Sunday, November 4, 2007

Underated Bon Jovi Songs...Take 1

Unless you live in a cave you are familiar with the Bon Jovi classics such as Livin' on a Prayer and Its' My Life. You have no doubt sang a line from Who Says You Can't Go Home or been unable to get You Give Love a Bad Name out of your head. This is all well and Bon Jovi kicks ass and you should be proud to sing any of their songs. However...there are a lot of Bon Jovi songs that people don't know about because they never listen to the whole CD. So here are few songs that if you don't rock should. So Take My Hand and We'll Make it I Swear...
Captain Crash and Beauty Queen from Mars - Crush: So this isn't your typical rocking Jovi song...but it still rocks. It didn't stand a chance as for as being a break out song because it was off the same album as Its My Life. I can't help but love this song because the characters of track are weird. Not creepy weird but non-conformist weird which I think is pretty damn cool. I know that this sounds weird coming from an Coastie (hello...conformity is a way of life) but I think that is the appeal. I cannot be extremely different. I am not sure that I would want to be all of the time...but it might not be bad some of the time. But I digress...this song has fun lyrics, lovable characters and chorus that is easy to sing along to. I often think of Bobby N when I hear this song because we were weird together. Our friendship worked because we were weird together. I think back and realize that we were invincible least for little while. This is one of the few songs that makes me think of Bobby and doesn't make me sad. I miss my best friend terribly...but this song allows me to celebrate our friendship...not mourn his passing. Getting back on this track and and celebrate being odd. (I say this because if you are reading this blog you must be slightly odd.)

Story of My Life - Have a Nice Day: Ok so it is another song about being different so it isn't that different but whatever. I like the song and I think that you will too. I love the line "And when I paint my masterpiece I swear I'll show you first." I think it is quite romantic. The song is is a little it rocks. Laugh away but I swear he is singing to me when he says "This is the story of my life and I write it everyday, and I hope you're by my side when I'm writing the last page".

In These Arms - Keep the Faith: You didn't really think that I wasn't going to have a power ballad on the list did you? Most people think of I'll Be There for You or Bed of Roses when they think of Bon Jovi ballads and they should...because those are their best ones. But this one has got to be their 5th best my opinion. It has all the makings of a power ballad...including lines that would be totally gay if not for the fact that there is an awesome guitar rift playing as he sings them. My favorite of the cheesy lines in this song has to be "Baby I want you like the roses want the rain. Baby I need you like a poet needs the pain." If it were anyone but Jon Bon Jovi singing these would be lame....but he makes it hot. I swear...the man is a magician.

So there you have...three songs to download if you haven't already. Clearly nothing has pissed me off since my last blog so I am back to writing my random thoughts instead of cursing whatever nonsense is making headlines. I may blog again today if the Colts choke.

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