Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Would Have Would Have Followed You, My Brother... My Captain... My King.

So today I spent a good portion of the day switching between baseball and The Lord of the Rings marathon on TNT. So tonight we will talk about both. Lets start with the Lord of the Rings.

We all know my feelings regarding Strider, Sam, Eowyn, and Arwen. Tonight I want to talk about Boromir. For the sake of tonight's post...we are going to focus on Boromir from the movie as that is the Boromir who won me over.

In Peter Jackson's legendary film, the role of Boromir is wonderful portrayed by Sean Bean...who has never given a bad performance. Let's get the girly stuff out of the way by saying that Sean Bean is incredibly sexy. While there is no denying that the man is good looking...there is one thing that takes him from an average good looking fellow to full fledged hottie...and that is the accent. At the moment I am hard pressed to name an actor who has a better accent that Sean. Every word that comes out of his mouth just sounds hot. So there it is...and now moving on.

I think that most people think that Boromir is an ass. I thought that same thing when I read the books. He seemed weak and narrow minded and I really didn't care for him...nor did I mourn his passing. Yet when I watched the movie...I cried like a baby when he died...hell I still do even though I have seen the damn movie so many times that I can recite it word for word. Sean Bean managed to make Boromir human to be me.

Given the situation...would anyone have reacted any differently than Boromir did at the council? Imagine spending your entire life fighting an everything to protect your land and people only to come face to face with the person who by all rights should have been doing it all along? I would have been pretty pissed off too. I doubt that I would have trusted Aragorn either. In fact...I probably would have called him right there and been like "Where in the hell have you been?" So I don't blame him for his chilly reception of Aragorn.

Then there was the whole "What to do with the ring?" battle. I think that Boromir put it great when he said "By the blood of my people are your lands kept safe." His ancestors had been defining Middle Earth from Mordor for ages and yet his opinion didn't mean shit when it came down to deciding what to with the ring. I am not saying that Boromir wasn't wrong...surely he was but I think that the Steward of the City shouldn't have been disregarded so quickly. Yet in spite of this...he was a man and vowed to follow the will of the council.

Sure he had his moments when he fell to the temptation but overall he was pretty damn loyal. In every battle he fought in he kicked ass. Hell...I think that one of the best scenes of the movie is his final battle when he fights to the very spite of the fact that he has three damn arrows sticking out of his chest. He lost his life trying to protect Merry and Pippen...trying to save members of the fellowship. I think that it more than makes up for the fact that he tried to take the Ring from Frodo. Besides...the Ring was supposedly one of the strongest forces on Middle Earth....can you blame him for being temporarily overpowered by it?

Sean added a sense of charm to Boromir throughout the film. It is first shown in the scene where he is trying to teach Merry and Pippen how to use their swords. It was almost fatherly in the way that he showed them and it was definitely endearing the way that he laughed and wrestled with them. For a brief could see the type of man he was before he embarked on the journey. Another time was when they were in Bali's tomb and getting ready to be attacked. As he tried to secure the door, he caught a glimpse of the cave troll. He rolled his eyes and said "They have a cave troll." You could hear the underlying..."Son of bitch" as he and the others prepared for battle. Then there is the scene where he is attempting to comfort the hobbits after the "loss" of Gandalf. While Aragorn was completely right that they needed to keep moving, I understood why Boromir argued to "Give them a moment for pity's sake".

But it all boils down to his death scene. He showed no fear even as that scary son of bitch stood in front of him and prepared to behead him. After Aragorn saved him that miserable death, he was a man and confessed all before he died. More importantly, he made his peace and pledged his allegiance to Aragorn. We all know how hard it is to admit when you are wrong...and yet Boromir did just that. He didn't cry or weep over own demise rather he expressed his fear for his people. He found comfort in Aragorn's promise to protect them and was able to die in peace. Speaking as a person who partially trusts very few...and almost no one completely...that is a pretty major thing in my opinion. Imagine being able to trust someone so completely that you are not afraid to die, especially under those circumstances. I am not ashamed to admit it...I cry every time I see it. I don't tear up...I actually cry real tears.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT I LIKE BOROMIR BETTER THAN STRIDER! I am just saying that I think that the guy got a bad rep. That being said...watching all three movies in one day really highlights what a bad ass Aragorn is.

Moving on...

Ain't Nothing Like a Sweep! By now everyone knows that the Yankees swept the Orioles this weekend and just what a big deal that is. They needed those wins not just to stay in the wild card race but also to have some momentum as they take on the bloody Red Sux at Yankee Stadium this week. As I mentioned on is sheer beauty when the Yankees play like Yankees. When they are on their game there is no denying that they are the best time in baseball. The problem is that they are not consistent. Most of their losses this season did not come from other teams beating them...they came from the Yankees not playing the way that they should.

What the fuck was up with A-Rod getting nailed by a pitch two nights in a row? I can buy it once but twice in one series? I call bullshit. More significantly...what was up with Cabrera hitting A-Rod? I know the guy is a pretty lousy pitcher but he can't seem to keep from hitting Yankees. Yes I am still pissed off about him hitting Derek back in May. Now the asshole hits A-Rod? The man is a Yankee hater and has earned a spot on "My List".

Now if only we could get Joba back...all would be well.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your post the night that it is official that the Yankees are not going to the playoffs.

Bet there will be real tears that night too.

Parker said...

Alex deserves whatever he comes at him. If he was a real man he would have stormed the mount. Same goes for Jeter. All of the Yankees are too busy pretending to be good boys instead of being men. Must be in their contracts that have to surrender their cojones when they put on the pinstripes.

The Kiskadian said...

Honestly Milville. Do really think that Cabrera is ploting to take out your Yankees? If he was he would hit Nady or Giambi since they are actually hitting the ball as opposed to Rodriguez who must really be pissing you off with his shitty playing.

Boromir was pretty pimp. He was a tortured soul and lord knows that you are sucker for tortured souls. It is probably the only reason that you still talk to me.

Steve said...

Poor naive Millie. You seem to be confusing Joba Chamberlain with Jesus Christ as it would take divine intervention for the yankees to make the playoffs.

Don't feel bad. It is easy to do as they have the same initials. Hell, I hear that Joba is equally confused as he seems to think that he is the next coming of Christ.

THE TODD said...

I don't think that it was intention hit. If someone was going to intentionally hit arod it would probably be in the face.