Monday, November 26, 2007

In A Land of Make Believe

Political feelings aside...I have to admit that I still love Green Day. Not in the crazy way of my youth...when I watched their Jaded in Chicago Concert at least three times a week. I no longer have Billie Joe posters in my locker (but thanks to TJ I had that damn MC picture in there for weeks!!!!) and don't wear Basket Case shirts anymore. I would not wait in line for 7 hours to get tickets to see them in concert, and I would not go to WalMart at 1201 on the day that their new album is released because I just don't care like I used to. All that said...I still love their music and I never get tired of hearing their songs.

I have shown them no love on this blog because I strongly disagree with a lot of what they have said over the past few years. Yet as I drove home from the store of their songs came on the iPod and made me feel like I was seeing an old friend that I hadn't seen in years. Thus...a blog in celebration of their songs that to this day I still love.

Paper Lanterns (played 59 times on the Millie iPod) - This song is early Green Day...and unless you are a super fan...I doubt you know it. I think that everyone who has ever moved on from anyone can relate to this song. It seems very un-punk of Green Day, but I never really thought that they were that punk to begin with. The opening line is decent and the chorus is singable. The line: "I do not mind if all I am is just a friend to you but what I want to know right now is if you think about me too?" Who can't relate to that feeling?

2000 Light Years Away (played 48 times on the iPod)- Also early GD but popular enough. This is the song that Billie Joe wrote for his future wife after he left for a tour shortly after meeting her. How hot is that? It is another song that shreds the credibility of Green Day with punk fans but whatever. It is the opening song on the album Kerplunk and it is awesome. The line: "I hold my breath and close my eyes and think about her because she is 2000 light years away." Awww....what it lacks in punk rock edge it makes up for in sweetness.

She (played 51 times on the iPod) - There is no reason for me to explain why this song is a favorite one on my mine....unless you haven't heard it or you don't know anything about me. Therefore...No line.

If you haven't caught on yet...I am picking one song from each album. I am skipping Insomniac because it SUCKED!!! Talk about a total let down album. I don't care how big of a fan you were...there was nothing nice to say about this one. This was their sell-out album if you ask me.

Nice Guys Finish Last (played 73 times on the iPod) - This song is one that I like to listen to when I want to feel like a badass. I am not sure why it has that effect on me but it does. It is on the Millie workout playlist. It is a funny song, a real song, and let's face it...just an overall kick ass song. The line: "I'm so fucking happy I could cry." 'nuff said.

Castaway (played 45 times on the iPod) - If you would have asked me to pick a song off of the Warning album a few weeks would have been Church on Sunday because I thought it was the most truthful and real song written by the band. I still like it...but I don't agree with the last verse anymore so I am changing my pick for the album to Castaway because I like the idea of song. In a weird is actually kind of inspiring. Yet another example of the lack of punk in Green Day. The line: " Spontaneous combustion in the corners of my mind, leaving in a lurch and I'm taking back what's mine."

Poprocks and Coke (played 121 times on the iPod) - This song was one of two new songs on the greatest hits album which made it stand out. There is one reason that this song is in my heart. It was the last song that Bobby karaoked before he passed away. It was two days before I left for boot camp and the last night I ever saw my best friend. The line: "So I'll see you there."

Seriously...WTF was Shenanigans? Worst Green Day Album EVER.

Moving on...bringing us to...American Idiot. It is hard to pick a song off of this album. The title track is one of the more cleverly written songs by the band. Holiday has the best beat and thought-provoking lyrics as well. Wake Me When September Ends was not bad...but exploited. This album is a work of musical art. My pick...

Jesus of Suburbia (played 65 times on the iPod which is no small feat considering that the song is nine minutes long!!!!) - it isn't actually that hard to pick a song. Reviewing the is the clear winner. What other nine minute song can say that it is amazing from start to finish? The lyrics are awesome! The beat is perfectly timed to speed up and re-excite you just as you are about to move onto the next song. It is impossible to pick one line because every line is great. I will compromise...see the song is broken into parts and will select one of those....Part 2 City of the Damned.

Much to the dismay of Green Day fans...there has not been a new album since American Idiot. Sure they have don't a few single tracks...but no album. Oh well. No blog about Green Day would be complete without mentioning my favorite all time Green Day moment. Drum roll please....

Theme to The Simpsons' Movie - Isn't it lovely when two great things get together and make even greater things? (Todd and Brooke...talking about you two love birds!) Somehow I had no idea that Green Day was covering the theme song and thus making a cameo in the much anticipated movie. It was a wonderful surprise! No line...any Simpson's fan knows what I am talking about.


The Kiskadian said...

Do you still miss Bobby?

Millie said...

Of course...what makes you think that I wouldn't?

The Kiskadian said...

nothing. i guess i was just wondering if you okay with it now or if it is still hard for you.

Millie said...

It is probably like your knee...some days are fine and some hurt like hell.