Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sway My Way

So I was listening to the Honey & the Moon (again) and I was realized that I had totally forgotten where I first heard the song. I first heard this near and dear song in the movie American Wedding, which has been on my mind for some reason over the past couple of days. It just seemed a little like the Kevin Bacon game, that one of my favorite songs was used in someone else's favorite movie. Or maybe that it is a bit of a reach.

Anyway...this prompted me to think of a few other songs that were used in movies and earned a place in my heart. I probably never would have learned to love them if not for the brief lines played in whatever flick I happened to hear them in.

Honey & the Moon by Joseph Arthur (321 playcount) - heard in American Wedding: At this point no explaination should be necessary. I am running out of unused lines from this song to blog about...but here is another one. "And right now the sun is trying to kill the moon." Ahhh...that feeling of dread that sometimes comes with the morning. The passion and joy that was shared in the night will have to come to end...with the moon goes the person who shared it with you. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love this song.

The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way) by Filter (68) - heard in Anger Management: So in the scene where Adam Sandler is pacing on the roof waiting to hear from Buddy, this is the song that is playing. I am not a big fan of Filter (of course they only have like two popular songs so how could I be?) but I do really like this song. I am not sure if I entirely get the meaning of the song but it is still a good tune. I actually think that the song might be slighter darker than I would like it to be so I ignore the somewhat emotionally charged lyrics and think that the guy in the song is just persistent. The line: "The only way is the wrong way." Ok so this is a little uncreative but I just reread the lyrics and they are as dark as I thought. Besides, we all can all relate to this line to some extent.

Sway by Bic Runga (55) - heard in American Pie: It has been awhile since I have seen the movie, but I seem to remember that it was the song that was playing the when everyone starts ummm..."hooking up" after the prom. This is a sweet song that is about longing for that special someone. I love how vulnerablility. The line that gets me the most from this song is "It doesn't seem right to to look you in the eye and let all the things you mean to me come tumbling out my mouth." I understand wanting to be able to say certain things and not be able to. That being said, there is something special about knowing that you don't actually have to say the words because the other person can see it in your eyes. God I am such a sap.

The Best of Times by Styx (142) - heard in Big Daddy: First let me say that hearing this song in this movie is what started my unexplainable love for Styx. Yes I admitted that I love Styx. In the movie, they play this song as Sonny and Layla share their first kiss in the streetlights in front of her house. There is something about an unexpected first kiss under streetlights that could convince any girl that that moment was in fact, "the best of times".

Tenderness by General Public (68) - heard in Clueless: This song begins to play at the end of the movie at the girls fight over the wedding bouquet. It has perfect timing as Cher and Josh kiss just as the chorus starts. It is a sweet moment which makes me wonder why on earth they chose this song. I mean, if you have know the lyrics, you know that it is not a song about budding love. Whatever, it worked for the moment...probably because most normal people are not as obsessed with lyics as I am. There is a line in the song "I'm just so sick of second best pet." and it makes no sense to me. How could any pet would ever think that her master was second best? See what I mean about this song being an odd fit for the scene? Oh well.

Always You by Sophie Zelmani (107) - heard in My Best Friend's Wedding: In spite of the numerous times that I have seen this movie, I honestly don't know when they used it, which makes me think that it is during the credits. Here is another song that is endearing because of its vulnerability. There is one part that is especially sweet to me where she is singing to her lover about searching for his love and she says "I'd go twice around the world even though I may not find it". That is a prett major sacrifice but then again, when you find someone who is that special, one can themselves willing to do anything for that person, with no hesistation or certainity of outcome.

So there are a few of the songs that found their way into my music library as a result of movies. There are a few more but we'll save them for another night.


The Kiskadian said...

you are stupid to be such a romantic at heart. people like you buy off on this shit because you want to believe that it exists. it doesn't and i thought you already knew that.

THE TODD said...

Here we go again. Trouble in paradise Kiskadian?

Not a bad post but a little bit sappy. Are you back on another chick flick craze?

Millie said...

I am on a pop culture overload in general. What can I say, I need to feel better so I can get away from the TV.

Is everything okay Kiskadian? Just a week ago you were swearing that love was the answer to all in the world.

The Kiskadian said...

i don't believe in love or any of that romantic bullshit anymore.

Anonymous said...

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