Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wherever I Go...He Goes!

Well folks, we survived our 800 mile trip. Honestly, I was not looking forward to the trip by any means and I actually was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I ended up having a great time. Professionally, it was by far the best presentation that the office has put on so we are proud of the hard work that goes into these things. Honestly...No complaints save one, but one cannot have everything they desire. So all and was worth spending 15+ hours in a car in about three days.

More importantly, we got to share the fun with MC. So enjoy the pics that are the latest installment of "My MC & Me". Wherever I go...he goes. It is amazing how many random strangers wanted to meet the MC along the road. Here are my favorites from the trip.

(MC and I at the Toutle River Rest Stop)

(MC is the THE MAN)

(MC and I at the Oak Grove Rest Stop)

(MC and Random Dude at the Oak Grove Rest Stop)

(MC and Gas Station Dude in Drain, OR.)

(MC Chilling in the Lobby at the Edgewater Motel in Coos Bay, OR)

(MC and Mikel playing some pinball.)

(MC, LT, and Mikel checking in at the front desk.)

(MC and I starting our day with some Dutch Bros Coffee.)

(MC and I celebrating Safety!)

(MC and Team FOT chowing down on "my people" food.)

(Everyone wants to kick it with MC!)

(Safety First MC!)

(MC and I as close to CG Helo as they would let us get.)

(If people knew MC was at our Motel, there would be no vacant rooms.)

(MC and Team FOT eating the BEST Steak ever!)

(Our Waitress loved the MC!)

(MC kicking it at the bar.)

(MC and I at Buffalo Bills!)

(Only taken because MC hates the damn Yankees!!!)

(MC and Mikel in front of the "boat".)

(MC and I on the boardwalk.)

(MC and I at our final meal of the trip. Boy were we tired!)


THE TODD said...

I guess I just don't get it.

The Kiskadian said...

is the MC dude dead or what?

you looked tired by the end of the trip but you looked kind of hot the at the oak rest stop