Saturday, December 22, 2007

Its like that and like this and like that an uh...

Okay so I have chosen to take a break from my Best of 2007 trip...mainly because I am onto the movie recap and I have plans to see two more this weekend and want to give them a chance to make the list. So let's digress...

In true pop culture form I decided to DVR the entire VH1 Top 100 Songs of the 90s countdown and watch it all at once. So last night, as soon as the little red light turned off the recorder...I pressed play and started the five hour music marathon. It was surprisingly emotional for me unlikely the Top 100 Songs of the 80's. I think it is because I was too young in the 80s to have actual memories verses the songs of 90s which seem to be the soundtrack to a very important time in my life...adolescence. It would take forever to fully dissect the list and quite honestly I have no real desire to. So let's just discuss the highlights. (By highlights I mean the ones that were significant for me or just awesome songs.)

#96 (Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection by Nelson - I am not ashamed to admit that I like Nelson. That's right...Like. I still like them. I still like this song. So what if they resembled scrawny Fabios. This song is a catchy rock ballad from a hair band and I still enjoy it.

#93 Stay by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories - So what girl didn't love this song when it came out? I remember singing it around my room (instead of studying of course) and feeling like someone was finally singing what I was feeling. Never mind the fact that I was 12 when it came out and had no idea what the hell love was really about. Nevertheless...I am still grateful that someone is singing what I am feeling...only know I understand exactly why that is pretty damn awesome.

#86 Linger by The Cranberries - Dear God...I hated this song. I hated everything that this band ever put out. I don't care what everyone else said...songs and bands like this are what made the 90's a shitty decade for music.

#81 I Don't Wanna Wait by Paula Cole - Another song by some woman who can't sing...I hated it too. I will never understand why so many of my girlfriends lost it to this song. Damn Dawson's proves that pop culture really can negatively impact young minds.

#79 Bitch by Meredith Brooks - This song makes my list for one illustrate the naivety of me as a young girl. I remember walking around singing this song and no one stopping me. Shouldn't my father have threatened to wash my mouth out with soap for just uttering the title? I was 15 for God Sake! It was highly inappropriate for me to sing the line "I'm a goddess on my knees." yet I never heard a word about it. I guess songs like this are what it okay for young women like me to admit things like this but again...I was just 15!

#74 Believe by Cher - I don't know why this song I liked this song so much but I did. Most of my girlfriends loved it because they were breaking up with the boyfriend of the month so they felt empowered while singing it. Robin and I were happy in our high school romance and I remember that it kind of pissed him off that I liked this song about "life after love". I don't was just a catchy song that was a little too techno to really sing to. Oh was a fun tune.

#67 Groove is in the Heart by Dee-lite - This song is here for memory sake. Every time I hear this song...I think Kevin D. He was a class the sense that I never hung out with him outside of class...but we were the best of friends in Room FA room 14...Madame Royball's French Class. (Three years of French could bond anyone together.) Sure we talked outside of class...we often went to the same parties and always ran into each other because of sports but I was never without Robin, Bobby or Todd or my girls...leaving no room for Kevin as he was a wanna be member of the SWAT boys. Every time I hear this song I think of him and the way that he always used to sing it as he strolled into the class, usually ten seconds before the final bell rang. I don't know whatever happened to Kevin D...but I wish the best for him. He made French class tolerable.

#66 I'll Be by Edwin McCain - What girl didn't love this song? What guy trying to win the heart of a girl didn't use this song as inspiration? It also has a killer end line which makes me swoon every time I hear it...even though I have heard at least 1000 times too many.

#60 Poison by Bell Biv Devoe - You cannot hear this song and not start dancing a little. I picture many of my SWAT boys dancing to this before games, at parties..etc. But now I think of my dear friend Dino when I hear it...because I know how much he loves it. Whenever Dino is down I try to remember to bust out singing this song for him. The sheer "whiteness" of my rapping is usually enough to make him smile. If all else attempt at the final "Ahh-haa-ahh-haa" thing is money in the bank.

#59 Buddy Holly by Weezer - Seriously...when this song came out I was crushing hard on Weezer. Now I realize that it was the start of the evolution of Millie. That was the first crush that I developed for a geek.

#58 Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins - Here is yet another song that I would sing to and probably shouldn't have been. Worse yet...I remember singing it at my church camp talent show and nobody caring. How fucked up is that?

#52 Fly by Sugar Ray - My oh my did the girls and I love us some Mark McGrath. To hell with the rest of the was all about Mark. Not since Jon Bon Jovi had a male singer shown up with talent and a smile that could melt even the toughest girl's heart. (For the record...he is not better than or equal JBJ...but he is just outside of being in the same ballpark.) We used to sing this damn song all the time...and it prompted us preppy white girls to randomly throw "Word" into normal daily conversations. Mark has continued to age well...just like Jon Bon Jovi...but sadly...his music seems to have peeked...unlike Jon who just keeps getting better.

#45 Only Want to Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish - Once again I am not ashamed to admit that I still enjoy a little Hootie. This song sealed the deal and the fate of Hootie and the Blowfish. (The woes of being overplayed.) The fact is...this song was so damn catchy that it was bound to destroy itself. Nevertheless...I still enjoy it and still sing along every time I hear it. I always think of the good times that Bobby and I shared over our friendship...

#43 My Lovin (You're Never Gonna Get It) by En Vogue - So this was a song that the girls and I loved to sing...though again...I'm not entirely sure that we knew what we were singing about. It was more about feeling like we were strong willed women even though clearly we were like 10 years old and therefore far from it.

# 42 Shine by Collective Soul - This song reminds me of going to "The Beach" Waterpark in the Duke City and spending the day roasting in the 105 degree sun. I remember floating down the lazy river humming this well as tacking the waves in the wave pool to this song, feeling like it was the perfect song to narrate a perfect day in the sun. Shine on me indeed, I though happily, until I got home and discovered that I was so sun-burned that I actually had blisters. If I could turn back time I would have listened to my dad and worn I am sure that I will pay for it eventually.

#39 Iris by Goo Goo Dolls - (See previous posts for in depth coverage of the greatness of the song.) I am sadly disappointed that this song is not closer to the top. This was the first video to bring a tear to my eye while watching the countdown. And once again I compelled to say that Johnny Rzeznik never looked better than he did in this video.

#37 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day - This is the moment that it went from a single tear to actually crying. You know those cheesy scenes in movies where the person relives moments in a nice montage of smiles and laughter to the cheesy song? That was me as I heard this song. This song narrates every transition in the lives of many it is the perfect song to hear and/or to sing when saying goodbye.

#35 Wonderwall by Oasis - So this song is damn sexy. I had forgotten how sexy until I heard it again. Damn Oasis for not putting out more songs like this.

#32 No Diggity by BLACKStreet - Ah this song brings back fond memories of many of my SWAT boys singing this while thinking that they were tough. They would sing in the halls, they would listen to it on their "discman" while sitting in the stands, dutifully showing support for the C and JV teams, waiting to shine on Varsity, etc. And now it is kept in my locker of pop culture references guaranteed to make Dino laugh. I guess there is something funny about me saying "Play on Playa." Whatever...great tune from the 90's...thanks to the musical genius Dr. Dre.

#29 Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice - So everyone has a few defining moments in their lives...even if it takes them years to realize which moments they really are. This song is definitely one of mine. Looking back, it was a glimpse into who I was going to become....a karaoking pop geek. I still know all the words to this song, and I still have the trophy that I won in the talent show where I sang this song. I still remember seeing Bobby in the wings (in "Hammer pants held up with suspenders and no shirt) as we tried to figure out why in the hell my music wasn't working. I still remember the thumbs up and the smile that he gave me when I decided to sing it A Cappella. That smile gave me the strength to overcome many fears throughout the years, but I always remember that one moment. Who ever would have thought that all of this would come from a song like Ice Ice Baby?

#28 Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin - Say whatever you will about the saga of Robin and Millie, but this song proves that we had something great for a little while. What other jock would have learned to dance to this song and then show it off in front of everyone at the prom just to make the girl smile? It's memories like this that allow me to smile fondly when I think back on our sweetheart journey. In fact...this makes me realize that there are no real least on side.

#26 My Name Is by Eminem - The first time that I heard this song I was shocked. Did he really just what I think he did? Yes he did and he made no apologies for it and I loved it. I was a little scared to jump on the Eminem bandwagon since the last white rapper that I adored burned me...but I couldn't resist. This song put Eminem on scene and he has pretty much dominated it since. I am still eagerly awaiting the next album Slim Shady.

#25 Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden - Holy Shit this video scared the hell out of me as young girl. (I could care less about the song.) Guess scared me even worse last night. What the fuck was up that the damn video?? More importantly...what the fuck was up with that crazy lady and the fish??? Every time I closed my eyes to fall asleep last night I kept seeing that crazy lady with the huge knife in front of the damn live fish...gills exposed and moving!!! Damn it all!!!! I am still creeped out by it.

#24 Jump Around by House of Pain - I don't know how many school dances and parties that I went to and jumped around to with this song blaring from the speakers...but today my knees curse you House of Pain. In spite of this...Jump Around is still a fun tune.

#21 My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion - I've discussed this song before too so this will be quick. This is one of the greatest ballads ever. I still choke up when I hear it. Last night I cried as I listened to it. Anyone who has ever lost someone that they loved completely understands the last line of the song. Cheesy as it is to admit is true.

#20 MmmBop by Hanson - Again...not ashamed to admit that I still like this song. I still don't get what it is about but I like it.

#16 U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer - My favorite floor routine ever was to this song. I remember hitting every step, nailing every pass, sticking every landing and smiling the whole time. I remember when I finished, pausing for a split second longer than usual as took in the moment, knowing that I was going to get a high score. It was my first and only 10.0 on the floor in competitive gymnastics.

#13 Nuthin' but a "G" Thang by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg - This was my first real rap album and to this day I am shocked that I was allowed to have it. I think that I was about 10 years old when I convinced my dad to buy it for me. (WTF Dad?) See...I thought that I was a bad ass as I sang along to it on the radio. Then I got the unedited version on tape and was like "Whoa". I couldn't actually sing the whole thing because it was so graphic. (Still can't honestly.) I still don't get every reference in the song...but it was my first real rap it holds a special place in my heart.

#8 Waterfalls by TLC - This is another that I went around singing even though I had no idea what in the hell I was singing about. When I listen to it now I usually think...damn this is a sad song. Oh well. I know it is meant to be inspirational but damn is it a bummer.

#4 I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston - This song is the reason that I cannot say that My Heart Will Go On is the best ballad ever. It is a tie I guess. I still love this song. I still choke up whenever I hear it. I remember singing as a if I really knew the pain behind it. I still sing it, though usually in the shower or car because let's face it...I am no Whitney Houston. Of course...Whitney now is not the Whitney from back then. Let's hope that the new brings her back. Seriously though...I Will Always Love this Song.

#3 I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys - This song exploded when it came out. Every radio station was playing it, the video was everywhere... totally takeover! All over the world crazy teenaged girls where screaming and crying for The Backstreet Boys...and actually it wasn't just the girls who liked this song. I remember walking up to a big tough jock's car one day and him frantically trying to turn the station before I heard what he was listening to. (Nice try Dan A.) The song hooked with its opening line "You fire." That was the great thing about boy bands...they hooked the girls with lines that made you feel like they were singing to you. In my was kind of true. The Backstreet Boys were not singing to me (obviously) but my boys were. One night after a big fight amongst my SWAT boys, I stormed off pretty pissed. How did the redeem themselves?? By staying up all night and learning the words to this song and choreographing a dance to it...then singing it outside my window at 6am. (My dad and neighbors were pissed!!!!) All was forgiven as I realized that I was truly blessed to have such great friends... and a video camera. Be grateful that the clip is too long to upload onto Blogger boys!

That is my take on the list. Songs 1 & 2 are good but have no significance to me. It did pissed me off a little that Smells Like Teen Spirit beat out One for the #1 spot but whatever. I understand why since grunge was the 90's but Nirvana has nothing on U2. The countdown was not as I would have done it but oh was still pretty good and somewhat right. My only question is where was Dave Matthews Band, Janet Jackson, or Melissa Etheridge? How could they have left off Gangsta's Paradise? That song was everywhere. Oh wasn't that bad.

It was nice to stroll down memory lane. I laughed and cried...and texted the few people who survived the 90's with me and are still in my life. All in all...Growing up in the 90's was pretty damn awesome in spite of the fact that music was pretty shitty.


The Kiskadian said...

nice posting

no regrets either mil except the whole breaking up part.

Todd said...

Talk about memories. I haven't thought of some of these songs in years. Gonna have to download a lot of them.

The Kiskadian said...

you know i could kick the ass of every guy on your countdown except for dre.

Todd said...

Why are you always talking about kicking people ass R? There is only one person whose ass you should be thinking about kicking.

DrFine said...

are there any songs from the 90s that remind you of me?

The Kiskadian said...
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The Kiskadian said...

at the risk of sounding like a fag, where was boyzIImen? or to sound more manly, where was smashing pumpkins?