Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Allow me to set the record straight. It is entirely possible for me to be a fan of a male athlete without "crushing" on him. That being said...what would be the big deal if I was crushing on Joba Chamberlain? (Not saying that I am!) He is talented, good looking, and a Yankee. What more could one ask for?
Moving on. In edition to be an phenomenal athlete...Derek Jeter is also a wonderful pitch man. I am willing to admit that my opinion is biased because he is gorgeous but his commercials really are awesome. His newest commercial is for the Gillette Fusion Razor. In case you are one of the few people in the world who hasn't seen it...here it is for your viewing pleasure.

You know that are DA MAN when you get paid to rag on Tiger Woods. What makes it even better is the fact that he is right about it.

What the hell? You've read about it...and here is your chance to see it.

But why stop there?

Is there nothing that he can't do? Oh and in case there is any doubt...his print advertisements are just as good as shown in the below picture from the Derek Jeter Driven: Black ads.


Anonymous said...

one might think that you are obsessed.

Jeff said...

I cannot believe that you modified Yogi Berra's quote to fit your own needs. That is a sacrilage.

The Kiskadian said...

The Stealing Commercial is pretty pimp. I just don't get what you see in the G2 one.

And now there is no doubt in my mind that you are crushing on Joba. What the fuck Milville? He might be a professional athlete but he is still beneath you

Conner Gilman said...

Is it just me or Derek a cyborg? I watched these videos and I have been watching him play for years. The guy almost never shows any emotion no matter what. The few times that he does it just look fake.

THE TODD said...

Conner you have been out of the inner circle for awhile now so let me do you favor. If you want to stay on Millies good side, lay off of Jeter.

THE TODD said...

I gotta agree with the Kiskadian on this one Millie Vanillie. All signs point to a Joba crush. Maybe that is why you are pushing Jeter so hard. You are trying to convince everyone (including yourself) that it ain't so.

I don't get it.

Dr. Fine said...

Joba looks like a less hot version of me.