Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is Halloween...

This is Halloween...everyone hail to the Pumpkin King!

In honor of my favorite holiday and in effort to get back to the pop culture that I love so dearly...here is my list of the best Halloween movies.

DISCLAIMER...not the scariest movies...as it took me a week to be able to sleep with the light off after that blog. This is just a list of my favorite movies about or related to Halloween.

#5 - Jeepers Creepers - The rarely successful combination of fear and humor are what make this movie awesome. My favorite part of this movie is at the beginning where they are getting chased down the freeway by the monster as he rams their P.O.S car. I remember being terrified for them and laughing my ass off because I could imagine myself reacting exactly like the main characters did. Where did you get those eyes indeed?

#4 Salem's Lot (the original) - Vampires = Halloween. Stephen King = a week of sleeping with the light on. This movie still creeps me out. Its' classic moment...the dead brother scratching at the window begging to be let in. This scene has been redone to death but other classic films such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie (insert sarcasm here) to the Simpsons. The original is Good stuff. The Remake...sucks ass.

# 3 Saw - Okay... so Halloween doesn't actually have anything to do with this movie except that ever since this movie came out at least three people think it is cool to dress up like this creepy puppet thing. This movie gets major fear points because it makes you think about what people are willing to do to stay alive. Sure we've all had the conversation about which of your friends you would eat first in order to stay alive while snowed in on a mountain range. None of us (at least none of us in my entourage) ever discussed cutting open someones stomach in order to retrieve a key that would free us from certain death. Oh...and the whole reminder that anyone has the potential to be a homicidal maniac...yeah that freaked me out. I must have looked over my shoulder for at least two weeks after this one.

#2 - Halloween (the original) - OK so this is an easy one...and a given. I think that it is combination of Laurie's innocence and Michael's pure evilness that make it a classic. Jamie Lee Curtis was endearing enough that you could root for her and the annoying naughty girls got whacked in classic blood and guts tradition. This is the movie that launched the 8 movies that followed. Many of its' sequels sucked...but hey...we obviously kept spending $$$ to see them or they wouldn't have kept making them. Oh...and it has THE scariest movie theme EVER. Seriously...a few years ago I had it on my phone as the ringtone and it lasted until I received my first call at night and that was the end of the that. Oh and for the record... Michael Myers would have kicked Jason and Freddie's ass...no contest.

Without Further Ado...

#1 - The Nightmare Before Christmas - Okay give me a break. This is no brainer too. This movie kicks ass!!! It is the best movie about Halloween...in fact it is one of the best movies ever. (My obsession with Tim Burton has nothing with this...although I doubt it would be as awesome if someone else tried to pull off this movie.) The soundtrack is awesome...the plot is great...and they re-released it in 3D. (Which also kicked ass BTW.) There are numerous great moments but the best part has to be when that little blond kid opens his present and pulls out the shrunken head. His little face drops as his eyes bulge out of his head. Even better...he still has this look on his face when Santa returns to save the day.

So get out there and have some fun this Halloween. Or stay home and watch one of the above movies. Oh...and remember to give out the good candy. None of that orange and black crap that nobody likes. (Why in the hell do they keep making that stuff? It tastes terrible and it has a shelf life of five minutes.)

At some point I should try to study for that damn midterm.

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