Monday, September 29, 2008

I'd Give It All, I'd Give It Up, Give Anything But I Won't Give Up

So tonight I am really struggling to watch what might be the most boring football game EVER...and I am more than pleased to be able to start tonight's shuffle. So let's get started.

In The Still Of The Night by Boyz II Men (34): Remember when Boy II Men were awesome? This was right during the beginning of their rise to fame. I don't care if this is a cover...I love this version. It lost the romantic feel that the original had but it is still enjoyable. They sing it so effortlessly that I cannot help but hum along every time I hear it. Best Line: "So before the light hold me again with all of your might in the still of the night."

Mope by The Bloodhound Gang (31): I am probably going to go to hell for this but I cannot help but really enjoy The Bloodhound Gang. They are kind of like South Park. You know that you shouldn't be laughing at it but cannot help it. This is another song where they pretty much make fun of everyone and that is cool. At least they don't discriminate. The opening shout out to Falco is awesomely unexpected. This particular song always brings a smile to my face because I remember being stuck in traffic with my mother and the unedited version of this song coming on. At the part where Pacman makes his cameo appearance by saying "What it is Mother Fuckers?", I remember my mom looking at me out of the corner of her eye and then when asked what's up, Pacman responds "Me you bitches!" and at that point my mom quietly said "The real Pacman never talked like that." For those of you who haven't met my mom, you probably don't get the humor. Those you who have know how hard it is to offend her so you cannot imagine my laughter at the time. Not only that but the real pacman? It is just funny. Best Line: "So I like to dance naked in front of my pets but my cat was inattentive so I sent him U.P.S."

Far Away by Nickelback (272): The thing with Nickelback is that I either love or hate their songs. There is no middle ground. This is one of the few songs that I actually love. It is quite romantic in a power ballad sort of way. The song is begging for forgiveness but the thing is that the guy didn't actually do anything stupid. He simply allowed himself to get too busy and let that take him away the girl. Until you have been the person that someone no longer has time for, you cannot understand how painful it can be. There is the pain of not seeing and talking to that person which in itself totally sucks but then there is deeper pain that comes from the self-doubt that accompanies the loneliness. You cannot know how lonely the night can be when you are wondering why you are no longer worth the time or energy that you once were. Yet here comes Nickelback with this song and all is well. I don't think that I could resist this song no matter how hurt and pissed I was at a situation. The sudden realization that he loves her and that he wants to her to stay is awesome. The desperate plea to hear that he needs to hear her say that she still cares can give me the chills in the right mood. Of course it is probably all bullshit written for to exploit suckers like me into spending money on the whole Nickelback album for one damn song. Best Line: "On my knees, I'll ask last chance for one last dance 'cause with you, I'd withstand all of hell to hold your hand."

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion (34): First let me once again say that as lame as it is to admit it, I love Celine. She can sing a love song better than any other woman on the planet. Now I have always considered this to be a great love song but not a passionate love song. When I hear this song I think of few select dear friends in my life, past and present, who have been all of the things in the song to me. I think of Dino "For all the truths that you made me see" as no friend has been better at being honest and no sugar coating things for me which is one the things that I love most about him. I think Robin "For all of the joy you brought to my life" as we both know that we knew great joy when we were together and even now in our friendship. I think of my Todd who will forever be my Sam "For all the times you stood by me" as you have done without thinking any time I have needed you over the past 15 years. And I think of Bobby because I know that "I was blessed because I was loved by you." My select group of men who have always found ways to make things right, to be my inspiration, who have been my voice, my eyes, and my light. Best Line: "I'm everything that I am because you loved me" is dedicated to them because it is true and "my world is better place because of you"...all of you.

Shake It by Metro Station (197): So it wasn't too long ago that I blogged about how this song came out of nowhere to become one of my favorites. My love for this song has not dwindled in the slightest. I still think that it is an intensely sexy song and that is what I love about it. I have been laughed at several times for totally rocking out to this while driving in my car. It is also the main ringer on my phone. I can't remember what I used the last night I wrote but this song but tonight's pick is...Best Line: "Your body's shaking, turn me on, so I can turn off the lights."

One of Those Days by Joshua Radin (44): This is off of his new album which I still really enjoy but don't quite love yet. One of the few exceptions is this song. In the past I loved Joshua for singing some overwhelming sexy love songs. This song kind of breaks out of the mold as it is not about love. It is about the yearning that comes after you realize that the love just isn't meant to be. I can relate to all of the things that he is singing about therefore find comfort when he croons that "its just one of those days". That line gives me hope that the pain won't last...but that some days will be better than others. The first line really did hook me with "Wait right here is all she said to me and so right here I stay." I think it speaks to me because I understand waiting because you want to do what the other person asks and suddenly you are a point where you're like "Huh...I'm still here." Do you continue to wait or do you accept that if you don't move might never be able to truly leave? Neither Joshua nor his music really answers this question but that is okay. Best Line: "I await the rain, to wash away your face so I don’t have to hide, the sight of you is painful."

Lay Your Hands On Me by Bon Jovi (214): This is song is one of many that really highlights why Bon Jovi is greatest fucking band to ever grace the planet. It has the achingly sexy build up to the real deal...the soft whispering from Jon and the sweet first line. Before the band even starts rocking out I am usually all hot and bothered...and it is worse in concert! I have no doubt that Jon would leave up to his guarantee whenever I listen to this song. It is one of the best songs to see him perform live because he rocks the shit out of it and the crowd goes absolutely crazy. It is all about overpowering desire and that is sexy no matter who you are or how you look at it. Seriously, really lesson to this song and there should be no wonder why millions of women (and probably men) around the world are in love with Jon Bon Jovi. Best Line: "You're mine and I'm yours for the taking, right now the rules we made are meant for breaking."

Karma by Alicia Keys (34): So honestly this song kind of freaks me out. Alicia just seems a little off the deep end in this song. Perhaps it is the over emphasized words or the pounding on the piano but she seems to be a few strokes away from beating the shit out of the guy. Seriously, can't you see her bitch slapping some poor fool when she is singing the line "Don't play with me." Everything I have read says that Alicia is actually quite nice but this song sends out a pretty strong "Don't mess with me" message or you will experience karma in the form kidnapping and two days of getting your ass beat by a really pissed off chick. Best Line: "Never thought you'd be the one that would deceive me and never do what you're supposed to do".

Alright...I am giving up on writing and on the damn football I will retreat to the world of Facebook until I can finally fall asleep...assuming that I do as I am really struggling to shake off this particular bout of insomnia.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Musse!

OK I don’t care if you are a Yankee fan or not…you can’t deny that today was a great moment for Mike Mussina…and you cannot deny that he truly is the comeback story of the year in the AL…maybe in all of Major League Baseball.

He is now the oldest pitcher in history to earn 20 wins in a season. Considering that he ended last season by being benched by Joe Torre…I would say that he has a lot to proud of. More importantly, he did with so much class that even the strongest Yankee hater would have to give him credit. I will admit it…it made me cry. The fact that it was against Boston was icing on the cake.

I also got to watch the Centerstage Interview with Jorge Posada…which I loved. He was open, honest, and just plain funny. He made me laugh and cry several times over the course of that one hour. Aside from his comments about Joba…it was a great interview.

Speaking of Joba…I am aware that he had a rough day. Cut him some slack…as it is hard to near perfect all of the time.

Now back to game two and that damn Ponson. I understand why they replaced Pettitte with Ponson but it still bugs me. He just pisses me off so much.

Keep 'Em or Cut 'Em According To Millie

How about Friday’s nights Yankee-Red Sux match up? I will admit it…I was screaming for a new pitcher by the end of the 1st inning after the Red Sux took a 3-1 lead. Sure Aceves worked his way back and ended up having a decent game but I was pretty ticked after having sat through the hour and half rain delay to see him give two HRs…especially to Youk whom has replaced Manny as my Red Sux enemy #1. I knew that my beloved Yankees would be able to turn it all around as soon as Johnny Damon hit his homerun in the 2nd. Seeing Johnny hit a homerun is always a cool thing, but to see him hit one against Boston, at Fenway Park is truly a blessed moment. That homerun was one of many that resulted in the Yankees pummeling the Red Sux 19-8, at Fenway, after another bloody rain delay. I enjoyed watching that game more than I can say.

Ok folks…so let’s move on to Millie’s State of the Yankees Address. No sugar coating…just my opinion and recommendations of who needs to stay and who needs to go before next season. For accuracy purposes, I am using the 40-depth roster to ensure that each player gets fair consideration.

Let’s start with the Catchers.
#64 Francisco Cerveilli – Who the hell is this? I say cut him loose.
#19 Chad Moeller – I haven’t seen enough of him to have a good opinion. He seems to lack some confidence behind the plate. That being said…he is a young kid so for that reason alone I say we should keep him. Give the kid a chance to develop some confidence.
#26 Jose Molina – Definitely keep. His presence behind the plate is amazing. He is great with pitchers, especially the young ones which is a true gift. He is selfless and rarely gets rattled.
#20 Jorge Posada – Obviously the Yankees are going to keep him because of his contract. This isn’t a bad thing. If he stays healthy, he still has a lot to offer both behind and at the plate. If he doesn’t, he can used to mentor the new guys. So even there wasn’t a major contract involved, I would say keep him.
#12 Ivan Rodriguez – Tough call. I love Pudge and love him being a Yankee. He is still a powerhouse behind the plate but the problem is that he didn’t really produce the way that the team needed him to offensively this season. Honestly, I don’t see the Yanks keeping him but if I was in charge I would keep him for one more season.

#14 Wilson Betemit: Gotta keep this guy! He can play anywhere in the infield and he isn’t bad behind the plate. He is young so there is star potential for this guy if the Yankees spend the time with him.
#24 Robinson Cano: Hate to say it but I think that he should go. Sure he has come around since his benching but hasn’t this happened before? He lacks consistency and the fact is that the Yankees could make some good money by trading him. Sorry Robbie but I think your time in pinstripes should come to an end.
# __Shelly Duncan: I had forgotten that he was still a Yankee. Cut him loose.
#25 Jason Giambi: Without a doubt, keep him. I know that he is practically the oldest guy on the team and that he isn’t the slugger that he used to be but you have to keep him! He is begging to stay…he has even offered to come back for less money for goodness sake! Everyone in the clubhouse talks about what a great guy he is and how he has an amazing attitude. The organization needs to forget about his age and see what he offers to the team from a leadership perspective. You cannot put a price on the passion of a man who really loves what he does. The Yankees have got to keep Jason…no question.
#2 Derek Jeter: This one really doesn’t need any discussion. Of course the Yankees will keep him around and they absolutely should.
#66 Juan Miranda: Not sure as I haven’t really seen him play. I am not impressed so far. I wouldn’t say to cut him loose, but definitely send him to minors to develop some skills.
#29 Cody Ransom: Keep him. Two HRs against the Red Sux is worth one season in pinstripes. Seriously though, Cody is showing some major league potential. He will never be an all-star but he could be a key player in the organization.
#13 Alex Rodriguez: Cut him loose. I don’t care what his numbers show, I don’t care if it costs the team money to dump…get rid of him. I felt this last year but now that I have watched almost every game this season, I can say with absolutely certainty that he is not and never will be a Yankee and should sold to the highest bidder.
The Outfield:
#53 Bobby Abreu: Tough call. Offensively it is a no brainer…he is a good hitter and we need that. Defensively the field just seems too big for Bobby. He is a classy guy and should be given one more season to sort out his defensive issues. Of course, the Yankee organization is not as patient as I am so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go.
#28 Melky Cabrera: Where did it all go wrong for Melky? He isn’t a bad player and the fans love him. Yet he has fallen from Yankee grace and his confidence has been damaged. It is probably best for both parties to send him on his way. Cut him loose.
#17 Justin Christian: Undecided as I have no opinion on him.
#18 Johnny Damon: Most definitely a keeper. In fact…I hope many years from now Johnny retires wearing pinstripes. Of all of the outfield players, he is the one that needs to stay the most. #11 Brett Gardner: This kid has the potential to be a big deal within the league. The Yankees need to hang onto him.
#22 Xavier Nady: The X-Man is the best change that the Yankees made all season. He needs to be kept on the team no matter what the cost…and I think that the Yankees see that. I am looking forward to several more seasons of watching him play for the greatest team in sports.
#55 Hideki Matsui: I don’t see the Yankees trading him but I won’t shed any tears if I am wrong.

Before we jump into this last part…let me say that it will be brief as I either love them or hate them and therefore little needs to be said when it comes to keeping or cutting someone. The list started off alphabetically but I have saved my strongest convictions to the end. So close it out with the Pitchers.

#91 Alfredo Aceves: In spite of his terrible performance against the Red Sux on Friday, I say to keep him. He is young and will outgrow his nerves.
#63 Jonathan Albaledejo: Who the hell is this guy? Trade him for someone I know.
#64 Andrew Brackman: Same as above.
#39 Chris Britton: Keep him but give him some experience so he can become stronger set-up man.
#33 Brian Bruney: Keep him but only if he cuts his damn hair!
#38Dan Giese: Get rid of him.
#31 Ian Kennedy: Get rid of him
#71 Jeffrey Marquez: Get rid of him
#43 Darrell Rasner: I like the guy so I say keep him.
#34 Damaso Marte: Keep him but give him more time on the mount, even if it is in the minor league.
#36 Edwar Ramirez: Trade him and make some money off of him.
#30 David Robinson: He is young so I say keep him and mold him into what a Yankee pitcher should be.
#77 Humberto Sanchez: Don’t know and don’t really care.
#41 Jose Veras: Get rid of him. I really don’t know what they see in this guy.
#65 Phil Hughes: Get rid of him. Nothing against the guy but he just isn't Yankee.
#40 Chien-Ming Wang: Of course keep him but don’t ever let him run the bases again.
#65 Chase Wright: Don’t know and don’t care.
#48 Phil Coke: This guy has Yankee Star written all over him. Great efforts must be made to keep him and strengthen him. He has a bright future and losing him would be bad.

#35 Mike Mussina: Everyone keeps saying that Mike is going to retire. In the event that he doesn’t call a day…he must be kept. (See my previous post.) Gotta keep The Moose.
#46 Andy Pettitte: Tough call. If The Moose goes…Andy should stay.
#45 Carl Pavano: GET RID OF HIM! Yes I know all about how it will cost the Yankees more to trade with his damn $13 million deal but I don’t care. He has done nothing but piss me off this season. What a waste signing him turned out to be.
#47 Sidney Ponson: GET RID OF HIM. Fucking Ponson. He is only Yankee to piss me off more than Pavano and A-Rod combined.
#42 Marino Rivera: I will cry the day Marino leaves the Yankees. I can only hope that it is for retirement because I would hate to see my boys have to face him on the mount. I love this guy.
Last but certainly not least…

#62 Joba Chamberlain: If you don’t know my opinion on this one, you don’t know Millie. The fact is that few young players have created as much excitement as Joba has…in any city or any sport. Fans love Joba and Joba loves his fans. More importantly, the organization loves Joba and guess what…he loves the organization right back. Pitching wise he has the potential to become one of the greatest pitchers in Yankee history. Of all of the Yankees currently on the roster, he is the one that I am most passionate about keeping. He is the future of Yankee baseball.

Now I bid you good day as I am off to watch the Yankee doubleheader from the comforts of the Mess Deck.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Ask The Past To Last, Its About To Change

Being that I missed Monday’s Shuffle and the fact that I am once again on duty it only seems fair to do another special Thursday edition of the iPod Shuffle.

Last Cigarette by Bon Jovi: Oh how I struggle not to sing along every time I hear this song. I can definitely relate to it. Perhaps it is because it is still a daily struggle for me not to have a cigarette and I suspect that it always will be. Now the song really isn’t about cigarettes…I only mention this because in addition to totally getting the meaning behind the song, it makes me want a cigarette by simply mentioning one. But I digress…being that I am such a fan of cigarettes, I remember savoring the last one, holding my breath and hoping that it would never end…and just like it says in this song…when its gone, its gone. Truer words have never been spoken…and it sucks when you realize that no matter what…when it’s gone it’s gone. Best Line: “Just to breathe reminds me of what used to be.”

No Myth by Michael Penn: So a friend of mine talked about this song on his blog a few weeks ago and I pretty much agreed with everything that he said about the song but one thing. He pointed out that it was used in the final scene of Loser and he kind of slammed the movie. I know it was never a major blockbuster but I have to admit that I really enjoyed the flick. Hell, just thinking about it right now as I write is making me laugh. But this is not about Loser and why it is an awesome movie…it is about the song that reminds everyone of Loser. I love this song. It is actually in my Top 25 Played list. I am not sure what about this song makes it so damn appealing…but it is. I think that just about everyone has heard this song even if they don’t know it and I have yet to find a person who hates this song. I have actually had a few debates regarding this song as if it is a romantic song or a song about some crazy chick and the scared man who is trying to get away from her. I have my opinion but I also recognize that it largely depends on one’s frame of mind at the time of the debate. Either way, it is a catchy song that I always enjoy listening to. My favorite thing about this song is that it is a bit on the wacky side which is always a plus in my book. More than anything I think it boils down to the fact that I too am “Just looking for someone to dance with” and because I am also guilty of drawing the curtains with knots that can be tough to untie. I promise to try to work harder on that. But moving on…Best Line “See it was just too soon to tell and looking for some parallel can be an endless game”.

Bailimos by Enrique Iglesias: I feel obligated to remind people that this song was totally wasted by used in the most dreadful of all Will Smith movies. I only point it out because it made no sense to me then and it certainly makes no sense to me now. Oh well. I should have known that I was doomed to be an Enrique fan when I first heard this song. I am fairly certain that I would dance with anyone to this song simply because just like the songs says…the rhythm takes over. It is also an extremely seductive song which gives it bonus points. My Hispanic heritage comes out in full form whenever I hear this song and I actually yearn to dance when I hear it. I know that is lame…but it is the truth. Best Line: “Tonight I am yours, we can make it happen I’m so sure.” I like that it doesn’t promise more than that. Sure he does later in the song but in that one line sets the stage for a desperate passion to be released…and I don’t care who you are…that’s hot.

Take On Me by Ah-Ha: Ok so I know that I have written about this song before but I cannot resist writing about it again. Crazy though it sounds, I think that I actually like this song a little bit more every time I hear it. I am certain that many people could claim that they like it a little bit less each time they hear me sing it but that is neither here nor there. Depending on the day you will probably get a different answer out of me as what my favorite part of the song. Today is the persistence that is demonstrated in the song. Sure all he keeps singing about is leaving in the near future but in the meantime, nothing is going to deter him from getting to his love. I also like that admittance of imperfection up front…which is why it is my selection for Best Line: “I don’t know what to but I’ll say it anyway” however “The things that you say, is it live or just to play my worries away” is a close 2nd. Seriously though…I really love this song.

Poison by Alice Cooper: For some reason, I just have never seen this song as an Alice Cooper song. That small point aside…the power ballad freak in me loves this song. It is especially good for singing in the car when you are having a less than spectacular day. I think that poison is a good way to describe that which we want too much…especially based of the effect that said desire can have on a person. Once you reach that point when you have to make an effort to eat and sleep, it must be poison…that or insanity…or maybe just a really bad day caused from the lack of sleep. Whatever it is, it brings me to the Best Line: “I don’t want to break these chains.” I am actually forced to admit that this actually my favorite Alice Cooper song.

The Lady in Red by Chris LeBraugh: Here is another song that just makes me stop whenever I hear it. Sappy as it is, I am such a sucker for this song. I think that I will always love it. By the end of the 5th note of the song…even before Chris even sings a word, I am usually wearing a small smile and hope that this song will always have that effect on me. Now I am pretty sure there hasn’t been a teenage girl who didn’t wear a red dress to at least one formal dance just so in case the DJ played this song. In my case, it was the homecoming dance junior year and I was not disappointed. Funny how the memory works…I can’t remember a damn thing from high school algebra and yet I can remember every moment during the four minutes and eighteen seconds of dancing to this song. Even as I struggle my way through algebra now…I wouldn’t reverse the memories for a moment. There are few perfect moments in life and for me that was one of them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Live For The Fight When Its All That You've Got

So this is the only time that I am going to address the whole "no playoffs" for the Yankees on the blog. It is not because I am mad or ashamed or disappointed...but simply because I feel like what I have to say only needs to be said once.

I am proud of my Yankees.

Sure the season has not played out the way that I would have hoped. Sure they have caused me some frustration and a lot of harassment...but nonetheless...I am proud of the Yankees.

You can say what you want about them...some of my favorite negative comments are:
- They can't hit with runners in scoring position.
- They have too many over the hill players to be competitive in a young man's league.
- Too many players are concerned with staying healthy than taking risks because they want to to preserve their big paychecks.

The list goes on and on. To all of that I have to say...look at the big picture.

First let's talk about a few of the major milestones that have been achieved.
- There are at least three players who will finish above or right over 100 RBIs.
- Derek Jeter became the all-time hit leader at Yankee Stadium.
- Mike Mussina reached 19...possibly twenty wins in a single season.
- A-Rod moved up to #12 in the all-time home run hitter.
- The Yankees broke another league record in home game attendance with over 4 million tickets sold to home games for the 4th year in a row.

But the thing that I am the most proud of would have to be the fact that as of this posting, the Yankees are on a 7 game winning streak.

Think about that for a moment as that in itself is pretty damn amazing. But now take into consideration that they have achieved this in spite of the fact they knew that there was virtually no chance of making it to the playoffs. Even with such a bleak future they still managed to pull together and make the big plays needed to win. To sum it up...the Yankees have played like Yankees. Even without a playoff one can take that away from them.

The biggest thing that has stayed with me since watching the final game at Yankee Stadium is how happy the team was to play that game in front of their fans. There were geninue smiles and they made us fans feel like we were part of the Yankee magic. Thanks to the YES network, I have been able to hear Derek Jeter's ending speech several times and I will admit it...I believe it. I believe that he and the rest love being Yankees and love their Yankee fans.

So let Boston rally its way to another championship. (I'll be honest though...I am pulling for the Phillies.) Let the Angels fight for their share of a title. Let the Mets choke as they are prone to do. I really don't care. The Yankees have shown that they still have what it takes to be winners. So what if it is too late to make it to the playoffs? There is no denying that the Yankees have shown more class and more heart than most teams combined. And that is why I love them.

Besides...there is always next year.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Every Day I Thank The Good Lord That He Made Me A Yankee Fan!

This morning my new blackberry has been going crazy with texts from people asking one question..."Was it worth it?"

Answer: HELL YEAH it was! It was worth every was worth the lack of sleep the night before and the lack of sleep following the game. It is worth the fact that today my voice is hoarse, my hands are bruises from clapping, my knees are sore from all jumping standing and walking. It was worth it before I even entered the stadium. Without a was worth it. The fact that they went out on a win...a sweep no icing on the cake.

So before I launch into this...let me start by saying that I am still a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience and still finding it difficult to wrap my head around the whole experience. So rather than spending forever trying to organize my are my randomly listed thoughts, feelings, and highlights from the Final Game At Yankee Stadium.

How about seeing Julia Ruth Stevens throwing out the ceremonial first pitch? The nice thing about this whole experience is that the Yankees did an amazing job of keeping the whole thing hush hush. Up until the moment it was and the rest of the bleacher fans were still speculation who would get the honor. Now it almost seems like a "duh" moment because there really is no better choice.

I have to say that it was extremely classy of the Yankees to let Jorge Posada catch that ceremonial pitch. What can I say? I am a fan of both Jose and Pudge...and I admire some of the greats that have caught before them...but if I had to pick on Yankee catcher as my question it would be Jorge. I am so glad that his injury did not prevent him from having a moment in the final game. much else really needs to be said. You gotta love Yogi.

Flashes...I hope that I will always be able to remember the camera flashes. I had a pretty great view of them from the bleachers and there were several moments when the mere sight of camera flashes brought a tear to my eye. Of course...there were thousands of them so that might have had something to do with it. It was especially amazing whenever Derek Jeter was at the plate but the one that really got me was when Marino took the field. (We will go into this more in a few). You expect that kind of thing with Derek but it was truly special to see all of the flashes when he took the mount...and to see it continue with every single pitch.

Where was George? If anyone should have been there to present Derek Jeter's Waterford Crystal Hitting Award it should have been George. The fact that he wasn't part of any of the celebration makes me wonder...WTF George?

Johnny Damon...I love Johnny Damon. I love his charisma, I love his talent, his smile...pretty much everything about the guy. So for me to be able to see him hit that 3-run HR in the 3rd was an amazing that I hope I will remember forever. I remember jumping up and screaming like a crazy fan (which shouldn't surprise anyone) and realizing that I was celebrating along with 54, 609 other people. He brought the fans back into the game. As a true fan of Johnny's, I will admit that it brought out a few tears. What a great way to leave the stadium.

While Johnny's was my favorite...there was another big home run worth talking about. Who expected that it would come from Jose Molina? I have always liked Jose as a catcher but never really been impressed with his offense...but he sure showed me. How awesomely unexpected was that? I bet that no one would have expected that he would get the final home run at Yankee Stadium. Good for him...what a magic memory for him. Jose has always struck me as selfless player, what with the way that he takes care of his pitchers, never complains when he gets pulled or doesn't I am glad that he earned this major moment in Yankee history.

I have grown up a Yankee fan. I have heard the stories of Yankee legends but only seen a few of them actually play. For me, the one that means the most to me has got to be Bernie Williams. Bernie was always there...covering center field, flashing that winning smile...basically Bernie being Bernie. So for me it was truly special to see him back for the pregame celebration.

Let's talk about the fans. Being that I was at the game by myself, it could have been a lonely night...but it was far from it. Hell by the end of the game, email addresses had been exchanged, Facebook friends had been made, and hugs were given as we finally walked out of the stadium for the last time. I might be bias...but I think that Yankee fans are the greatest. Yankee fans love other Yankee fans and that is a cool feeling. We laughed and cried together...we chanted and clapped together...and even sped walked through Harlem at night together.
I said we would get back to here it is...Marino Rivera. I literally got butterflies in my stomach when I saw him start to warm up in bullpen. The funny thing is that we all knew that he was going to pitch the final inning no matter what the score was...and yet the butterflies were there. I have seen him pitch at least a dozen times but this one was special. I think it might have been watching him before the game started. He was one of many players who were signing autographs and giving away balls during batting practice. He spent a lot time charming and paying tribute to the fans...and that made me love him more. Marino has never been shy with his smile...and he does have a pretty awesome smile....and he pretty much wore it the entire night. It was awesome. Marino is without a doubt the greatest closer in baseball...EVER....and I was proud to see him throw the final pitch. Oh and did I mention that the butterflies turned in chills and borderline hysteria when "Enter Sandman" started blaring from the speakers? If Joba was going to hand the ball off to anyone...I was glad it was Marino.

Let's talk about Derek Jeter. I am not really sure what to say about Derek Jeter. Sometimes I get the feeling that he struggles to be Derek Jeter. By the end of it all he seemed more like the Derek Jeter that I fell for but it is not the same. I am at a loss of what else to say...but rest assured that I still love him. His speech as pretty damn awesome!

So let's close with the greatest moment of the whole day for me...which happened before I even walked in the stadium.

I got one autograph this season...and I am ecstatic that it is Joba's. Joba stood out there by "The Bat" signing autographs for at least 10 minutes. He just kept grabbing things, signing them, and moving down the line. No other player made the effort to sign autographs than he did. (Well Marino and A-Rod did once they were in the field.) I find it tough to put into words how amazing it was the way he gave his time to the fans. When he grabbed the Traveling MC picture from my hand, I think I kind of blacked out from excitement. I don't even remember getting it back from him. I am pretty sure that I told him thank you and that I loved him but I am not sure. Once I looked at it and saw the signature, I immediately put it away and didn't look at it again until I woke up this morning. My ultimate moment from yesterday...the one that will no doubt stay with me forever...will be getting Joba's autograph. As I walked away, shaking and in still in shock, I called one of my dearest friends in the world to share my news. While he doesn't get my infatuation with Joba, he appreciated what it meant to me to get it. Funny how with all of the Yankee greats present yesterday, it is newcomer Joba Chamberlain to give me the greatest final memory. Oh and he also earned the final recorded strike out so that is a memory that he will take with him as I doubt that he remembers the one he gave me. But maybe he does because there is a good chance that he found it slightly odd that he was signing a picture of some random guy. While is awesome that a great signature is on the MC picture...who is a great Boston was not intentional. It happened because I wasn't expecting to get an autograph so I wasn't prepared. It was either the Traveling MC picture or the Chamberlain shirt off my back...which might not have gone over well with the cop who stood beside him. And speaking of cops...kudos to one the crazy fan who made it out on the field and ended up being tackled by 8 (?) of New York's finest! Better you than me my friend.

So was worth it. I think A-Rod said it best after the game...God must be a Yankee fan as he gave us a perfect day for the final game at Yankee Stadium.

One Night and One Last Time...Thanks For The Memories!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

T-Minus 20 Hours To Go

As I sit here waiting for time to pass before I catch my train to the city for what I hope will be one of the greatest sports night of my life. Good thing that I slept well last night because tonight my head is racing with Yankee goodness and I am not sure where to start. Of course this is going to be a Yankee post but where to start?

Let's start with the pitching scenario. First there is the whole..."what to do with the "older" guys on the team. Bottom line...the team is faced with what to do with free agents Mike Mussina or Andy Pettitte. They need to sign one of them but it would be a mistake to sign them both. So which one should they sign? Both are in their late 30s and both men have been vocal about plans to retire in the near future. Both say that they think that they want to play at least one more year....but are not sure that they are up for another multi-year contract. But honestly that is where the similarities end...and without lashing it out in a lengthy post...the Yankees need to sign Mike.

Mike Mussina is the clear choice...and if there is any doubt about it just think on his 18+ wins this season. It would have been more than 18 wins if the Yankee offense had given him the support that he deserved throughout the season. He has given the Yankees 8th good seasons without any kind of drama. Bottom line...he is a fine example of what a Yankee should be and for that reason he should be kept.

Now don't get me wrong...I love Andy Pettitte. The problem is that he proved during the last half of this season that he isn't the pitcher that he used to be. I am hoping that the Yankees see this and that this is the reason that he is going to be the starting pitcher for tomorrow's game. I hoping that they are giving him one last start as a Yankee....ever.

The Yankees cannot keep signing these older players and expect to win. The Yankees need to keep one veteran pitcher on board and it needs to Mussina.

Let's move on...while staying in the world of pitching. There is a lot of talk about Joba being a starter next season or to keep him in the bullpen. I am actually torn about this. Joba is an amazing pitcher. He is also an amazing person to watch. The excitement and energy that he brings to the game is incredible. The problem is that some people think that he is a little too excited for a starting pitcher. I disagree...and hope that the organization does too. Joba did great as a starter and once he is back to 100% he should be back in the starting question.

Let's end with Derek Jeter. What is up with the damn Orioles pitchers hitting my Yankees with "wild" pitches. This is the 2nd time this season that Derek has been hit by an Orioles pitcher...and it really, really, really pisses me off. I am going to be beyond pissed off if Derek doesn't get to play tomorrow because some asshole couldn't get the ball over the plate. I have never seen Derek react the way he did today which tells me that he took one hell of a hit. So it is a real possibility that he might not get to play.

I can't even get my head around the possibility of him not playing in the last game in Yankee Stadium. He is the ultimate Yankee...a living legend....there is no other man who was ever worn pinstripes and is still breathing that deserves it more. I know it sounds crazy...but I seriously get upset just thinking about it.

Don't expect another post until after the game. I will be leaving my house early tomorrow and will not be back until early the next day. I honestly don't know what to expect tomorrow but I can say that I cannot remember the last time that I was this excited for something.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

When You Smile The World Is Brighter

Being that I am stuck on base and there is not much else to do…please enjoy a bonus iPod Shuffle as my internet access is pretty limited so I can’t really write about much else.

The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley: Does it get any better than the King? Everyone always talks about what an amazing rocker he was but he was also one hell of a crooner. This song is the perfect example of why so many women fell in love with him. If he and Jeter were alive and around the same age at the same time…that would be one tough choice for me to make. The reason that I love this song so much is because it isn’t asking for anything. It is simply a declaration of love and that is pretty damn awesome. Think about it…all he is doing in this song is passionate singing about how much he loves her for being her. It makes no sense and that is okay…he just loves her. Best Line: “I'll guess I'll never know the reason why you love me like you do but that's the wonder...the wonder of you”

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s: So first I must start by reminding you that this song is the #2 played song on my iTunes. It has been played over 500 times in about year. I am still not sick of it and I doubt that I ever will be. The fact is that this song just makes me stop what I am doing and just get lost in thought. I always smile as I hum along and realize that this really is one of the sweetest songs ever. Best Line “Oh it’s what you do to me”. I hear this line and think of all of the things that I have done that I never thought I would and smile.

Dirty Little Secret by Jon Bon Jovi: If it sung by Jon Bon Jovi, you know that it is going to good. This song is a bit of a surprise because it was very recently that I was reminded that it even existed. It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised. Best Line: “You got me knock-knock-knocking at your door and I’ll keep coming back for more, we made a promise and we’ll keep it our dirty little secret.”

Sea of Love by Phil Phillips: It is hard for me not to think of The Simpsons when I hear this song ever since it was used in the last scene and end credits of the episode when Dr. Frink shows Bart and Lisa their future. In the future Marge left Homer because he spent all of their money on a house under the sea. In the end they reconcile and this is the song that plays as it fades into the end credits. I am not sure why I find this amusing but I do. But The Simpsons aside, it is still a pretty good song. Best Line: “Do you remember when we met, that’s the day that I knew you were my pet.”

My All by Mariah Carey: There is one reason why this song is awesome…the opening line. So let’s get the best line over with now and move on. “I’m thinking of you in my sleepless solitude tonight, if it’s wrong to love you then my heart just won’t let me be right.” The runner up for best line is so good that it gets a place into tonight’s post as well. “Baby can you fell me imaging I’m looking in your eyes?” I guess what I am trying to is that few songs capture the essence that comes with a deep desire and this one certainly does that. In spite of what anyone else says…this really is one of Mariah’s best songs.

Let’s close it out tonight by saying that I got teary eyed again tonight while watching the Yankee game. This time it was when Mike Mussina came out of the game for what could be his time as a Yankee. He got a well deserve standing ovation and it moved me. Silly as it sounds…I cannot help but be moved by such moments…and suspect that it will continue until Sunday. I have no doubts that I will cry as I walk out of Yankee Stadium for the last time and I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad about it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Would Be The Last Thing That I Saw Coming...I'm Still Surprised

So where to start this evening?

I am actually pretty annoyed that people are giving me such a hard time for being happy that Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig’s record. At the risk of sounding completely insensitive…I don’t think that the fact that Lou Gehrig passed away at a young age should be an issue. I am not saying that the guy didn’t suffer or that his life was in any way fair…but I am saying that it has nothing to do with the hitting record. We are talking baseball folks…and baseball only. Bottom line...Derek accomplished a major feat last night and there is nothing wrong with being happy for him. It doesn’t make me Gehrig hater, a mean person, or any of the other stuff I have been called in the past 24 hours. I am simply a devoted Jeter fan who is proud of his accomplishment.
Basically what I am saying is get off my ass about it.

Moving on…let’s toss The Kiskadian a bone and talk about something other than baseball. Let’s talk about the new Joshua Radin album. It is kinda funny that he finally released it last week because I had every intention of writing a strongly worded blog about the fact that it was taking so damn long. Anyway…I was pleased to see it finally arrive on iTunes and I downloaded almost first thing Sunday morning. Since then I have listened to it a few times in order to get a feel for it. The fact that it took a couple times of listening to it should have been my first clue that something was amiss. Now you should know that I am a crazy Joshua Radin fan. My Radin fanaticism is no where near the Jeter or Jovi levels…but it is still pretty high. I have loved everything that he has ever released and believe him to be one of the more talented artists currently recording music at the moment. So keep that in mind as I move on in this review.

After listening to it several times I can only say that I am content with the album. It is good and enjoyable to listen to…but nothing jumped out and made me think…oh this is DA BOMB! In fairness, part of it might have to do with the fact that a few songs were part of the pre-release thing that he did for iTunes...but that in itself just sends me on another issue so bare with me. My first point was that the pre-release of four songs Sky, The Fear That You Won’t Fall, You’ve Got Growing Up To Do, and Lovely Tonight pretty much led me to believe that I was going to be getting a phenomenal album. It set the bar pretty high. Now let’s talk about the part of whole pre-release thing that really has me annoyed and compare them then and now and you will see my point.

Then: A duet with Ingrid Michaelson.
Now: A solo with some random chick humming along every now and then.
Winner: Then of course. It was catchy and cute before. Not so much anymore. For some reason the song is just meant to be a duet. When it is sung as a duet it seems like a little “I love you more, no I love you more” argument between one of those annoyingly loving couples. As an almost solo, it seems like Joshua is just bitching and I can’t say that I like him that way.

The Fear That You Won’t Fall
Then: Pretty Good…but not as good as the version recorded for iTunes Live Session last year.
Now: MIA. Not on the new album. Being that I have the good version I am not too pissed...just a little confused.
Winner: Being that only one showed up the dance...this should be a no brainer.

You’ve Got Growing Up To Do:
Then: So incredibly hot…so much that it was almost too hot to listen to it. I think it was because it was just Joshua and his guitar. The song comes off as very intimate and can tell that there points where his intent is for the song to sung as a whisper. It is sung in such a sweet and sexy way that it is easy to forget that he is actually singing of leaving. Hell…if there was ever a right way to dump a girl…it would be this song.
Now: Annoying. It is too fast and the annoy chicks voice is in it…taking away from everything that made the song great to begin with.
Winner: No question…Then

Lovely Tonight
Then: The absolute best song on the pre-release. It is actually one of…if not the best Joshua Radin song to date. Seriously, it is that good. I knew that it would be hard for any of the tracks to top this song but I had hoped that they would be in the same league. Lyrically it is truly amazing. Every line of the song is a strong contender for the best line. I felt in love with the song from the first time that I heard it and it has been steadily climbing up my playcount list ever since.
Now: MIA…and this really pisses me off. Although I suppose that I should actually be grateful because if it had been ruined in the re-release I would have been super, super bummed.
Winner: Then

See the pattern?

The rest of the album is decent. But I said before…not spectacular and that is pretty much a bummer. I guess few things in live up to the hype. It is my own fault for allowing myself to have high hopes in the first place.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Legend of Jeter cont...again


There really isn't anything more to say than that.

Oh it is 1271.

Regardless of what the final number is after Sunday's game there is one thing that is certain...Derek Jeter holds a record that will never be taken from him...will never be touched...and never be forgotten.