Sunday, August 17, 2008

Looking Back - Best Posts 1-3

Holy Smokes...I have made it to 200!?!?!?! Eat your heart out...critics be damned!

So here it is...the top 3 posts of the blog. While I did take into consideration all of the feedback that I received (thank you!)...I ultimately made the final decision on my own guessed it...My Blog...My Rules. So here it is...the top 3 posts from my blog. Enjoy folks!

#3 Sexy Never Left: I'm Bringing Back...Yeah! OK so rereading this particular post gave me great joy. There is no doubt that it is one of my favorite posts of the blog. For the record, I still believe that PEOPLE got it Matt Damon is not the Sexiest Man Alive. Of course, I highly doubt that PEOPLE would take my suggestion for that role seriously so I will keep it to myself. That being said...there is nothing sexier than a man who can shake a woman so much that she will spend all day hoping to hear his voice...and it is always worth the wait. That being said... this post was not devoted to sexy man...rather to sexy songs...which of course is right up my alley.

In this particular post, I chose my picks for the sexiest songs over the past 20 years. The first song that I picked was Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. I still believe that it is one of the most sexy songs ever written. I am surprised that it has not made one of my opening line postings as the first line is incredibly sexy. 'The world was on fire and no one could save me but you, it's strange what desire will make foolish people do." It certainly is. But moving on...the next line really hits it on the head. "I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you and I never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you." No one really believes that they will meet someone whom they would be willing to give up everything for and when you do...the biggest fear that you have is that you will lose him. There is no fear regarding what you are giving for him (or to him), there is no fear about the risk involved with loving him...only the fear of losing him. Chris really captured that in this song....which is what makes it so damn sexy.

The next song discussed is Can't Help Falling in Love by UB40. Read the post if you want my opinion but I 100% stand by it. Bed of Roses is much sexier...and that is all that I have to say about that.

The next song mentioned was I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. I know what it is like to be willing to give up sleep just because you don't want to miss one moment with that someone special. Isn't that Starbucks Double Shot is for? At least...that is what I was told.

Iris was the next song...and I still believe that it is incredibly sexy song. I really don't think that I can say anything new about the song because I have blogged about it so much. Yet I realized that there is one line that I have not mentioned before that really is one of the better and sexier lines of the song. Throughout the song Johnny croons the line "I just want you know who I am". I have overlooked that line in the past because I have long been terrified of really letting anyone know the inner workings of my wacky brain. But when you really think about it, is there anything more amazing than meeting someone with whom you would actually want to share that with? I believe that if you meet someone that you really desire to share that much has to mean something and should be embraced for whatever it is.

The post moved on to discuss Hero, Your Body is A Wonderland, and You're Beautiful...all hot songs. But I think that I hit on all that needed to be said in this post. Sexy is subject to individual opinion. The point is that is when you find someone that makes you feel that special is worth everything to find out why....and if you are unsure...just listen to any one of these songs and you feel find the strength to pursue it.

#2 Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is the Master of It All. Honestly, this should come as no surprise. While this is not one of my longer postings...I doubt that there is post that I have put more thought into. (I realize how much of geek that makes me.) I cannot count how many times I have been asked if I had to choose...would it Jeter or Jovi. Crazy as it really was a tough choice. Both men are amazing and have their strong it took some time to make up my mind. That being I listed some of the greatest features of two of the greatest men to grace the planet, it was quite clear to me that while Jon Bon Jovi is wonderful, Derek Jeter is slightly more wonderful, but Strider is better. I have no doubt that Strider is the real deal. He cannot give his all, but to have even a bit of his heart is better than to have none. The romantic in me will probably always long for Strider. While I know in my heart that he will never be "mine", it does not stop me from keeping the image of him in my heart. I am in love with the idea that a man could accept that he while he could not give the woman everything, that it was enough that he gave her something. That little ray of sunshine is everything to someone who has long lived in the dark. Strider is my light in the dark. For that reason alone, this is my #2 spite of being #1 in my heart. " Ae u-esteliach nad, estelio han, estelio ammen." Oh and to answer the big question that came after I posted this post...yes I still think that Derek is the winner of the Jeter vs Jovi question.

Once again...drum roll please...the best post of the blog thus far is.....

#1 Its Like This and Like That and Like This and Uh... This should come as no surprise since it was a favorite of so many of my readers. The fact that Todd and Robin both agreed that this was their favorite post was miraculous enough...and therefore made it worthy of the #1 spot. Judging by the length of the post...serious thought when into writing it. The reason that this post is the clear cut winner is because it seems applicable to all of my readers. Either they experienced it first hand with me back in the 90s, or I can find a way to tie them into now. Every single song mentioned in this post is accompanied by a memory or is a song that I would to build a memory on. I remember that writing this post made me laugh, smile, and even cry. Rereading it had the same effect on me. If there is any doubt that it is the best...there is not now. It takes something special to have that kind of effect on me. The fact that it had that kind of effect on some of my readers makes it even more special.

While I blog to for brings me great joy to know that there are readers out there out enjoy my ramblings. Here's hoping that the next 200 posts are equally entertaining.


THE TODD said...

Holy Shit Millie Vanillie. I have to say that you got the top three right.

I loved your sexy song post because you really let loose and just wrote the shit out of it.

I loved your Jeter vs Jovi post because it was funniest display of your insanity that I can remember. Still don't get the obsession with either guy or why they both lost to fictional guy but it still pretty damn funny. But serious Mil, should Jeter be the winner considering that Jovi is way too old for you and Strider doesn't exist and therefore your chances of landing him are 0?

But no doubt that 90s post is the best. Rereading it brought back a lot of memories. Story of our lives Millie Vanillie.

So I guess that means this is actually your best post.

Anonymous said...

you should pick one subject and stick with it. you sound uninformed when you write about so much different stuff.

Jeff said...

This reminded me of when you beat me junior year in the writing contest at La Cueva. You still got it.

MoVi said...

Cruising down memory lane is right. Great songs, great writing, and great memories. You go girl.

Dr. Fine said...

You Jovi vs Jeter post was one of your posts ever. I am not surprised that it is in your top 3 but disappointed.

The 90s post was your best so far.

Millie said...

Jeff - That must make you Jeff Wruble. You can't still be pissed about that La Cueva thing. You beat me every other challenge. I was bound to get lucky once. How are you and what are you doing with yourself these days?

Todd - I am going to take it as a compliment that you think my chances of getting Jeter are higher than 0.

The Kiskadian said...

Your 90s post brought me back to the day when things were good and simple. Good call picking as it the top choice.

You are such an adorable geek. You are probably the sexiest geek I know.

Jeff said...

I am not pissed at all. You beat me once. I beat you eleven times. You should have stuck with gym and stayed away from creative forms of expression. You have come a long way. Your blog is one of the more entertaining ones that I have read.

I cannot help but think of you as I watch the Olympics. You really were a talented gymnast back in your prime.