Thursday, August 14, 2008

Looking Back - Best Posts 10 -12

After reviewing every post as well as factoring in the feedback that was given to me by my loyal readers...I am finally ready to reveal the Top 12 posts on blog. So let's jump into it.

#12 It Doesn't Make A Difference If We Make It Or Not: It was hard to figure out what post would be the final one to make the best of list but after a lot of thought I knew that this one needed to be here. I think that it highlights the need to daydream as a way to survive. As I re-read this post, it made me feel slightly vulnerable. If you read this is a pretty safe bet that I was a bit sad on the night that I wrote this post. I rarely indulge in this level of daydreaming...and I almost never share it with anyone. More significantly, the hypotheticals seem to highlight my flaws and my desire to correct them. While I don't think that was intentional, this post turned out to be one of the more intimate ones that I have posted. Oh and it features a Bon Jovi shout out and a picture of the Traveling that gives it bonus points.
#11 Open Letter To All Those Who Are Not Terrified of Spiders: This post made the list as it was recommended by two regular readers of the blog. The funny thing is that they both loved this post for some of the same reasons in spite of the fact that these two men do not know each other. One has been a friend of mine for a couple of years and the other has known me longer than anyone else except for immediate family. Anyway...this is quite the amusing post. While I'd like to think that all of my posts are written similarly to the way I talk...there is no doubt that this one is. Todd said that he could actually hear me ranting as he read this. Papa Smurf pointed out that this post had a sense of urgency and distress...and that he loved how it really captured my fear of spiders. I like this post because it is real. As I re-read it, it gave me the chills a little bit as I relived that terrible moment when that jerk put his bastard spider on the counter next to me. Finally...I love this post because it is my version of a public service announcement. I am sure that somewhere out there my fellow archnophobics are thanking me for calling attention to situations such as these.

#10 The Dark Side: To answer one of the comments that was left after this is not a situation that cannot be related to the greatness that is Star Wars. I love when I can compare more than one thing that I am passionate about into a power blog. In this case it was the mixing of Star Wars which is awesome and the New England Patriots who suck. It was almost too easy to compare Belichick to the Emperor. Comparing Tom Brady to Anakin Skywalker practically wrote itself. And any chance that I get to pay tribute to Andrew who is one of my favorite bloggers is a plus. I still think that Andrew hit the nail on the head when he theorized that the Emperor...I mean Coach Belichick had a hand in Randy Moss' near fall from grace. More importantly...rereading this post made me realize that I really cannot wait for football season to start. Robin...this post is for you since I know that you are a fan of my football posts.

Check back tomorrow for 7-9.

While the list is pretty much done...I will still hear arguments for your favorite posts.


Anonymous said...

Why 12 posts? Most people do Top 20, Top 10, or Top5

THE TODD said...

I don't agree with your take on #12. I thought it was a cute post but more importantly, your flaws are few and far between my friend.

The Kiskadian said...

I can't help but say it again but it is so hot when you talk football.

Dr. Fine said...

Finally a football post and you had to ruin it by comparing it to Star Wars.

I've never understood why you are so afraid of spiders Millie Vanille.

Jeff said...

I am man enough to admit that I am fucking freaking out by spiders too. One had built a web from sideview mirror to my door and I didn't notice until I had started driving. I almost wrecked my fucking car.

THE TODD said...

Jeff as in Jeff Hatfield?

The Kiskadian said...

So the doc told me that me that one of my biggest hurtles is that I keep you on a petastoole. I compare every woman to the standard set by you. When they fail to live up to it, i lash out at her for not living up to you and beat myself up for letting you. It is destructive to both parties involved.

Any idea how to solve that? I doubt I am getting out until I figure it out.

Millie said...

12 posts because 12 was the number of the greatest man to walk the planet.

Todd - If only more people shared your high opinion of me.

Jeff - Been there done that. Don't feel bad.

Robin - I have no answers. You will never meet another woman like me and deep in your hear you know that it is a damn good thing. We are better friends than well you know.

The Kiskadian said...

Its not that. I don't want to be with you again. I just want to find someone who is close to being as amazing as you. Everyone seems to fall very very short.