Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Foolin'

When it comes to Yankee baseball at the moment...I have to totally rip off a line from JC to describe how I feel...this just doesn't cut the meat.

I love my Yankees...I really do but it has been tough to watch them over the past few days. I think that a large part of it is because I get to watch every game. Even though I had MLB Extra Innings in Seattle, I still didn't watch this much baseball because most of the time the first pitch was happening as I was walking in the door from work. I swear that 3 hour time difference was a bitch more far too many reasons.

Let's start with my beloved Derek Jeter....who at the time of the 6 for his last 20. Ouch...I mean I know that he is one of the more consistent hitters in the AL...and his RBI average is nothing to scoff at and yet I find myself uneasy whenever he walks up to the plate. He keeps hitting these little choppers or right into the double play. That being said...the man is still magnificent when it comes to his all is forgiven. Hell....all the man has to do is smile and all is matter what.

Joba...I should have known. I get on board with the guy and ordered my #62 jersey...and he goes and gets hurt. I don't know how long he is going to be out for but he can rest assured that there is pretty much no chance that anyone is going to take his place as my favorite pitcher. I just hope he is back in the line up sooner than later. We are going to need him to spank Boston again at the end of the month.

Good but just not enough last minute runs. I love the fact that the Yankees never give up and keep fighting to end...but boy is tough to watch them fight so hard to get back into the game and still lose. Oh well.

Andy Pettitte...I love this guy. I have fond memories of watching him pitch over the years. Yet once again I find myself feeling uneasy when I know that he is going to be pitching. He just doesn't seem to be getting the job done. And I have totally gotten on board with the idea that if it doesn't cut the have to throw it out...No Foolin'!

So I was going to end things there...and then I witnessed yet another painful moment for my beloved Yankees. In what was the one of the most awesome collisions I have seen in awhile...when Murphy charged into Pudge Rodriguez. It was all that makes baseball collisions awesome. Murphy charged hard...and Pudge stood his ground and protected the plate. He even got the out...preventing the run. It was a great moment until I realized that Pudge was not getting up. I was totally bummed when he was helped out of the dugout and into the clubhouse...and can only hope that he will be back behind the plate soon.

All of this being said...I love my Yankees. I would rather have my hopes crushed by the Yankees than to have my dreams realized by another team.

- Side I am approaching my 200th post...I am preparing for a best of thus far. Any suggestions regarding your favorite posts are wholeheartedly welcomed.

Finally...I stand corrected. Derek is having one hell of a night offensively tonight. Is there nothing that this man cannot do?


The Kiskadian said...

My favorite post was the one about the greatest songs from the 90s on VH1. It brought back some great memories from back in time. Oh and I like the one from the day that you found out about the Yankees resigning A-Rod. You were so pissed.

The Kiskadian said...

Oh and any post that you talk about football as it is so damn hot when you talk about football.

THE TODD said...

The Kiskadian is right. Your post about the 90s music was your best. I also like your post on the Dark Side aka the Pats (don't agree with it but it was funny as hell). Then it has to be your post on good movies with shitty endings.

But honestly, almost all of your posts are pretty damn good. Only like one or two of them have sucked but considered how little you sleep, you are allowed to write bullshit ever now and then.

THE TODD said...

Kiskadian - any idea when you are getting out or where you are going to go when you are free?

The Kiskadian said...

I think september. I think I am going to back to the Querque for a awhile. This is going to limit where I can get a job so I might have to go to work for my dad.

THE TODD said...

You could always get a job with my pops if you are interested.

Millie said...

Thanks my friends. I am reviewing all of my posts. Boy you can sure tell when I was having a bad day.