Monday, January 25, 2010

Well I May Be A Sinner but It Wasn't Me This Time!

Happy Monday folks. And what a Monday it was. For me it was filled with rain, frequent trips to the "Fresh Air" deck and making old man jokes about Brett Favre. Overall...not a bad way to start the week. And now that the pleasantries are over with....let's shuffle.

Take It on The Run by REO Speedwagon - Can anyone explain to me why I get laughed at every time I admit to liking REO Speedwagon? This song in particular is pretty damn awesome. It is one of the ultimate challenge song. There is something oddly sexy about the line "If you leave tonight keep running and you need never look back again." I also like the reality of it, in the sense that at the beginning he doesn't believe it but by the end of it he basically slams the door in her face. It's just a good tune. It is an easy song to sing along because lets face it, you know some of the words even if you don't want to admit it. Best Line: If that's the way you want it baby then I don't want you around."

Thick as Thieves by Dashboard Confessional - OK now here is a song of devotion. This guy is ready hang for this chick and its clear about one third of the way into the song that she doesn't deserve. What is it about dumb men sticking up for bitchy women? Oh well...not really the point. Vocally and lyrically this song is phenomenal though it is not one of the more popular DC songs. Another plus of the song is that fact that it is quick. It is not one of those songs that drags on forrrrrrrevvvvvver. Its in and out in less than 3 minutes but totally gets the job done. Again...another great little tune. Best Line: I swear I'll make it right."

Joey by Concrete Blonde - This is such a sad little song for me. I am not sure why it makes me sad because I sure that there is a chance that Joey and his love worked things out but I don't really think so. If the guy is passed out on the floor I'd say that the ship has sailed. What makes this song so great is the unabashed pleading for another chance. I think that deep down most of our egos yearn to have someone plead and fight for our love like that. I also think we all want to love someone so much that our hearts refuse to let them go. Or maybe its just me. Best Line: But if its love you're looking for then I can give a little more."
You Will Love This Song by Amber Rubarth - If you have never heard of Amber Rubarth before, don't feel bad....most people haven't. Now that being said...go out and download this song. It is one of the most well written story telling songs I have heard in a long time. The details of this song make it easy for you to picture the way that the whole relationship played out which is cool. More significantly, anyone who has ever been dumped can relate to the song so that takes it up a notch on the greatness charts. But best of all, it is not a depressing song. Her bubbly and sweet voice is catchy and pleasant to listen to. So this song. Best Line: Now I'm wondering if I imagined it or if it was ever really there?"

Sunday, January 24, 2010


OMG! I have officially seen the BEST COMMERCIAL EVER.

Seriously, how funny is this commercial? I don't what sets above the rest except for the fact that I cannot stop laughing when I see or even think about it. It is fucking hilarious. And so I have decided to immortalize it on my blog so I can laugh at it anytime that I fee like it.

Oh and Congrats to Peyton Manning for leading the Colts to victory today. Once again I say...In Peyton I trust! The Colts are going all the way!

Luv Ya, Millie

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cover Me

By now you know that I am a huge fan of covers. Mo help me but I really love them. There is something about them that touches my heart. I think that it is the fact that they offer a new spin on an old song. I don't know...but that is not the point. Tonight's point is that when it comes to band has it all over another other cover band.

There is only one cover band to span multiple decades...covering hit after hit after. There is only one cover band that your child will listen to now while your mother sings along. You know who I am talking about...

C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K-S!!!!!! Holla!

So in honor of the most successful cover band of all are my five favorite songs covered by those lovable furry little rodents. Take a few minutes to embrace your inner child and sing along with Alvin and The Chipmunks.


Daydream Believer - So I fully admit that this song makes my list because I am quite the sentimental sap. You see, this song has been a favorite of mine since I was a girl and The Chipmunks have always been a favorite of mine. Put the two together and Millie is in music heaven. Yes I said it, this song is music heaven for me.


Only You - Now the original version of this song was good but this cover is better. I absolutely love this song. The Chipmunks sing with such passion that I actually believe that Alvin really does love only me. You cannot listen to this song without smiling...and that is a Millie Guarantee.


I Want To Hold Your Hand - See now this I own all of my music knowledge to this cover. You see, I probably never would have been exposed to The Beatles music if The Chipmunks hadn't covered this song. Call it a generational thing but this song is what made me start to listen to The Beatles. Music critics be damned.


Rock And Roll - I think that this is my number two pick because I find it to be such an inappropriate song for The Chipmunks to sing. I mean...isn't the song about a "dry spell"? I don't know and don't really care. In spite of its inappropriateness I think it is awesome. I love it!


Livin' On A Prayer - So the Bon Jovi fan in me cries at the thought of anyone but Jon singing this song but all is well when I hear Alvin belt out this classic tune. The Chipmunks manage to capture all of the passion that Bon Jovi put into the original which is why this is my favorite cover EVER by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Luv ya, Millie

Monday, January 18, 2010

Your Words In My Memory...Are Like Music To Me

Happy Monday Folks. I hope that all of you had pleasant long weekends. Now enough with the pleasantries...let's shuffle!

Every Little Step by Bobby Brown - The best part of this song is that it serves as a reminder that there was once a time when Bobby Brown was cool. True it was long ago and never likely to have a revival but that is not the point. For a moment in time we were singing and bobbing our heads along to this catchy tune without getting laughed at. Truth is that this is a fun little song to jam to which is why you still catch people listening to it today. It is a peppy love song for the guy trying to get the girl. I don't seek this song out but I always enjoy hearing it. Best Line: "No matter what your friends try to tell you, we were meant to fall in love."

Together by The Kin - So a couple of months ago I had no clue who in the hell The Kin was and now I absolutely love them. They opened up for my beloved Joshua Radin in NYC and it took all of about 45 seconds of them being on stage for me to fall in love with them. If you have no clue who they are do yourself a favor and YouTube them. They are cute and talented which is awesome. So here is your typical song about about staying together even after all the pain. It reminds me that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Nothing fancy but enjoyable. Check it out! And yeah...that is me with one of the brothers from The Kin. Don't ask me which one because I have no clue. Best Line: "Its all gonna be the same when you get there."

Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey - I think that this was the last song by Mariah before she went crazy. It was sweet and not slutty and I loved it. I miss the sweet and sober Mariah of my youth....but that is not the point. Remember how cute the video for this song was? The two kids away at camp and how in love with the girl the little boy was? It was adorable. The song itself is pretty adorable. I'll admit...I still like to sing it today. It is a confident little love song which is why it works. There is not much too it. Lyrically nor vocally is it one of Mariah's best songs but that is okay. Not every song can be a Hero. It is kind of like sangria. It doesn't pack a heavy punch but it is always enjoyable. Best Line: "Boy don't you know you can't escape me, oh darling cuz you'll always be my baby."

Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol - OK so this song is FUCKING AWESOME. I hate that haven't listened to it as much as I want to and am doing everything that I can to fix that without overplaying it. I kid you not, I listen to it at least three times a day. I would listen to it more by I feel bad for Pat who can hear everything in my cube. Anyone who has been to a movie in the past three months has heard this song because it is used in the trailer for Dear John. If that didn't hook you I don't know if I can help you but I am trying. Just listen to it once in its entirety and tell me it is one of the sexiest and most awesome songs EVER. I dare you. Best Line: "I pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms."

Good Girl Gone by MIKA - Again I submit to you that I am truly grateful for the awesomeness that is MIKA. How in the world did I ever get out of a bad mood without him? I swear to you that you cannot be in a bad mood when listening to MIKA. His peppy beats mixed with his ass shaking beats always result in an outstanding song. This song is my favorite off his latest album. I think that I tend to personalize this song a little bit which would account for my near obsession with the song. This is another song that I listen to at least once a day. If you do one thing to better yourself this week, make it downloading a MIKA song. Best Line: "Needs somebody to notice but the goodness gets her down."

Good Night Peeps! Luv, Millie

Saturday, January 16, 2010


So for the record...I have always been a fan of Conan O'Brien. I have never "got" Jay Leno. I am sure that it is generational thing but that is not the point.

In light of all the talk about Team Leno vs. Team Conan I feel compelled to make it known that I am Team CONAN all the way.

I love me some Conan. He is another one of those rare oddities that is not the most attractive but still manages to be incredibly sexy. He is funny, charming and can laugh at himself. How awesome is that? Love me some Conan.

And now you have douche bag Jay Leno making trouble for everyone. It is all too similar to the whole Favre situation if you ask me. Or like the guy this week who tried to make me feel bad that he drills for points only. Why can't these old guys just let go?

Seriously....wouldn't you rather be remembered in prime and go out with some dignity rather than be remembered as the leech that didn't know when to say when.

Fuck Jay Leno. Fuck Brett Favre. Fuck Points Only Guy.

Go Conan! Go Romo! Go non-IRR Reservists!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

So once again we have another big weekend of football ahead of us. Quite honestly...I only care because there is nothing else sports-wise to focus on. My Yankee withdrawal is getting worse by the day and football is simply a diversion. Now that being said it is time to get my predictions out of the way before the craziness begins. On Sunday we will revisit and see how I did.

Arizona vs. New Orleans:
Who I want to Win: Arizona
Who Will Win: Arizona
In spite of the total self-destruction of the Cardinals last week I still think that they will win this game. Yes I know that the game is in New Orleans and yes I know that the Saints are the better team and yet I am still picking the Cards. Why? One reason...Kurt Warner. I don't know if the man sold his soul or what but the man always manages to find a way to keep his team in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy. They rarely win it but he keeps the dream alive. So yeah...I'm betting on Kurt to outplay Drew which will result in the Cards advancing to the NFC Championship.

Baltimore vs Indianapolis:
Who I want to Win: Indy
Who Will Win: Indy
So help me Mo if the Colts don't win I am going to give up on football. No NFC/AFC Championships, No Superbowl for me, nothing. I don't care what anyone says, the Colts are the best team in the NFL and if they lose to the Ravens I am going to be pissed. Now that being said, if the Ravens win I do hope that they ride this wave all the way to end and that Flacco earns himself a trip to Disney. I won't be watching but I'll be happy for them nonetheless. That being said...IN PEYTON I TRUST.

Dallas vs. Minnesota:
Who I Want to Win: Dallas
Who Will Win: Minnesota
Damn it all but I think that Brett is going to lead his team to victory. If there was a way for the Vikings to win and Brett to lose I would be all for it. Sadly it is a package deal and so I will root for the Cowboys. I will just feel slightly dirty for it as I do. Maybe I will watch Twilight again during this game.

New York vs. San Diego:
Who I Want to Win: New York
Who Will Win: San Diego
This one could get ugly for me. I totally want the Jets to win and I am pretty scared of the Chargers winning. I want the Jets to win because when in doubt, root for the New York team. The Jets might not be my preferred New York team but I will cheer for them nonetheless. I also want them to win because no Colts fan can ever go into a game against the Chargers totally confident. The Chargers are a damn good team and it will take every ounce of talent that the Jets can muster to defeat. "LETS HEAR IT FOR NEW YORK!"

As fun as this has been...Mo help me I miss baseball.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got To Go

So I am amazed at the fact that no matter times I see the USPS commercial with the clown I am still freaked out by it.

What the fuck is wrong with that clown? I would whoop whoever sent that to me.

This has prompted me to ask the question of which is creepier?

The USPS Clown or the The King?

VOTE NOW and help me decide!