Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Happy Turkey Day Folks!

I wasn't going to blog tonight...but I have to report my pick for "Worst Part of the Day." This infamous title goes to.....(drum roll please)....

Johnny Rzeznik and the Goo Goo Dolls for the most terrible half-time performance EVER!!!
Okay so maybe not ever...but it was pretty damn awful. The song choice was terrible....the sound was terrible...Johnny looked terrible...and those damn dancers made no sense and looked horribly out of place.

I have been a loyal supporter of the Goo for 12 years....and I am starting to think that it was good while it lasted...but perhaps the ship has sailed.


THE TODD said...

You still answer your phone on occassion don't you?

How did it go on Wednesday?

Millie said... has been crazy busy this week. Life should return to normal (for me anyway) on Sunday.

It went pretty much as expected...don't be surprised if next week they decide to they want to slice 'n' dice the M-Rock again. Oh well...the scars make me look tough.

Give hugs to Brooke and boys for me.

THE TODD said...

Holy Shit!

You really are turning into the bionic woman.

You know that I can't afford to keep sending you flowers every few months for your surgeries so tell whatever quack they keep sending you to see that they need to fix the shit right the first time.

Millie said...

Bionic woman no...Darth Vader yes. I am more machine than wo-man!

We'll see what happens. No need for flowers everytime...maybe just a text to make sure I didn't die under the knife.

I seem to remember sending you a singing telegram for your first surgery...not that I am implying anything...(cough) Jon Bon Jovi.