Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the wall...who is the Master of It All?

I have been asked this question at least a dozen times before and the answer usually depends on my mood. If I had to pick...would be Derek Jeter or Jon Bon Jovi? It is actually tough choice to be honest. Here is why:

Let's start with Jon. I have been been crushing on Jon since I was five years old. I am willing to bet that he is the only man in life (be that as it may) who has never hurt me, pissed me off, or upset me in any way. Fierce loyalty that has only grown with time makes it hard to choose anyone over him...even though I know that it is only hypothetically.

- Incredibly good looking and only seems to be getting better looking with time.
- Incredible voice, especially when singing ballads which I am powerless against.
- Believes in magic and makes me want to believe too.
- Oh that smile!
- Nice guy.
- Tight Jeans....'nuff said.

- He is like twice my age.
- Groupies
- Way too much chest hair

So let's move on to Derek. If I could only watch one athlete for the rest of my would be Derek. Since the first time I saw him, Derek has been on "my list". To sum it up...Derek Jeter has got to be one of the best looking men to ever walk the face of the earth.

- Painfully good looking.
- Athletic which leads to...
- Stamina (I would assume anyway)
- Also a nice guy
- Charity Buff
- Goal Oriented
- Likes to sing and dance when no one is looking...which is part of my daily routine.
- Did not say no when I told him that I wanted to marry him. (Didn't say yes but was just round one.)
- Makes me forget how much I hate A-Rod.
- Has two amazing cologne lines which means that he will always smell nice.
- Oh that smile. It has got to be one the greatest smiles of all time.
- Him in baseball pants. Hell, him in uniform in general. He has been quoted that he hopes he wears his Yankee jersey forever. I hope that too...but I wouldn't mind if he took it off and threw it on my floor. (Okay Dino and Newman...I said it. I told you that I would and now I sound even more crazy than normal! But a dare is a dare I suppose.)
- His eyes...oh his eyes.

- Unsure...but there must be something if he is still single. Unless of course you want to play into my grand delusions that he is saving himself for me.

So based off of sheer would appear that Derek would be the winner. It would be nice to have a night with Jon but in the end...Derek would be the one to spend forever with.

However...since this is all hypothetical...let's go for broke. Sure it would be nice to have Jon for the night and Derek for life...but there is still one better. If I had my way, I would throw in my own candidate...and he would be my ultimate pick....Strider.

Yes Strider. Be for a night or forever and any amount of time in pick would be Strider. I would do anything just to please him and keep him. My reasons are my own but it is something that I am certain of. I would pick him over Derek and Jon every time.

So there you have it...Strider is the Master of It All.

La La land is should visit me there sometime.


THE TODD said...

You have serious issues. Very serious issues.

The Kiskadian said...

jeter is gay with jovi and strider is character in a movie. you are so scared and bitter that you wish for men that you can't have instead of loving the ones that love you back.

THE TODD said...

Who do you think started her on that road?

You can be such a dick sometimes. Sometimes I don't know why we still talk to you.

Dr. Fine said...

Jeter is understandable but the other two make no sense. You are too young for wanting old guys.

The Kiskadian said...

i swear to god, i will kick both you haters asses if you keep talking shit. i made one mistake and have paid for it since. at least she was mine to lose unlike like you chumps.

think on that.

Millie said...

Now now boys, do I need to remind you that I wouldn't put up with this? If you continue with this macho bull shit I will close the comments and move the blog.

That being said...Jon and Derek are not gay, strider is more than character in a movie (the movie was based on a book for starters!!) and we have all come a long way since we were kids and Robin broke my little heart. Robin and Todd, you are both great friends and I hope that you always will be.

Anonymous said...

Ok the most important thing you forgot to add was that they are both GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you do know that movies are make believe so wake up you big loon.
Yo must be tone deaf because Bon Jovi sound like a cat in heat. I hope this helps you wake the hellup and find better role models.
Hava a nice day
A friend