Saturday, August 30, 2008

Of Each Particular Thing Ask: What Is It In Itself? What Is Its Nature? What Does He Do, This Man You Seek?

While surfing my usual pop culture sites, I came across Entertainment Weekly's list of the Top 25 movies of the past 25 years. Being that my brain is fried from a day spent on an algebra exam...I am going to hijack their list and toss in my two cents.

#25 Shrek (2001): I have to say that I was a little blown away when I first saw this movie. It was a completely different approach to "fairytale" movies and it was funny. Everything about the first movie worked. Honestly, I don't see any room for improvement. seemed to spawn a whole bunch of crap cartoons so I guess if Shrek has a flaw...that would be it.

#24 A Room With a View (1986): Never seen it. But it is hailed as "Deeply romantic, it is the apotheosis of its genre: the exquisitely made chick flick." and that seems right up my alley.

#23 Memento (2001): Not a bad movie but I think that it is slightly overrated. Other than being told in reverse, I don't see anything particularly revolutionary about the flick. It did make me realize that Carrie Anne Moss is a horrible actress...made worse by the fact that Guy Pierce is such a great one.

#22 Rushmore (1998): It is hard to say what about the movie takes it from average dark comedy to cult classic but this movie will forever be in that category. While it is not one of my favorite films, it always makes me laugh.

#21 Schindler's List (1993): I will never understand why my normally cautious father felt the need to take me to see this movie at the age of 11. I left the theater crying, shaking, and unable to sleep for a few days. Don't get me wrong, it is amazing movie and I am certain that my reaction is the what the producers were going for...I just don't think that it should have been from an 11 year old who up until that point had no real idea the levels of cruelty that mankind was capable of.

#20 The Lion King (1994): No here is a great movie. I loved it before I even saw the damn thing and for one reason...Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Silly as it is considering that it was only his voice, but there it is. This was the first movie that made me start to question the greatness that was Disney. This was the movie that made me realize that no star of a Disney movie makes it to the ending credits with both parents in tow. OK so technically Disney didn't write the stories so it is not technically their fault but come on...they change so many details of classic fairy tales, couldn't they let Mufasa live?

#19 Casino Royale (2006): Raising the bullshit flag on this one. I cannot think of one good thing about this movie. It was a waste of two hours and more importantly...a waste of $15.00.

#18 Do The Right Thing (1989): I guess by the time I finally saw this had fallen to its own hype. I didn't see what the big deal was and can think of half a dozen similar flicks of the same genre that I would prefer to watch.

#17 Jerry Maguire (1996): Call me crazy but this is still one of my favorite movies EVER. It is another example of what kind happen when everything works. Tom Cruise was charismatic and sexy and vulnerable to the point that I was in love with Jerry halfway through the movie. Renee Zellweger made Dorothy endearing and yet strong. But the best part of the movie had to be Cuba Gooding, JR. It was by far his greatest role. Throw in football and cameos by a few pros and you have an amazing film. Don't hate it for sparking so many overused it for being a love story that is also about believing in a long shot and seeing dreams come true.

#16 Boogie Nights (1997): Mature though we thought that we friends and I were not mature enough to sit at Adam's house one Friday night and watch this film together. There must have been 15 teenagers in the room watching this movie...and of course Big Red...otherwise known as Adam's dad. By the end you had a bunch of girls who were confused, titillated, and terrified of what they had just seen, a bunch of teenage boys who left Adam's house feeling less than adequate thanks to the history making prosthetic penis, and a father who couldn't believe that he agree to let us watch it and prayed we wouldn't tell our parents where we had scene it.

#15 Edward Scissorhands (1990): I have to admit that the first time that I saw this movie, I didn't see its brilliance. Now that I have seen it like a 100 times, it really gets better every time I watch it. While everything that Johnny Depp does is wonderful...the same can be said about Tim Burton. Put them together and you get cinematic greatness. Don't believe me...Google their joint works as they speak for themselves. Not a bad movie on the list. That being said...I still cry every time I see this Edwards wins and breaks my heart with his big naive eyes. How could you not want to give him a big hug?

#14 Crumb (1995): Never seen it. In spite of its position on this list...can't say that I ever will.

#13 Goodfellas (1990): Talk about an amazingly violent movie. I have only seen it twice because it is a bit too much for me. It is two hours of Millie laughing at uncomfortable moments because I don't know what else to do. Ray Liotta is phenomenal in the movie....probably his finest work.

#12 The Matrix (1999): How hot was Keanu Reeves in this movie? Holy shit it is worth watching it just for him alone. Moving on...The Matrix was wonderful however it was ruined by the shitty sequels that followed. The thing that got me about this movie was that in spite of the fact that Neo was incredibly sexy, I couldn't not separate him from his role in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure and thus kept expecting him to say "Whoa Duuuude!"

#11 This Is Spinal Tap (1984): Here is another movie that I just don't get.

#10 Moulin Rouge (2001): I seriously love this movie. Once again...another fine example of the greatness that happens whenever everything works. (For more info, read my previous post )It made me laugh, made me cry, and still does every time I see it. I really, really, really, love this movie. Really.

#9 Die Hard (1988): Bruce Willis was such a bad ass back in the day. This movie is great if solely for the reason that it produced one of the greatest line in bad ass history...and shame on you if you don't know what it was.

#8 Silence of the Lambs (1991): I am very disappointed that this movie is only #8. It still gives me the chills. All you have to do is just mention its title and people start talking about the amazingness of the movie.

#7 Hannah and Her Sisters (1986): Never seen it...doubt that I will.

#6 Saving Private Ryan (1998): I learned a very important lesson when I first watched this not trust the fine folks at Blockbuster to do their fucking jobs and rewind the film. I popped the movie into the VCR and it started with Tom Hanks overlooking a bloody beach. I looked at my viewing partner and we were like "Wow...what a great way to snag the audience." No bullshit, no previews...just carnage.

#5 Toy Story (1995): OK so it was super cute and entertaining and all that...but it was slightly traumatizing. After watching this movie I actually started to feel guilty for every toy that I had tossed away without a second thought.

#4 Blue Velvet (1986) Never seen it but might make the effort to see it being that I usually enjoy all Dennis Hopper films.

#3 Titanic (1997) It is hard to watch this now because once you have seen a movie a zillion times, it can lose a bit of its awe. That being said...I still love it and I bet that you do too.

#2 The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (2001-2003): How in the hell can this not be #1? I am not going to dwell on this nor am I going to waste a lot of time explaining why it is great...since damn near everyone has seen the movies at least once. I will simply saw that it is one of...if not the greatest stories of all-times, turned into the greatest trilogy of all times...and how could anyone possibly disagree with that?

#1 Pulp Fiction (1994): Truly great for its time (or so I am was a few years after that before I actually saw it) but doesn't withstand the test of time. Whenever I try to watch it now, it no longer seems cool. After it lost its initial shock was pretty much done.

We'll end by saying that I am super pissed off about today's Yankee game. In spite of this...I still love them so. It is because of my love for them that I find myself unable to make a decision regarding the final game. A friend can get me a ticket to the final game a Yankee Stadium. The ticket will cost me more than my monthly car payment and that is a tough pill to swallow. Yet, it is going to be a historic moment and I cannot help but get giddy at the thought of going. So I am asking loyal help me make up my mind. Let me know what you think, either by comment or email.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Holy Smokes...what a Yankee day. To be quite honest...I spent most of todays game cursing...cursing the damn heat, cursing the damn Red Sux fans, and cursing at the some of the Yankees. So in the end when they finally pulled through... it was a most welcomed surprise as I had almost lost hope.

By now we all know the outcome of todays I am not going to spent any time on that...other than to say THANK GOD! Instead I am going to focus on a few of the things that I was able to observe only because I was actually at the game.
Let's start with Derek Jeter. I love him and forever will. That being said...painful though it is to I saw an example of the fact that he is not the player he once was. (This is a fact that I have been arguing against for the past two years.) He had a great day offensively but not so much defensively. He failed to turn a play that should have been a breeze and he didn't dive for a ball that would have been a no brainer in the past. I'm not saying that he didn't have a good game!!! I am just saying that I realize now that people are right...Derek often plays well offensively or defensively but rarely both. I don't fault or judge him in anyway for it...but it must be tough for him. He need not worry...I still love him just the same.
Moving on...let's move onto A-Rod...who has returned to the status of Yankee Enemy #1 for me. I couldn't help but join in with the rest of the Yankee fans who boo-ed him after once again left 2 runners on base. I couldn't help but think "All he needed was a damn base hit." Isn't that kind of like fundamental baseball? I don't know...but I couldn't help but think it. (Jason Giambi made it look easy in the 9th...just saying.) That aside...I don't blame the Yankee fans for boo-ing (the fact that I am also boo-ing him has nothing to do with it) as he is not delivering. There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest playing the game right now..but what is good is it to be great when you can't do it consistently? A fellow disgruntled Yankee fan made a very insightful statement today...he pointed out that it doesn't matter how many Yankee dollars Alex is making to wearing pinstripes...he will never be a Yankee. I couldn't agree more.
Let's talk about Yankee fans in general. I was SHOCKED today when I realized that we were pretty evenly matched by the Red Sux fan. It was the final Yankee-Red Sux showdown at the stadium and yet there were far too much red in the crowd. I know that our chances are slim but there is still hope damn it. Our odds are not going to improve with the fans abandoning the team like they did today. It was a travesty today that you could hear the "Let's Go Red Sux" cheers over the "Let's Go Yankees" in Yankee Stadium. My feelings were actually a little hurt by it. Luckily I was in a lively section so we were screaming and cheering and boo-ing with reckless abandon which is what being a proud fan is all about.
All of this being said...I had a blast today. I love the city...I love the Yankees, and there is no better way to watch the Yankees than to do from the comforts of Yankee Stadium. Today was my last trip to the Stadium and I will be honest...I got a little emotion as I left. I know it is just a game and they are just a team...but they are my team and they make me happy...even with the way that the season is playing itself out.
Now end on the best part of today...
It was fate that I was supposed to see him today. How else can you explain my last minute decision to get off the train scary Harlem? How else can you explain my sudden decision to check my seat first before going to go buy stuff? FATE...that's how you answer. As I walked up the ramp to check out where I would be spending the next five hours...I noticed that there was an abnormally large group of people hovering near the bullpen. There was a brief break in the crowd and I laid eyes on Joba Chamberlain for the first time up close and personal. And what a moment that it was. I have no doubt that it is a moment that I will keep with me as I follow him through his long Yankee career.

I cannot fully explain the way that I felt as I watched him pitch in the bullpen. I was shaking, had to remind myself to breathe, and even felt my legs almost give out as I tiptoed to get a better shot of him. It is one thing to watch him pitch on tv or from high in the stands, but it is another thing to see it from ten feet away. I was so mesmorized by him that I didn't realize that Joe Girardi was standing three feet behind him until I review the pictures on the train ride home. I can still hear the sound that the ball made as it hit the catcher's glove...and it really is an amazing sound. I can still remember the electricity that went through me when I first saw that it was him. But more than anything...I still get butterflies just like I did the moment I saw him give a small smile after he threw his final pitch. I am such a sucker for those moments of joy and this was one of those moments. Joba will be back this season and he will be great.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Praying That We Don't Get Swept

I'm bumming hard folks...bumming really hard.

Fucking Ponson...who the hell walks in a damn run?
I can't even be pissed at the Red the Yankees played like shit tonight and did not deserve to win.

Damn It All.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloody Hell

So it is the bottom of the 8th as I post this...which means that the game is not over. Regardless of the outcome of tonight's game...I have to ask...

What the Fuck A-Rod? I am actually finding it hard to write at the moment...which as ridiculous I know it...because I am so pissed at him. Apparently he realizes that the chance of the Yankees making it to the playoffs is becoming more and more unlikely (largely because of him hitting into double plays damn it all!) so he has decided to start his habitual choking now. First there was his little mishap on defense when he looked up before he had the damn ball (3rd inning maybe?), then there was his shitty performance at the plate...and now we can an pretty crucial error in the 8th which has now resulted in the bases being loaded. Who can blame the fans from booing him? I have been cursing him all damn night!

Quite honestly... it is my own fault that I am this pissed off. You see...the fact is that I allowed myself to blinded by a smile and couple of autographs and consequently spent some time in the land of make believe. The fact is that A-Rod is without a doubt the greatest player to play so terribly when it counts.
Disillusionment is always painful.

In effort to avoid being a Raging Bitch this early into the 3 game series...let's end on a positive note....

At least someone from the Yankee team decided to show up to tonight's game.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Like Where We Are....Here

Do The Shuffle!

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie (445) – The funny thing about indie music is that I am not typically a fan of it. For the most part, I find a bit too whinny and hippie for my tastes, with the exception of indie love songs. For some reason I am sucker for indie love songs. This song is probably my favorite of all indie love songs. It is almost a Gothic love song in the sense that it is a little depressing and yet tragically romantic, all in just over three minutes. I love the honesty in the first line. “Love of mine someday you will die.” Now if someone started off a conversation with that line by itself, it might be a little creepy and I might even wonder if it was some kind of threat. But the line is followed up with “But I’ll be close behind, I’ll follow you into the dark.” That is what turns a potentially creepy line to an awesomely romantic line. The rest of the song remains equally romantic in spite of the fact that it really does focus on the impending doom. It is not just the death itself that is creepy, but the fact that the “afterlife” is painted so bleakly. There is no promise of heaven nor threat of hell…it is simply darkness. It is easy to say “Hey I will meet you at the pearly gates” or “Hey your pyre or mine?” but it is another thing entirely to be like “I’ll follow you into the dark”. The uncertainty of the dark is what makes it amazing. Imagine having someone love you so much that much. That is what makes this song worth of being the #8 played song of all times on my iPod. Best line: “No blinding lights, no tunnels to gates of white, just our hands clasped so tight, waiting for the hint of a spark.”

Who Says You Can’t Go Home by Bon Jovi (168) – Notice first that I said Bon Jovi…not Bon Jovi featuring Jennifer Nettles. I really, really, really don’t care for the Jennifer Nettles version. Her voice annoys the shit out of me. Moving on....this is not one of the better Bon Jovi songs…but it is still pretty damn good. What I like most about this song is its ability to get everyone singing. You cannot listen to this song and not feel compelled to say “Its alright.” If you are going to have something stuck in your head all day, wouldn’t you rather that it be a positive line like this? When I listen to this song I cannot help but think about my Duke City days. While I never see myself living there again, I can’t help but call it home. I admit that I don’t go back nearly as often as I should and yet whenever I do I find comfort when there. Those are my streets. I cannot go anywhere in that town without recalling some memory. I feel safe because even though things have changed, it is still the town I grew up in. I know that it will always be there no matter where I go thus making it forever possible for me to always go home. One day (hopefully not anytime soon of course) I will go back home forever and I better be wearing socks. Best Line: “Spent 20 years trying to get out of this place, I was looking for something I couldn't replace.”
Two Pina Coladas by Garth Brooks (30) – You know this song isn’t any fun or even that good unless you have actually had at least two drinks. Being that I am not a fan of pina coladas….it would be anything else but I get the point of the song. I don’t even want to think of how many times I “set sail with Captain Morgan” in effort to try to forget my own heartache. Best Line: “So bring me two pina coladas, one for each hand, let’s set sail with Captain Morgan and never leave dry land.”

I Wanna Know by Joe (23) - Not a bad little R&B song. What Joe lacks in vocal talent he makes up for in sexy crooning. Quite honestly there is nothing spectacular about this song but I still enjoy it. I doubt that there is a woman alive who wouldn't. It is simple and sweet love song that makes me a melt a little bit. Now if this was sung by say...Joshua Radin and it would be all over. It is pretty tough to believe that all of the sweetness found in this song isn't total bullshit. Oh well. In the right mood it isn't a bad song to listen to. In my current mood it just makes me a little bit sad. Best Line: "I'd like to know what makes you cry so I can be the one who always makes you smile."

Faded by Soul Decision (20) - There really is something irresistible about boy bands. No matter how terrible a song might can't help but like and this song is a perfectly good example of that. This really is a terrible song and I know on some level I should be a little bit offended as a woman yet I can't help dancing a little and singing along. I don't know much about the boys of Soul Decision but I am guessing that they have broken up since their "success" with this song. That's too bad this song is actually pretty funny. How cool must they have thought they were to use the line " You stepped like my steeps the way we conversated"? Poor bastards. Yet as great as that line is, it is not my pick for the best line. Best Line: "Ever since you've been hangin' around I've been trying to figure out what I'm gonna say to you to get some play, yeah". You can't tell me that line doesn't make you laugh?

Somebody's Crying by Chris Isaak (241) - Now I was only like 13 (I think) when this song came out but that did not deter from developing what appears to be a lifelong crush on Chris Isaak. I remember buying the CD single of this song and listening to it over and over again for weeks. The funny thing is that I loved the song but had no idea what it was really about. I get it now and let's just say that it doesn't make it any easier to listen to now that I do. It is a simple song of longing and self-deception and yet it still manages to be overwhelmingly hot. I stand by my previous statements that it really doesn't matter what Chris is singing just sounds hot. Add that incredible voice to his stellar looks and it really is no wonder that teenage Millie developed a thing for him. Best Line: "I know somebody and they called your name a million times and still you never came."

Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye (381) I don't care that no one else likes this song and I am not ashamed to admit that it is #10 in My Top 25 playlist on my iPod. It is a bouncy little love song and I happen to be quite fond of it. I love the simplicity of it. The song is about telling someone that you like to be with them and all of the reasons why. Before you knock this song, stop and think when the last time it was that you told someone that you liked being with them...then judge. In the meantime...get off my back about this know who you are. Best Line: "Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me, whisper's "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly"".

Heaven by Warrant (237) - I was just about to sign off for the night when this song came on. I can't turn this song...ever. This is another one of those ballads that I hear and just stop and think to. It provokes the eye closing, back-tilting, back and forth rocking that I love about ballads as I sing along...even though it isn't a rock song...except for one line that always brings on all three...every single time I hear it. So that line is my pick for best line. Best Line: "I've got nowhere left to go and no one really cares I don't know what to do but I'm never giving up on you." It just barely nudges out the line "I don't need to be a superman as long as you will always be my biggest fan".

Tomorrow is the first of three games that will either result in Millie the Queen of Cloud Nine...or Millie the Raging Bitch. Pray for whichever you will find more entertaining just don't say that you were never warned.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Would Have Would Have Followed You, My Brother... My Captain... My King.

So today I spent a good portion of the day switching between baseball and The Lord of the Rings marathon on TNT. So tonight we will talk about both. Lets start with the Lord of the Rings.

We all know my feelings regarding Strider, Sam, Eowyn, and Arwen. Tonight I want to talk about Boromir. For the sake of tonight's post...we are going to focus on Boromir from the movie as that is the Boromir who won me over.

In Peter Jackson's legendary film, the role of Boromir is wonderful portrayed by Sean Bean...who has never given a bad performance. Let's get the girly stuff out of the way by saying that Sean Bean is incredibly sexy. While there is no denying that the man is good looking...there is one thing that takes him from an average good looking fellow to full fledged hottie...and that is the accent. At the moment I am hard pressed to name an actor who has a better accent that Sean. Every word that comes out of his mouth just sounds hot. So there it is...and now moving on.

I think that most people think that Boromir is an ass. I thought that same thing when I read the books. He seemed weak and narrow minded and I really didn't care for him...nor did I mourn his passing. Yet when I watched the movie...I cried like a baby when he died...hell I still do even though I have seen the damn movie so many times that I can recite it word for word. Sean Bean managed to make Boromir human to be me.

Given the situation...would anyone have reacted any differently than Boromir did at the council? Imagine spending your entire life fighting an everything to protect your land and people only to come face to face with the person who by all rights should have been doing it all along? I would have been pretty pissed off too. I doubt that I would have trusted Aragorn either. In fact...I probably would have called him right there and been like "Where in the hell have you been?" So I don't blame him for his chilly reception of Aragorn.

Then there was the whole "What to do with the ring?" battle. I think that Boromir put it great when he said "By the blood of my people are your lands kept safe." His ancestors had been defining Middle Earth from Mordor for ages and yet his opinion didn't mean shit when it came down to deciding what to with the ring. I am not saying that Boromir wasn't wrong...surely he was but I think that the Steward of the City shouldn't have been disregarded so quickly. Yet in spite of this...he was a man and vowed to follow the will of the council.

Sure he had his moments when he fell to the temptation but overall he was pretty damn loyal. In every battle he fought in he kicked ass. Hell...I think that one of the best scenes of the movie is his final battle when he fights to the very spite of the fact that he has three damn arrows sticking out of his chest. He lost his life trying to protect Merry and Pippen...trying to save members of the fellowship. I think that it more than makes up for the fact that he tried to take the Ring from Frodo. Besides...the Ring was supposedly one of the strongest forces on Middle Earth....can you blame him for being temporarily overpowered by it?

Sean added a sense of charm to Boromir throughout the film. It is first shown in the scene where he is trying to teach Merry and Pippen how to use their swords. It was almost fatherly in the way that he showed them and it was definitely endearing the way that he laughed and wrestled with them. For a brief could see the type of man he was before he embarked on the journey. Another time was when they were in Bali's tomb and getting ready to be attacked. As he tried to secure the door, he caught a glimpse of the cave troll. He rolled his eyes and said "They have a cave troll." You could hear the underlying..."Son of bitch" as he and the others prepared for battle. Then there is the scene where he is attempting to comfort the hobbits after the "loss" of Gandalf. While Aragorn was completely right that they needed to keep moving, I understood why Boromir argued to "Give them a moment for pity's sake".

But it all boils down to his death scene. He showed no fear even as that scary son of bitch stood in front of him and prepared to behead him. After Aragorn saved him that miserable death, he was a man and confessed all before he died. More importantly, he made his peace and pledged his allegiance to Aragorn. We all know how hard it is to admit when you are wrong...and yet Boromir did just that. He didn't cry or weep over own demise rather he expressed his fear for his people. He found comfort in Aragorn's promise to protect them and was able to die in peace. Speaking as a person who partially trusts very few...and almost no one completely...that is a pretty major thing in my opinion. Imagine being able to trust someone so completely that you are not afraid to die, especially under those circumstances. I am not ashamed to admit it...I cry every time I see it. I don't tear up...I actually cry real tears.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT I LIKE BOROMIR BETTER THAN STRIDER! I am just saying that I think that the guy got a bad rep. That being said...watching all three movies in one day really highlights what a bad ass Aragorn is.

Moving on...

Ain't Nothing Like a Sweep! By now everyone knows that the Yankees swept the Orioles this weekend and just what a big deal that is. They needed those wins not just to stay in the wild card race but also to have some momentum as they take on the bloody Red Sux at Yankee Stadium this week. As I mentioned on is sheer beauty when the Yankees play like Yankees. When they are on their game there is no denying that they are the best time in baseball. The problem is that they are not consistent. Most of their losses this season did not come from other teams beating them...they came from the Yankees not playing the way that they should.

What the fuck was up with A-Rod getting nailed by a pitch two nights in a row? I can buy it once but twice in one series? I call bullshit. More significantly...what was up with Cabrera hitting A-Rod? I know the guy is a pretty lousy pitcher but he can't seem to keep from hitting Yankees. Yes I am still pissed off about him hitting Derek back in May. Now the asshole hits A-Rod? The man is a Yankee hater and has earned a spot on "My List".

Now if only we could get Joba back...all would be well.

Friday, August 22, 2008

There Is Still Hope

Tonight the Yankees played like Yankees....and it was a beautiful thing.

While I am the first to admit that this season has not gone as I had is not over.

This is still hope.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts...What the Hell Does That Mean?

So here are my final entries for Derek Jeter vs. Peyton Manning contest. But to be perfectly fair, I have to admit that the Peyton Entry that I had in mind for tonight's post cannot be found on the Internet. So keep that mind.

So let's start with Peyton. I have shown his best commercials and now here is my pick for the 2nd best Peyton of the field.

I think that this is incredibly funny...but only because it is not me. Should certain videos from my youth ever surface...I will be mortified. I think what is awesome is the fact that he did in fact totally rock the routine. It is just awesome.

And now I am ever so pleased to present my favorite Derek Jeter off the field moment. I remember seeing this when it aired for the 1st time on TV...and being overwhelmed by it. The combination of Derek Jeter and Star Wars was almost too much for me to handle. See for yourself.

Moving on...both men were destined to become the amazing athlete that he is today. Take a look...

So here is the bottom line. After reviewing both is clear that we have two totally different men who are totally awesome in their own way. So let's break it down.

Starting with Derek:

- OMG! Is there any doubt that he is the sexiest man to walk the planet? It doesn't matter which video clip you look at...he is looks damn gorgeous.
- Oh those eyes. OK so I have talked about it before and will probably talk about it again...Derek's eyes are amazing. In several clips you get a close up of those hardly seems fair to compare him to anyone with eyes like that.
- There is no doubt that Derek loves being a Yankee. Every video clip makes reference to or is centered around being a New York Yankee. His devotion to the Yankees might be on the sexiest things about him.
- None found as posting time. Still open to suggestions.

On to Peyton:

- That smile. While Peyton is not where close to being in the same league as Derek as far as good looks...there is something to be said about that smile. I suspect that it could melt more than a few hearts.
- Confidence. How confident in yourself would you have to be in order to make fun of yourself as much as Peyton does? On and off the field...Peyton is the man and he knows it...and it comes through in every video clip.
- His sense of humor. Some say that the way to a girls heart is through her funny bone. If that is true...than Peyton is a lucky man because he is funny as hell. On really bad days I will youtube his Mastercard Commercials because they always make me laugh.
While I laugh my ass off at every commerical he does and I get a rush every time he steps on the field...there is no flutter of in the heart.

There really is no clear cut winner...but I have made my decision none the less. And the winner is....

Why? Check his pros list and then take into consideration while Peyton has more funny moments than Derek...Derek is still capable of making me laugh. (As proven by the ESPY skit.) Peyton can make me laugh but he cannot make me swoon...and for that reason...Derek wins again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They're Not Saying Boooo...They're Saying Moooovers!

We all know that I am a Jeter fan...I pretty much love everything that he does. But when it comes to commercials...there is only one athlete who is even close to being as great as Derek. So it only seems fair to devote tonight's post to my favorite football player and his great moments off the sit back and enjoy some great Peyton Manning moments.

So this one is great simply because Peyton totally sells it. Just like he does on the field, Peyton gives his all in this commercial and that is what makes it great. The best part has to be his reaction to getting a high five from his favorite accountant...and the statement that he is never going to wash that hand again. works because of the looks on everyone faces in response to Peyton's support. I love it and wish that I would have had this idea back in my heyday.

So the reason that this one is awesome because it makes me think think that I could hang with Peyton. The practical jokes, the creative revenge, the need to top each prank...just ask any one of my prank victims if I am in any way off track with this one. The final line of the commercial is awesome..."Oh it's on". How many times have I uttered these same words?

Without a doubt...this is my favorite Peyton Manning commercial. It might be my favorite commercial ever. I know that this is going to sound terrible, but I cannot help but laugh when the barista screams after burning himself. The high pitch scream is just awesome. What makes it even better is Peyton's response of "rub some dirt on it". I feel like I am allowed to laugh at it for I time I was told "walk it off" or "add another layer of tape" both of which I was told the time that I had a tib-fib fracture a week before regionals.

Derek vs Peyton...that's a tough call. We'll has that out tomorrow I really should be studying my DSST test instead googling Peyton Manning videos. What can I say...I suck at being a student.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Allow me to set the record straight. It is entirely possible for me to be a fan of a male athlete without "crushing" on him. That being said...what would be the big deal if I was crushing on Joba Chamberlain? (Not saying that I am!) He is talented, good looking, and a Yankee. What more could one ask for?
Moving on. In edition to be an phenomenal athlete...Derek Jeter is also a wonderful pitch man. I am willing to admit that my opinion is biased because he is gorgeous but his commercials really are awesome. His newest commercial is for the Gillette Fusion Razor. In case you are one of the few people in the world who hasn't seen it is for your viewing pleasure.

You know that are DA MAN when you get paid to rag on Tiger Woods. What makes it even better is the fact that he is right about it.

What the hell? You've read about it...and here is your chance to see it.

But why stop there?

Is there nothing that he can't do? Oh and in case there is any doubt...his print advertisements are just as good as shown in the below picture from the Derek Jeter Driven: Black ads.