s answer to “I Will Survive”. Leave it to a woman like Beyonce could sing a song like this and make it work. Everything clicked on this song. There is no doubt that Beyonce belongs on every Best of the Decade list. Now I know that most other lists chose Single Ladies or Crazy in Love however I could not. Those songs are awesome but for me this song was her jewel of decade. The emotion that you can hear when listening to this song is what sets above all of her others. This song has soul, it has heart and to convey that in song takes real talent. Best Line – “If you thought I would wait for you, you thought wrong.”

15) Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani 2005 – This shit is Bananas indeed. Only someone as confident and talented as Gwen Stefani could have pulled off this song. Not only did she pull it off but she rocked the shit out of this song making her a bona fide solo star. I really don’t think that I need to say much more than that about this song. If you missed the awesomeness of this song you must have spent the mid-00s in a cave. Best Line – “B-A-N-A-N-A-S.”

14) Sundrenched World – Joshua Radin 2006 – Remember folks, my blog…my rules. So I can pretty much guarantee that this song is not on any Top Songs of the Decade List but it damn well should be! This is a truly beautiful song about the rejection. You try and try to make it work, then it gets weird, then it just sucks. I don’t know…I truly cannot describe all the reasons that it is great. This is one of those songs that you have to listen to in order to understand what I am talking about. But trust me…musically and lyrically it is my pick for the most beautiful song of the decade. Best Line – “I’m talking to you but you’re not listening.”

13) New Slang – The Shins 2001 – If you don’t know this song you should have someone kick you in the shin. Ok lame joke but still true. Everything about this song freaking phenomenal. It has made almost every bloggers Top Songs of the Decade which in itself is amazing since it has never been a mainstream song. So let’s start with the music, which is hypnotically awesome. It’s simple yet catchy beat scores in the playability factor. The tambourine is subtle but fits perfectly with the acostic guitar and nicely compliments the occasional whistling of the song. Musically it rocks. Now lyrically is where it gets a little tricky. I say this because the low monotone voice of James Mercer can be difficult to understand but trust me…it is worth the effort. This is a perfect song of how it feels when the magic fades and there is nothing left but the bitterness of reality. Best Line – “Turn me back into the pet that I was when we met, I was happier with no mind-set.”

12) Sexyback – Justin Timberlake 2006 – So I guess that I really hadn’t been aware that sexy had left but I do thank Justin for bringing it back with this fetish-filled song. This song made the bad girl in every woman want to break free. I had never thought much of Justin sexually or musically until this song came out and honestly my interested in him faded with the airtime for this song did. But for the year that it lasted, we all got our sexy onto this song and that is why I love it. Best Line – “I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave.”

11) She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5 2004 - Oh Adam Levine, why won’t you sing just for me? So this song was most definitely overplay songs of the decade but I freely admit that I never got tired of hearing of it. The lyrics of this song are powerful and so beautifully sung that there really is no way to resist it. The reality of the words is what keeps the song from being a sappy love song. This song is not a happy love song. It is not a happy woman and her Prince Charming. This song is about trapped women and the fool who longs to save her. He will put himself through hell to do it. Who doesn’t understand that? Who can sit and listen to this song and not hope that “everything works out” even though it is pretty clear that it never will. But in the end, what really does work out in this fucked up world that we live in? But I digress…this song is absolutely amazing. Best Line – “Tap on my window, knock on my door, I want to make you feel beautiful.”

10) Soul Meets Body – Death Cab For Cutie 2005 – Yes I know…Death Cab for Cutie already made an appearance on my list. I standby this decision. This is song is one of those songs that you decide if you are going to like the first time that you hear it. Either you get it or you don’t. Luckily I got it because it is one my all time most played and favorite songs ever. There is no way to pick out one or even two specific reasons that this song is so amazing. Much like the other songs that I have selected for this list, every aspect of this song comes together and knocks the song out of the perfect. Lyrically is freaking phenomenal, musically it is catchy and unique, and the boys of Death Cab for Cutie are flat out awesome. You add that all together and you get the music magic that is this song. I realize how bias I am towards this song and prevented myself from making it the #1 on this list but believe me…I wanted to. Best Line – “If this silence takes you than I hope it takes me too.”

9) Family Affair – Mary J Blige 2001 – It’s actually a little intimidating to write about this song because it is so awesome. I don’t want to miss anything. This might be the best “ass shaking” song ever produced. Oddly this song finally made me understand what Gloria was singing about when she said “The rhythm is going to get you”. This song grabs hold of your for the entire four and half minutes of the song and when it ends there is almost an urge to do it all over again. Mary J is DA WOMAN and she said it best in the best line in the song. Best Line – “You gots to dance for me”.

8) American Idiot – Green Day 2004 – It was tough for me to decide between this song, Wake Me When September Ends, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams. That’s right…three songs by one band from the same album and all three deserve in the Top 20 Songs of Decade list. But let’s focus on the winner. When I heard this song for the first time I was shocked. Not because it’s political message but because it was so damn awesome. For a punk rock song this song is remarkable insightful and incredibly catchy. This songs popularity spanned multiple generations as evidenced by the fact that my mother wanted me to set this song as her ringtone on her cell phone during the same week when a teenager in Washington got fired for wearing a shirt with the album cover on it. Let’s simplify this song and its greatness…it rocked, it made you think, and showed everyone that Green Day was the real deal. This song is a modern day protest anthem and America loved it. Best Line – “Everything isn’t meant to be okay.”

7) Lose Yourself – Eminem – 2002 - Hmmm…who would have thought that Slim Shady would give us a movie like 8 Mile that would have given us a song like Lose Yourself? Eminem gave us a ton of songs that made us cringe, made us dance, and made us laugh but this song was some unique. This song was real deal and even if you don’t like rap you can’t deny that this song is powerful. I don’t see how anyone could not find some sort of courage while listening to this song. When you add into the fact that this is some dumb “poser” song but a song about real life it takes it from awesome good to ironically great. Lyrically there is no denying that Eminem is on top of the rap world in this song. He paints a picture with this song so that even if you had never seen 8 Mile one could picture what the “character” is going through. Best Line – “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted; one moment would you capture it or just let it slip?

6) Big Girls You Are Beautiful – MIKA 2007 – How did I ever survive without the joy of MIKA? Seriously… Almost any one of MIKA’s song could have made this list because everything he does is outstanding however I chose this particular song since it showcases all of the reasons why he is amazing and because it is the song that made me fall in love with him. I doubt that there is a music-lover alive who could resist doing the “head bob” to this sing. The beat is ridiculously catchy and is impossible to resist. The best part is that the lyrics make every woman want to smile because let’s face…this song celebrates female beauty as it is…and not as the media says it should be. Praise be to Mo for MIKA and for this dance floor anthem. Best Line – “Big Girls…you are beautiful!”

5) Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand 2004 – The funny thing about this song is that everyone has heard it, everyone knows at least part of it but most people still don’t know who did it. This song is the only song of the decade that was forever stuck in your head but never drove you crazy. There is not that isn’t made better by listening to this song. Hell, just listening to it right now is making me type faster. If there was one song from this decade that I could gift to everyone for their iPod it would be this. There is nothing offense about it, there is no guilty pleasure shame attached to it…it is simply an awesome tune that everyone loves. Nod your head with me Peeps…you know you want to. Best Line – “I want you to take me out.”

4) I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab For Cutie 2005 – If any of my old subscribers are still around (and bless you if you are) you already know my thoughts on this song. This is another song that I highly doubt made any other list from the decade but it seems like a crime to leave it off. This song is the best most romantic song of the decade, if not of all time. For that reason alone it deserves its spot on my list. Any man can say “Til death do us part” but you knows its real love when he promises to be there even after that. Musically the song is average but lyrically this song is one of my all time favorites. I don’t know what more to say. Listen to it, embrace it, and hope that you find someone to love you so much that he would follow you too. Best Line – “Love of mine, someday you will die but I’ll be close behind, I’ll follow you into the dark.”

3) Mr. Brightside – The Killers 2004 – So I’ll be honest when I hear the opening chords I always pause for a moment, catch my breath, and brace myself for the wonderful journey that is this song. I kid you not…I have to stop myself not to get lost in this song every time I hear it. This song is a flashback of the one who got away set to music. It is four minutes of reliving the bitter love story that haunts us all. If this had not been performed as a rocking pop song it would be one of those songs that breaks your heart as you sob along to it. Luckily for all of our sanity, The Killers were smart enough to make it a catchy, face paced song that moves too quickly for one to get thoroughly depressed. Lyrically they capture the misery that comes from knowing that the one you love is with someone else and yet musically it makes you want to dance around. This song is music at its finest. Best Line – “It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?”

2) I Miss You – Blink 182 2004 – So I have highlighted quite a few songs that kicked ass lyrically…this is my pick for the best song of the decade musically. From the drumline to the bassline, it is simple and yet freaking fantastic! Don’t get me wrong, it has awesome lyrics too but the songs hypnotic beat is what makes it stand above the rest. I think that it is one of the most underrated songs of the decade and that is a shame because it really does have everything. It is another song that captures me from the first note and doesn’t let ago until it’s over. Yet this is a song that is tough to listen to over and over again because it does hit so close to home. Lyrically they manage to mix iconic pop culture references with the simplicity of the title line and it makes a song that is almost haunting. Seriously…I love this fucking song. Best Line – “Don’t waste your time on me you’re already the voice inside my head.”

1) Hey Ya – Outkast 2003 – OK, I firmly believe that anyone who says that they never got caught dancing to this car, be it in your car, making copies at work, on the treadmill, etc is a LIAR! This song is why Mo gave us this ability to dance in the first place. J The thing that makes this song better than your average rump-shaking tune is the fact that it is deliciously naughty lyrically. (I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to say anything more than that.) But if there is any doubt that this song is the best song of decade let it be put to rest by the fact that this song created such a frenzy that Polaroid had to release an official statement discouraging customers from shaking their film “like a Polaroid picture” as it could damage the photo. Hands down…BEST SONG OF THE DECADE. Best Line – “Lend me some sugar…I am your neighbor.”

Here's hoping that the next decade brings us some equally good musical gems!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its Been Awhile


So that was one hell of a hiatus but yes I am back. I am non-semi back...but back for real. Daily posts, Monday Night Shuffles, Random ranting about whatever I damn well feel like. Why...because it is my blog and my rules. Always has been and always will be. But here's the deal...

I left for two reasons.

The first was that I was not cool with being "stalked" through my blog. I have since realized that I don't really care about that anymore. So "stalk away". You know who you are and you know that I don't give a fuck if you stay up all night analyzing this.

The second was because I was getting pulled in a direction that I didn't want to go. I went and it sucked but guess what....I'm back.

So there it is. I've missed my blog, missed my readers, missed my wacky little world but as I said...I'm back and I'm taking back what's mine.

Check back tomorrow for my Top 20 Songs of the Decade.

Much Luv, Millie

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommie Dearest

Happy Mother's Day Folks. Being a mom is a funny thing. No amount of preparation can prepare you for it. No amount of sleep can keep you ahead of it. And yet it is without a doubt the greatest adventure a woman could ever embark on.

So as tribute to all the Mom's of the is my list of the Top Ten Pop Culture Moms.

# 10 - Endora from Bewitched: Sure she was terrible to Darrin but it was understandable. Think about it, your daughter is an all powerful witch and she marries a mortal? It would be like marrying a minor league bat boy when Derek Jeter is trying to court you. Yet for all of the abuse that she gave Darrin...she never used her magic to do anything too terrible to the man because she loved her daughter. She just did enough to keep Darrin in line. If you were a mom with that ability wouldn't you do it too? I would.

# 9 - Jill Taylor from Home Improvement: Jill deserves to be on this count as does any mother of three boys whose father's regularly blows himself up. Jill had a remarkable sense of humor considering how much shit Tim put her through. I also like that how well she played the nurturing mom in house with four males walking around grunting to show their "manhood". However I must point out that the house was always spotless which leads me to believe that they had a maid that we never saw or that Jill was popping Brad's Ritalin.

# 8 - Dorothy Boyd from Jerry Maguire: Now here is a real mom. Within her first five minutes of screen time in the movie she discusses her grown-up woes with and the proceeds to "misplace" her five year old son. Yet in spite of these can tell that she really loves her boy. Her major momma moment comes when she tells her love Jerry that she has to leave because he can't afford for her to stay. It takes a lot to walk away from love and yet she was ready to do it to provide for her son.

# 7 - Marge Simpson from The Simpsons: Good old Marge. She might not be raising the picture perfect family but she is raising them nonetheless. For some reason today I am reminded of the time that her family had been brainwashed by The Leader. Marge fought off crazy bubbles, landmines, alligators and employed religion and flat out deception to save her family. Sure she isn't perfect but she is one hell of a mother. You gotta love Marge.

# 6 - Christine Collins from Changeling: Holy here is a devoted mother. Christine was institutionalized as a result of her motherly instinct. You have to respect a mother who would be willing to take on an entire city police department for her kid. As I pointed out to someone this week...A Mother Knows.

# 5 - Kitty Foreman from That 70s Show: Who wouldn't want a mother like Kitty? She cooks, she cleans, and defends her children to everyone...including her husband. Kitty opened her home to all of the neighborhood kids and become surrogate mother to just about every one of them at some point throughout the show. Quick to offer advice and a hug...Kitty was THE MOM of Point Pleasant.

# 4 - Mrs. Gump from Forrest Gump: Now here is another mother who was willing to go the extra mile in order to provide for her son. Seriously... I think what sticks with me the most about Mrs. Gump was not sexual degradation that she endured for him...but the love she expressed for him. She loved her son because of and in spite of everything that made him Forrest. She was always seen beaming with pride which is pretty damn cool.

# 3 - Sarah Conner from Terminator 2: And here we have another mother who endured a mental hospital as a result of motherly instinct. What makes Sarah better than Christine is that Sarah didn't just get mad...she got violent. I bet that Christine would have gotten her kid back sooner if she would have rolled up with a shotgun. Sarah was willing to anyone and anything that threatened her son and she looked amazing doing. Probably not the most endearing mother to make my list but definitely the one you want if shit is going down.

# 2 - M'Lynn Eatentor from Steel Magnolias: So here is the deal with M'Lynn....she was not a picture perfect mother. She fought like hell with her daughter Shelby at points during the movie and that is what makes her a great mom. She was not afraid to tell off her daughter that she was making a bad decision because she loved her. We don't see enough of that in Hollywood Moms...the telling off of the kids out of love. I have seen the movie at least 100 times and it still makes me cry. I always think of the scene after Shelby's funeral and how much M'Lynn flips out. The anger and the sticks with me. Now that is a mom! we have established that all of the above mom's are pretty damn awesome. All of them are willing to go the extra mile for their kids. But there is one mom who takes that one step further and that is why she is the #1 Mom in Pop Culture...

# 1 -Diane Freeling from Poltergeist: It is one thing to go the looney bin for your is another thing all together to go to the beyond the boundaries of this world and that is what Diane did. Her is a mom who flat out refused to let her kids go and went into an unknown realm to get her kids back. Now that is love.

Honorable Mention - Annie Collins-Nielsen in What Dreams May Come: Annie missed the list because the movie suuuuuuccckkkked! That being said...I get Annie. I understand her breakdown at the loss of her kids. Too bad was so terrible that the her portrayal of the grieving mother is completely lost.

So all you readers...Happy Mothers Day. If you haven't called your mom yet...shame on you! Turn off your computer and pick up the phone.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Change Will Come

I'm just too pissed off to blog. Look for me on Facebook if you want to bitch with me.

I will say this...something's got to give.

So to make up for my absence...check out a few pictures from the concert and the Yankee game. Both of which were fucking awesome!

Millie and Mack Dino...friendship is as strong as ever!

Fall Out Boy!

Random kids that asked to take their picture with me. Lets call it what it is...its Millie's Cougar moment... :)

The Dad of one of the kids pictured above. Don't know his name either...

Tex's foul ball that I fought to get!

Does anyone else wonder why I have so many pictures with strangers?

Dino and Millie on the Subway after the Yankee game....probably the most expensive Subway ride ever...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm A Stray Dog Sick...Please Let Me In

I thought it would never come but it is finally not a Yankee win...I'm talking about the Fall Out Boy Concert! T-minus 24 hours and I cannot wait!

It is going to be awesome...I can feel it.

So in honor of the big is the list of my Top Ten Fall Out Boy songs...and the hope that I get to see them performed live tomorrow night.

In no particular order...

Dance Dance - Here is the song that started it all. I, like most people found this song to be quite annoying when it first came out but only because it was always on the damn radio. Now that I am a loyal FOB fan I can fully appreciate that this song is freaking awesome! Patrick doesn't really showcase his completely amazing vocal abilities in this one but that's okay. It is a great tune. Best Line: "I'm two quarters and a heart down and I don't want to forget how your voice sounds."

A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me - For some reason this is one of my favorite songs by the band to sing. I love the lyrics but I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE the title. It is a fine example of the fact that Fall Out Boy has the best titled songs around. It is a fun song about the guy who screwed up and know that he is never going to live it down. I think that I could forgive anyone who was singing this song. Best Line: "I don't blame you for being you but you can't blame me for hating it!"

I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way That I'm Always Trying To Get You Off - How awesome is this title? To answer my own question...pretty damn awesome! I will always love this song. It is great to listen to, great to sing, and it always provokes thoughts that are pleasant to think about it. Funny how the mind can link people to songs even though there is no good reason for it. It also reminds me that if you can't have grateful for whatever you can get. Best Line: "The best way to make it through with hearts and wrists intact is to realize that two out of three ain't bad."

America's Suitehearts - Let me just say that this video freaks me out. That being said...I love the song. It is just an awesome song to sing. I sing the shit out of daily in the car. So you can bet that I'm looking forward to singing the shit out of it tomorrow night with Mack Dino. Best Line: "I must confess...I'm in love with my own sins."

I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy And I All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me - Let this song be a lesson to you...don't break the heart of someone who can embarrass you on the radio. It also is a good reminder that someone with a brokenhearted doesn't act rationally and shouldn't be expected to. Mostly I love this song because it is funny. Damn funny. I doubt they will play it but here's hoping! Best Line: "I'm the first kid to write of hearts, lies, and friends and I am sorry my conscience called in sick again."

20 Dollar Nose Bleed - I love this song because the opening line makes me feel better about myself. It makes me happy to know that other people ask themselves these questions. I am not too optimistic that they are going to play it tomorrow but that's okay. Once again the opening line is the best line so that is awesome! Best Line: "Have you ever wanted to disappear and join a monastery...go out and preach on Manic Street?"

I Don't Care - As stated in a prior posting...this song is fucking awesome because of Patrick. He sings it so well that it still gets to me. It literally gives me the chills when he sings it. I seriously cannot wait to see what kind of effect it has on me in person. I am getting the chills just thinking about it. Oh and the first line is my favorite line which you all know gives it bonus points. Best Line: "Say my name and his in the same breath...I dare you to say they taste the same."

This Ain't A Scene, Its An Arms Race - This is pretty much a given to be played tomorrow because it is probably their biggest hit. It is another impressive display of Patrick's vocal abilities. So for that reason it is the bomb! Best Line: "All the boys who the dance floor didn't love and all the girls whose hips couldn't move fast enough...sing until your lungs give out."

Coffee's For Closers - This song is tough to write about because it is so damn awesome. I could spend an entire post on the greatness of this song. Musically it is awesome, lyrically it is almost too awesome, and vocally it is in a league of its own. I cannot say how much I love it. It is really hard to even pick the best line of the song because there are so many great ones. But for tonight I will pick one knowing that it will probably change the next time that I blog about this fantastic song. It also happens to be the opening line...yet again. Best Line: "I can't explain a thing, I want everything to change and stay the same."

Thanks For The Memories - I will go so far as to say that this is my all-time favorite song by the band. In the right mood I will find myself listening to it and singing it over and over again. It is a great little "screw you...I'm going home" song. Patrick really does sing the shit out of the song and that is just one of the many reasons that I love it. I will be super pissed off if they don't perform it tomorrow. Best Line: "Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great."

I just can't wait!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

To answer my own question...No.

I realized today that I am not the football fan that I once was. As pissed off as I am at my Yankees today...I am wholeheartedly a baseball gal. That being said...I did have fun at the NFL Draft today. Here are a few of the lessons that I learned today.

- PA's are a weird bunch. Now this is more of a Coastie lesson than football but I feel obligated to mention it.

- The NFL treats the military pretty damn well. Probably the best of all of the professional sports organizations. In addition to giving us free tickets to the Draft, they also gave us awesome seats and cool gift bags. So kudos to them.

- Philly fans are complete assholes...and often insane. Anyone who doubts this did not see "Blanket Guy" today...the toothless guy who wrapped himself in an Eagles blanket after he took off his Eagles jersey because it was autographed by a cheerleader. He was completely insane. Then there was the "Philly Frat Boys" who screamed and cursed at a group of kids who couldn't have been older than 12....hence the asshole example. Bottom line...I am starting to think that Philly fans are worse than Red Sux fans...and that is saying something.

- It is harder to film a commercial than I thought. Granted it will probably never air or be seen by anyone other than Internet junkies...but that is not the point. I will never give anyone a hard time for using cue cards because I now know how useful they are.

- It is not good for the confidence level to stand next to an NFL Cheerleader...much less 3 of them.

- The ESPN commentary crew is much friendlier than the NFL Channel crew.

- The NFL draft has its exciting moments...but they are kind of few and far between. You have to be a hardcore fan to stick it out. I am not.

Nevertheless...I am glad that I went and had a good time while I was there.
Now if you will excuse is time for me to curse the Red Sux. I hate them so very, very, very much. Damn it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If You SoBelieve...

Today is all about revenge folks!

If we were talking about any two other might say that it is unnatural for me to feel as much hatred today as I do. But then when you remember that I am Yankee fan who stayed up until almost midnight to watch my team lose to Red all makes sense.

But I still believe. The series is far from over.

If any of you football fans are watching the draft tomorrow....check the audience for me! Sure it is day two of the draft but I am still super excited to be there.

Fuck the Red Sux!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something For Everyone

So we all know that the Yankees is cavalcade of baseball greatness...but most of us also know they are a showcase of the most attractive men on the planet. There is something for everyone...regardless of what you are looking for. Don't believe on my friend.

Let's start with A-Rod. There is no getting around it. Alex is damn sexy. He has the body of God and no matter how much I hate the asshole...he is nice to look at. He satisfies the female desire for a bad boy. Sure being with him will probably leave you brokenhearted, humiliated and bitter for life but the ride up until that point would probably be worth it. My hatred for the man prevents me from ever wanting to explore that theory but I understand why a girl would.

Let's move to Andy Pettitte. Andy is decent looking...but nothing to write home about. And yet he has quite the sex appeal nonetheless. Why? He has the whole Tall, Dark & Mysterious thing going for him. He has those dark intense eyes that lure you in and when you add that to the get the foreign feeling that I simply can't resist. I love it.

Next we have Mark Texiera. Mark is clearly a good ole' boy that you would love to take home to momma...until you realize that he is such a good ole' boy that momma will want him for her own. He isn't super hot but he isn't bad on the eyes. He is simply a nice guy and sometimes you just want a nice guy. He runs the risk of being too nice and falling into the "friend zone" until he turns around and shows off his best feature. What can I say? The man looks great as he is walking away.

Now we have Joba. Joba brings out the Cougar in all of us. He isn't drop dead sexy but that's okay. He has a mischievous smile and a light in his eyes. All I'm saying is that I strongly believe that there is a lot of fun that could be had with Joba. For that reason alone he is on the list.

Johnny...oh Johnny! Johnny is good looking but there's more to it than that. Johnny has so much charm and charisma that I can't help but being drawn to him. He doesn't take himself to seriously and clearly embraces challenges and new things. I think that things with Johnny would be quite exciting. Then there is the whole redemption thing. The man has lived in hell and come back and is better for it. Every girl loves a redeemed man and Johnny is pillar of redemption. Love me some Johnny Damon.

Next we have the Swish. It is hard for me to believe that I never noticed Nick Swisher before but the man has my attention now! My oh my...what's not to love? In addition to his talent on the field he is a great guy off the field. He supports a ton of charities, loves the military, and loves his fans. Overall he loves his life. He always seems happy and positive and I really could use some of that. He strikes me as the type of man that would be impossible to be down around. He seems to bring up everyone around him. Who wouldn't love that? Seriously...I am crushing on the Swish.

But if you want the whole need look no further than Mr. Clutch...the face of the Yankees...#2 on the field but #1 in our hearts....Derek Jeter! Derek is the real deal...the whole package...the alpha of all men. If you read the know this which means that there is no reason for me to elaborate. If you don't read the blog (WTF are you doing here than?) just look at the picture and tell me that you would give all for Derek Jeter?

There you have it.

One might ask why I would write this considering that most of my readers are men and are wanting to throw up by now....assuming you are still reading in the first place. Simply because I still cannot cheer myself up and desperate measures. If I can't feel happy than I might as well be looking at good looking men.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

If you can't laugh on your own...find something else that will make you laugh. The inner geek in me is going to shine bright here as I reflect on a few of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies. It is a movie that always makes me laugh, it always makes me cry, and truthfully I can never watch it enough.

So here is my absolute favorite scene from the movie. I share this with you because I have decided that if life can't make me laugh...I will do it on my own.

Take that karma.

Monday, April 20, 2009

And Baby I've Tried To Forget You

It’s Monday and it totally sucked. It was not improved by the fact that the Yankees got rained out. Oh well. So let’s shuffle…as there is not much else to do.

Angel by Jon Secada - Probably not the best song to listen to in my current mood but the iPod Shuffle has a mind of its own. I love this song but it sure is depressing. It is one of those songs that in right mood you find yourself singing along, crying your broken heart, and then laughing at yourself for later (or so I am counting on). So see…every cloud has a silver lining. This is song that really nails the feelings that with come with trying to forget someone and being unable to. You know that you want to…but you just can’t and it sucks. And to make it even better…the best line of the song is the opening line. Best Line: “I can’t read the future but I still want to hold you close.”

You Never Even Called Me By Name by David Allan Coe – Oh does this song bring back some good memories. Don’t get me wrong…it is an absolutely terrible song…probably one of the worst songs ever to be honest but that is what makes it so damn entertaining. If I had a dollar for every time that I have heard this song butchered at a karaoke bar I could up and walk away from the CG and still be fine. Hell I have done it at least a dozen times myself. My favorite memory of this song at the karaoke bar involves my dearest friend who had consumed at least four too many double shots of Patron. The whole bar sang along during the chorus and the whole bar laughed their asses off as Todd fell off the stage. Good times. Maybe that is all I need…a night at the karaoke bar with a few good friends. I don’t know. I do know that the song has a good point. Best Line: “And I’ll hang around as long as you will let me.”

All You Wanted by Michelle Branch – For song with such simple lyrics I have to say that I really do love it. Maybe that is the key to it because some things are pretty simple. Some answers are right there, staring you in the face and yet we miss them because we think “It can’t be that easy.” Of course hearing this song reminds me that some people do not want to be saved and one must learn to accept that it is their own damn choice. Oh well. Best Line: “I wanted to be like you, I wanted everything so I tried to be like you and I got swept away.”

Right Now by Akon – Have I mentioned that I really dig Akon? His voice is slightly annoying but I still like him. I like his lyrics and his songs usually have a pretty good beat. Quite honestly I can’t really ask for much more than that. The good thing for Akon is that the way that I feel right now is that my expectations are incredibly low so he doesn’t have to do anything more than he is already doing to win me over. Again…yet another silver lining. And to think that several people accused me of being too negative today. I can’t imagine what on earth they are talking about. “Why can’t it be the way it was when you were my homie, lover and friend?”

Coffee’s For Closers by Fall Out Boy – Ok so I mentioned this song the other night. Big deal. I LOVE this song. Hell I love Fall Out Boy. Their concert is the only thing that I am looking forward to at the moment. Oh well. At least it is something that is sure to be awesome than something that has a chance of letting me down. As long as the band shows up and plays for more than 30 minutes I will be happy. In spite of some of the negative lines in the song I still feel a little better when I hear it. Perhaps it is because misery truly loves company. Nevertheless…it is a great song..While I am still hearing the line “I will never believe in anything again” in my head over and over again that is not my pick for the best line of the song. Once again tonight the best line of the song is the opening line which momentarily cheers me up. Best Line: “I can’t explain a thing…I want everything to change and stay the same.” I hear ya FOB…so help me I hear ya.

For the love of Bob Cat Bob this sucks.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hip Hip Jorge!

Hip Hip Jorge...Hip Hip Jorge!

It wasn't pretty but what worth obtaining ever is? The point is that the Yankees won. That of course means that Carl Pavano lost. Guess what...I still HATE Pavano. I wanted to throw something at the TV every time I saw that asshole smile of his...and he smiled a lot while he was on the mound. Bet the asshole isn't smiling now.

Or maybe he is...after all, he still has the whole 9 wins...$40 million scam he pulled on the Yankees so I bet he wakes up with a smile every damn day. Asshole.

The Yankee win helped...especially seeing big hits and good plays by new passions of mine Nick Swisher and Mark Texiera. But even better for me was to see long time loves Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada making things happen on the field as they have always done. Regardless of everything else...I will always have my Yankees.
Let's give some kudos to Cody Ransom. I didn't boo him once today.

Thank goodness I only have a few hours to go until Episode 3 of Season 3 of The Tudors.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours & Now I'm Drowning...



You know shit is bad when the one thing that you think that you can count on lets you down...leaving you with nothing more than an emotionally exhausted, pissed off version of yourself.
And to top it off...I made it home just in time to see the slaughter of my beloved Yankees...leaving me asking myself and anyone who will listen...what the fuck?

So let's talk about the Yankee game...which wasn't really game...more like a damn train wreck that I couldn't look away from.

Wang...fucking Wang. The man is 0-3 and wonders why he is getting booed. I wish that I was at the game today so that I could have booed along with the rest of the Yankee faithful. His sinker doesn't sink, his curve ball curse the wrong god damn way and his fastball isn't fast. How in the hell can a position player like Nick Swisher manage to strike a man out and Wang can't find the fucking plate in three consecutive starts? The man has an ERA of 34.50. WTF?

And what the fuck was Girardi waiting for today? He owns part of this loss again because he waits too damn long to go to the bullpen. I'm all for having faith in your team but come on! I also think that it was pretty fucked up to put poor Claggett into the game when and for as long as he did. Think about it...the kids first game in the big leagues and he has pretty much manhandled as he did his best to clean up after Wang. That was pretty shitty.

And to the end of the 1st inning I was actually close to happy. Tex had hit a big home run and I was thinking..." is my sunshine today." I was actually sitting on the couch thinking that the Yankee game would be the one thing to cheer me up after such a terrible day and look what happened. By the end of the second inning all I could hear was a line from Coffee's For Closer...."I will never believe in anything again." Wouldn't that just solve all of my problems?

And yet I'm not giving up hope. In spite of a disappointing day...I will still be there tomorrow...clinging to the hope that it will all get better in time.

Luckily for us Yankee fans AJ has the ball tomorrow...

Anyone have an

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Love

Happy Easter folks. Right or wrong...Easter always makes me think of bunnies. So here is my list of my favorite bunnies/rabbits in the world of pop culture and the lessons that they have taught us.

10 Eddie Rabbit - "Oh I love a rainy night."
I am fan of Eddie Rabbit for reason and that is because I too love a rainy night. ;)
Lesson - A little rain is a good thing.

#9 The White Rabbit - "I'm late...late for a very important date."
Personally I am disturbed by every aspect of the whole Alice in Wonderland thing and that includes the White Rabbit. He was damn cute though probably completely insane. Curse him for inspiring Flavor Flav to carry that damn giant clock. Though I suppose he teaches is us as that even a broken clock is right twice a day...unless of course you a prisoner to military time. But I prefer...
Lesson - Stay away from a fool who carries a broken clock.

#8 Harvey - "Have you met my friend Harvey?"
I am not a fan of Harvey and largely because every drunk idiot I know makes reference to him. You go to a movie theater or bar and ask if that seat is taken and you have good odds that a reference to the world's most popular imaginary friend will be made. Stupid Harvey. He makes the list for popularity reasons and not because I actually care.
Lesson - Hallucinations are never a good thing.

#7 Energizer Bunny - "It just keeps going and going and going..."
I hate this damn bunny too He was cute when he first came out and now has been exploited to the point where I want to throw something at the TV when I see him. And yet he is one of the most recognizable marketing gimmicks so the long eared fool deserves his spot on my list.
Lesson - Even the cutest rabbit can be fucking annoying.
#6 Peter Rabbit - "Run Peter....Run!"
Poor Peter Rabbit...all he wanted was some veggies and it almost cost him his life. Next time Peter should hop over to the Wawa and grab some Cheetos and a Red Bull.
Lesson - Veggies can be hazardous to your health.

#5 The Fatal Attraction Bunny - "Tonight's special...Rabbit Stew!"
Is there any image of a movie bunny that sticks in your head more than this one? I think not. I think that it is one of the greatest "Holy Shit" moments in movie history. You know...the type of scene that makes you say "Holy Shit did I really just see that?"
Lesson - Not even bunnies are safe from the wrath of the woman scorned.

#4 The Killer Rabbit from Monty Python - "Look at the bones!"
Has any other rabbit ever been so simultaneously funny and creepy? This is one of those weird things that I find myself loving even though there is no good reason for me to. Oh well.
Lesson - Never underestimate something cute and cuddly.

#3 Jessica Rabbit "I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way."
OK so she isn't technically a rabbit...she just married into the family. That's okay. She is too much a bad ass rabbit to be left of the list because of such a minor detail. Overall I am happy with my geeky ways...and yet there is a small part of me that wishes I was a little more like Jessica. She was sexy, smart, cunning and enough to turn the heads of men, cartoons, and rabbits alike. Now that is some range of admirers.
Lesson - Be careful of whom you choose to play patty cake with.

#2 Bugs Bunny - "Ain't I stinker?"
Sure he is cute but he really is a bastard. Think of all of the dirty tricks he pulled on his many nemeses. Think of vanity that he showed. Think of all of the times that he laughed at their failures. No wonder he had so many people trying to eat him. And yet we learned a very valuable lesson from Bugs which makes him worthy of the #2 spot.
Lesson - If you can't be smart and a smart ass who is well-sought after.

And the #1 Bunny/Rabbit in the world of pop culture....

#1 The Playboy Bunny "Who Loves You?"
(I have no support for the statement that I am about to make other than my own gut feeling but being that this is my blog...that is enough for me.) The Playboy Bunny is probably the most widely recognized bunny around today. That little guy is everywhere....included tattooed on me! What I find the most amazing about the Playboy Bunny is the fact that he just seems to pop up places. One a necklace here...a windshield there.... My point is that it goes beyond the cover of the magazine. It is an worldwide icon. For men it means naked ladies and for women it is a symbol of sexual liberation and celebration.
Lesson - If you are going to get a tattoo of a might as well be the Playboy Bunny.

Thanks for EW online and HS1 for inspiring me to write this particular post.