Sunday, August 3, 2008

Joba x 3

Holy Shit...what a weekend for Yankee baseball. After Thursday and Friday night games...I was sweating the rest of the weekend. I knew that the Yankees would struggle against the Angels but by Saturday, all I could do was hope that they wouldn't get swept. While I was proud of the comeback that Yankees waged against the Angels on Thursday almost made the loss even worse. They built me up and knocked me down.

Saturday's game was pretty good...and resulted in a win so that was a plus. But honestly it was Sunday's game that turned out to be outstanding. Only the Yankees can be down 5-0...come back and lead down 9-8...and come back to win 14-9 in a single game. The only thing that I can say is that I love the Yankees.

Moving on...let's discussed Joba x 3.

First there was Jabba the Hutt...who scared the hell out of me as kid but I have come to really like as I have gotten older. What can I say...he is disgusting to look at but he is pretty damn awesome. He was a pimp long before it was cool to be one.

Then there is Joba the Nut. Previously blogs have discussed how I am rapidly becoming a Joba fan. He is my favorite pitcher at the moment and has moved up the rankings to become my 2nd favorite Yankee.
So how could I pass up the opportunity to pay tribute to two of the greatest things on the planet (i.e. Star Wars and the Yankees)?

Meet Joba the new 3 month old puppy.

He is depriving me off of sleep and blogging time....and yet I already love this goofy little dog.

My final random thought for the nights...the Colts suck without Peyton. The game isn't over at the time of this post but that is not the point. The point is that regardless of the score...the Colts are not the Colts with #18 on the field. I will start praying now that Peyton is healed by the season opener.


Kenny said...

Ya know, it's not going to matter my Jaguars are going to win the division.....Manning and the Colts are done! Yea baby, (insert cheesy Jag Roar here)!

THE TODD said...

I will never understand your fascination with Peyton Manning my dear friend.

The pup is pretty damn cute. I just don't understand how you could from growing up with giant beast of dogs to loving little mutts.

The Kiskadian said...

Let me get this straight. You have a cat named Monty Burns and now a dog named Joba. You are such a DORK!

Millie said...

Kenny - I think that you are dreaming. If Peyton plays...the Colts will win. Jump on board with the winning team and start wearing the real blue...Colts blue.

Todd - Don't have Peyton just because he is the real deal and not some mindless playboy like your Anakin, oh I mean Brady.

Robin - I am what I I always have been. I was a dork when you met me and will be dork the day that they bury me.

(And I better not have bare feet.)