Sunday, February 10, 2008

Insomnia is Bad for the Body but Great for the Blog

So I have resorted to listening to my iPod as I attempt to fall sleep. Sadly the results are about the same. Somehow my iPod managed to defy all odds and play the same song three times in one hour. Not exactly the same song but three different versions of the same song. This in itself is oddly unsettling but when you consider that the song is mediocre at best, it begs the question of my own judgment for having purchased it multiple times. This thought, and the fact that I was nowhere close to falling asleep prompted me to get up and review my iTunes library for one song covered by multiple artists. Think of this as a continuation of my previous cover it is pretty much the same thing, just a little more kooky. My hope is that if you like one version of the song...maybe this will prompt you to like another version.

All I Have To Do Is Dream - 2 versions: The Everly Brothers (26) and The Dandy Warhols (24). Both versions are good. The newer Dandy version is a little spunkier but that doesn't necessarily make it better. Just about equally played on the that doesn't help. The winner...The Everly Brothers for its classic appeal.

Always On My Mind - 3 versions: Elvis (15), Willie Nelson (16), and The Pet Shop Boys (39). So the play count says it all. The Pet Shop Boys have it...but most likely because the other two versions make me sad. At least the PSB version can be danced to.

Always Something There to Remind Me - 2 versions: The Hippos (2) and Naked Eyes (16) Most of you are probably asking who the hell are The Hippos. I cannot say nor can I explain why there are on my iPod therefore The Naked Eyes have it.

Brown Eyed Girl - 4 versions: Van Morrison (91), Everclear (98), Glenn Mederios (4), Jimmy Buffet (6). A classic song that every girl with brown eyes is destined to love, so it should be no surprise that I have it on the iPod. 4 versions seems excessive but hey...I would have wasted that $0.99 on something else if it wouldn't have been music. No disrespect to the legend of Van but Everclear is the winner here. The alternative twist on it is awesome and they put a few original lines in it which make it relatable. I bet that every guy has a memory of dancing with their own brown eyed girl to this song and this song describes the feeling of thinking back to that moment whenever you hear it. At least those of you who have danced with me to this song better think of me when you hear it! (Teasing...kind of.)

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - 2 versions: Culture Club (3) and The Violent Femmes (3). Clearly I am not that fond of either version so let's just write this one off as a draw as well.

Don't Dream Its Over - 2 versions: Crowded House (34) and Sixpence None the Richer (34). This would appear to be a draw as well too if I were basing it purely on playcount but I am not. SPNR is the winner because it this version was used on Smallville.

Every Breath You Take - 3 versions: UB40 (35), The Police (20), and Phil Stacey (1). Who the hell is Phil Stacey? I think that I like the Ub40 version better because the reggae beat makes it seem more like a happy song as opposed to a stalker song. That being said, Sting never sounded sexier than he did while singing this song.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - 3 versions: Bryan Adams (98), New Found Glory (19), and Brandy (11). So I think that every girl my age fell in love with this song when Robin Hood came out. There is no question that Bryan Adams is the winner. The fact that I have to come to learn that the song is bullshit has not made me like it any less. I just don't get all weepy like I used to when I hear it.

Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon - 2 versions: Neil Diamond (103) and Urge Overkill (16). Silly Urge Overkill to even try to take on The Man. No One is better than Neil. There is no point in trying to discuss it further.
The Glory of Love - 3 versions: Peter Cetera (60), New Found Glory (12), and The Lettermen (34). Do you have any idea how long and hard of a battle it was to get the Peter Cetera version on my iPod. I couldn't find that damn thing anywhere, as it is the one song by Peter that is not offered on iTunes. Had I found it sooner, I assure you that it would have a much higher playcount. I love this song and love to hear him sing it. No it is not just because of its ties to The Karate Kid saga...but that doesn't hurt.

Heroes - 2 versions: David Bowie (41) and The Wallflowers (40). What can I say? I like both versions but I am somewhat partial to The Wallflowers version. My reasons are my own. Good luck finding it though. Of course, if you ask nicely, I might be willing to send you a CD.

I'll Stand By You - 2 versions: The Pretenders (76) and Carrie Underwood (46). Carrie's version is decent and was done for charity, which is obviously a bonus but The Pretenders own this song. I can only imagine how many times drunk Millie has butchered this song.

I Don't Like Mondays - 3 versions: Bon Jovi (64), The Boomtown Rats (32), and Tori Amos (20). Bon Jovi can take any song to a new level. I love to sing this song on the particularly terrible Mondays and singing along to the Bon Jovi version is always good for a smile. Did I mention that it is live? What's not to love?

I Want You To Want Me - 4 versions: Cheap Trick (26), Letters to Cleo (23), Dwight Yoakam (19), and Chris Isaak (12). I love this song. I have many fond memories of singing this song at parties, at work, at karoake bars, etc. Most of the memories are of the Cheap Trick version so it is the winner, but all are good.

Imagine - 3 versions: Jack Johnson (108), Blake Lewis (35), and John Lennon (10). No question...Jack Johnson is the winner here. I know that I am going to get so much shit for this one but whatever. I standby my decision that Jack sings it best.

Just Like Heaven - 5 versions: Soft Cell (77), Goldfinger (32), Rockabye Baby (28), Blatant Finger (19), and Dinosaur Jr. (12). This is another song that I absolutely love. I love the punk twist that a few of these bands have added but the original is the best. This song will always make me think of the bowling alley on Eubank and Candleria. If you know where I am talking about, you probably remember why.

Let It Be - 3 versions: The Beatles (12), Allison Crowe (10), and Anna Beaumont (10). This is another song that makes me sad but I am not sure why. Nor am I sure why I thought I needed three versions of it since I never seem to listen to the whole thing. I'm truly undecided so I will go with The Beatles version due to playcount and because I don't want my comments section to be plagued by pissed off Beatles fans.
Life Is A Highway - 2 versions: Rascal Flatts (67) and Tom Cochrane (5). I actually really enjoy Rascal Flatts, as I have found myself inspired to listen to more country music since about November. The fact that I have seen Cars more times than any human should does not play a part in this decision.

Moondance - 3 versions: Van Morrison (47), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (32), and Michael Buble (17). I have fond memories of cleaning up at Joes after hours and playing this song, as it was always a favorite among all of us regular closers. On good days, I could be sure that the mop would drop out of my dear friend Ryan's hands long enough for us to share a dance. On bad days, hey at least I got to listen to a good song. So for memory's sake, I will go with the Van version...but Jonathan's version is damn good as well.

My Prerogative - 2 versions: Bobby Brown (8) and Britney Spears (7). You know, I should be smacked upside the head for owning either version. No one is a winner.

Never Ending Story - 2 versions: Kajagoogoo and Limahl (88) and New Found Glory (34). Always the bridesmaid eh NFG? I am not sure why I fell for this song but I do enjoy hearing it. Maybe it is because I love the movie so much. still love it.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - 2 versions: Starship (67) and The Starting Line (32). I guess I am just a sucker for movie themes. I have always wanted to sing this song as a karoake duet...but I have yet to find a partner to sing it with me. Both versions are good...but once again the original is better.

Rhythm of the Night - 2 versions: Valeria (45) and DeBurge (37). This is another song that I love to dance around to...usually while sweeping or in the shower since that is when most of my dancing takes placed. Valeria wins it it is from one of my favorite movies which makes it great.

Semper Paratus - 2 versions: The Coast Guard Band (44) and The Naval Choir (17). I actually just shared with a someone that these songs being on my iPod, further proving what a geek I am. It was a good moment in a great conversation that I am grateful to have had. As if there is any question...The Coast Guard Band version totally wins this one.
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - 3 versions: MIKA (34), The Eurythmics (20), and Marilyn Manson (14). Have I mentioned that I LOVE MIKA? The man is fabulous and his version totally kicks ass!
Take My Breath Away - 2 versions: Berlin (145) and Jessica Simpson (38). Berlin is clearly the winner but I must admit that this is one of the few Jessica Simpson songs that didn't completely suck. There are only two times in my life that I have actually had a man take my breath away but at least I know that it is possible though rare.

Take On Me - 3 versions: A-ha (179), Reel Big Fish (38), and MXPX (21). Nothing can beat the original version of this song. This might be one of the greatest songs ever. Sure it lacks the deep meaning that most sings that are among the greatest but it is surely one of the most well liked songs. I will buy a beer for anyone who is brave enough to sing this song out loud. I recently have developed a new fond memory of this song. At about 2am, driving back from the GREATEST concert ever, I remember Dino and I singing this song in effort to stay awake. It sounded absolutely terrible and it was great fun.

Time After Time - 7 versions: Eva Cassidy (184), INOJ (78), Sugar Ray (64), Quietdrive (53), Cyndi Lauper (40), Paul Anaka (20), and Sarge (18). First let me admit that this song is not good enough to warrant having it on my iPod so many times. This blog is really making me wish that in the future I will think a little more before I click "Buy Song". Part of me wants to make Paul Anaka the winner as it is the most unexpected and unusual version of the song but clearly I really enjoy the Eva Cassidy version. Part of it is because it too is on the Smallville soundtrack but the main reason is because it sends chills down my spine when I hear it. You can hear the emotion and her voice and believe what she is singing. I know how it feels to be "laying in the bed again and hearing the clock tick and think of you."

Unchained Melody - 3 versions: The Righteous Brothers (198), Elvis (18) LeAnn Rimes (15). I feel in love with this song after seeing Ghost. There are only a few songs that are more romantic song than this one. I am more jaded than I was when I used to listen to this song and swear that one day my prince would sing this song to me as he swept me off my feet...but I still love it. As popular of a song as this is, I honestly have no memories involving it...other than thinking of the movie Ghost. Weird. The Righteous Brothers own this matter how many times other artists try to make it their own.

Under Pressure - 3 versions: My Chemical Romance/The Used (34), David Bowie/Queen (23) and Keane (14). I am not sure why Keane felt the need to cover this song but it isn't bad. The original is good because it is the original but I tend to prefer MCR/TU version. That is the little punk rocker in me talking though.

Wonderful Tonight - 3 versions: Eric Clapton (184), David Kersh (99), and Babyface (3). Ask any guy and they will tell you that this is a song written about a nagging and insecure wife. Ask any woman and they will tell you that it is one of the sweetest songs ever. I like Clapton's version of it but the winner is Kersh. This song just sounds better as a country song. I only recently remembered that it existed since as I said...I am finding my way back to country music....kind of.

Your Love - 2 versions: The Outfield (205) and Midtown (21). No contest...The Outfield has it. I think that this song is great because it is another song that is all about the moment and not the future. Whatever it is...I will never turn it off when it comes on. If I am at my desk and someone comes in, I will hit pause because this song is awesome!
Your Song - 2 versions: Ewan McGregor (168) and Elton John (120). This is another incredibly romantic and wonderful song. Elton gets props for writing it but Ewan was just so sexy when he sang it that I can't help but pick him as the winner. Damn Moulin Rouge was brilliant!

So I really need to get some sleep. Oh least tomorrow we can find out just how off my Grammy picks were!


The Kiskadian said...

holy shit it took me a hour to read this. it brought back some good memories. i made a total ass out of myself at the bowling alley that night so of course i remember it. and of course i think of you when i hear brown eyed girl since you are the only one that i have ever dated. i am now a fool for blondes with blue eyes.

Todd said...

This is actually a pretty good post but Jesus Christ woman, take an ambien and get your sleep back.

And Kiska, you were always making an ass out of yourself so the bowling alley was nothing special.

Adrian said...

Should you be awake, and enjoy hearing an eighth version of "Time After Time" - here's Allison Crowe's live version and accompanying home-movie as well ( :

cheers, Ad (who serves as manager to Allison, and is up at all hours, too!)

The Kiskadian said...

ummm do you realize that you made a huge error in your post milville? HUGE