Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They're Not Saying Boooo...They're Saying Moooovers!

We all know that I am a Jeter fan...I pretty much love everything that he does. But when it comes to commercials...there is only one athlete who is even close to being as great as Derek. So it only seems fair to devote tonight's post to my favorite football player and his great moments off the sit back and enjoy some great Peyton Manning moments.

So this one is great simply because Peyton totally sells it. Just like he does on the field, Peyton gives his all in this commercial and that is what makes it great. The best part has to be his reaction to getting a high five from his favorite accountant...and the statement that he is never going to wash that hand again. works because of the looks on everyone faces in response to Peyton's support. I love it and wish that I would have had this idea back in my heyday.

So the reason that this one is awesome because it makes me think think that I could hang with Peyton. The practical jokes, the creative revenge, the need to top each prank...just ask any one of my prank victims if I am in any way off track with this one. The final line of the commercial is awesome..."Oh it's on". How many times have I uttered these same words?

Without a doubt...this is my favorite Peyton Manning commercial. It might be my favorite commercial ever. I know that this is going to sound terrible, but I cannot help but laugh when the barista screams after burning himself. The high pitch scream is just awesome. What makes it even better is Peyton's response of "rub some dirt on it". I feel like I am allowed to laugh at it for I time I was told "walk it off" or "add another layer of tape" both of which I was told the time that I had a tib-fib fracture a week before regionals.

Derek vs Peyton...that's a tough call. We'll has that out tomorrow I really should be studying my DSST test instead googling Peyton Manning videos. What can I say...I suck at being a student.


Kenny said...

I like the Peyton Manning commercial where he's outside the guys coming out of the restaurant and the one guy throws him his apron. That one cracks me up!


Conner G said...

At least Peyton is a man unlike Jeter. No contest on this one.

Anonymous said...

This blog really doesn't discuss anything of importance does it?

THE TODD said...

OK, I respect your love of Derek. I don't get it but I respect it. Anyway, my point is that Peyton's commericals kick ass. Derek's do not. You are blinded by what you perceive as his hottness.

Movi said...

What Peyton lacks in sex appeal he makes up for in charm. Hell I would fuck him and I don't even like men.

Dr. Fine said...

What about the Sprint commercial that he did? That one is a classic. I don't remember the tib/fib break but I remember when you broke your wrist on the vault (sophomore year I think). You didn't cry or anything but you swore like a sailor as soon as you left the stage. It was awesome.