Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Little of This...A Little of That

I am so pissed at the Yankees right now. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

So anyway…today the entertainment world suffered quite a loss. I was shocked when I heard that Bernie Mac passed away this morning. While I can’t say that I was huge fan…I have always enjoyed his work and am truly sorry that he is gone. He is one of the few actors who consistently made me laugh.
Moving on…how about that Eli Manning? For once I am not talking about his football skills (or occasional lack there of) but I am talking about his witty banter. Once his football career is over he should consider a career in standup because the guy is funny.

I’ll get to what prompted me to think about this in a minute but I want to start with the comment that first made me realize that the youngest Manning is a man with many talents. While being interviewed on one of the many late night talk shows after winning the Superbowl, Eli was asked about that asshole Belichick walking off the field before the game was over when he team totally blew it at the Superbowl. (Which once again I must say was one of the most unprofessional and disgraceful moments in Superbowl history!) Now Eli could have responded any number of ways but he took the high road and gave the most awesome answer EVER. With an incredibly charming smile he simply stated that he suspected the Palapatine…I mean Belichick was trying to beat traffic as there were a lot of people at the game. Classy and can you not love this guy?

Well folks…Eli did it again today when interviewed about his take on the newly disgraced Brett Favre moving to New York. Once again…Eli could have answered that question any number of ways but once again he took the high road. He responded that he thought it was great and that maybe when Brett takes his private jet home he would be willing to give him a ride.

While I am still a diehard Peyton fan...I must say that Eli is quickly becoming my #2 favorite quarterback. With the Yankees playing the way they are…football season cannot come quickly enough. Instead of spending so much time hoping for the Yankees to win I think that I am going start focusing all of my energy on hoping that the Red Sux will lose. This way this season is not a total loss for me.


THE TODD said...

Were you having an ADD moment or what? Jumping from Yankees, to Bernie, to Eli then back to the Yankees, I had a hard time following even with my high ADD levels. ;)

I guess the whole Eli thing was only funny if you heard it and can look past the fact that he is in fact, a little bitch.

Dr. Fine said...

Bernie was pretty damn funny. I couldn't believe that he was only 50.

Millie said...

Eli is no bitch my friend. He just isn't as bad ass as his older brother.

The Kiskadian said...

Wait, when and how did Bernie Mac die? I am sick of being so fucking isolated in this place.