Sunday, December 30, 2007

You're Already The Voice Inside My Head

So the thing about being a music geek is that there is always music. I honestly cannot think of a moment when there is not a song playing...either from my iPod or my memory. Silence is rare in my world...and most of the time it is a good thing. Other times it is most songs are accompanied by memories of someone or something. In spite of this...I wouldn't change my wacky musically inspired brain for anything. Here are a few of the songs that have been stuck in my brain as of late. My hope is that they will become stuck in your head as I had to be alone in my musical madness.

(You Want To) Make A Memory by Bon Jovi - If read this blog with any regularity you are probably sick of hearing about me talk about this song. It has been stuck in my head just about non-stop since the concert so it is a damn good thing that it is an awesome song. I think what touches me the most about this song is that unlike most love songs there is no promise of forever. It is a song about that one moment...about that one chance to "steal a piece of time" and "make a memory". Memories are the only thing that really stand a chance of being forever anyway so that is all I could really ask for.

Apologize by OneRepublic and Timbaland - It doesn't help that this song is always on the damn radio but it seems to have been stuck in my head for awhile. It is a strange it seems like it should be a slow song but Timbaland added a slight dance beat to it...but not enough to turn it into a true groove tune. Thus...I am actually slightly perplexed by it. Oh well.

Love Today by MIKA - Once again let me make it known that my musical crush of the moment is MIKA. The more I hear him...the more I download...the more I love MIKA. This song is no exception. Much like Big Girls, this song makes me want to get up and dance...and if I am able...I usually do. MIKA is taking over my iPod playlists.

I Miss You by Blink 182 - This is one of the few songs that doesn't make me laugh by Blink 182. It is a sweet lament for the one that is missed. Its' reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas is a bonus. (I really love that movie.) Who wouldn't want to live like Jack and Sally? It has a decent opening line...which is "Hello there, angel from my nightmare." What makes this song special is the simplicity of just saying "I Miss You". Sometimes it is so hard to say those three words out loud even when the feeling is strong.

How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty- So never has a song with such depressing lyrics made me feel so optimistic. Go Figure. I too "believe the world is burning to the ground and I guess we are going to find out". What can I say?? This is just such a catchy tune.

Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - I don't know what possessed me to download this song because the truth is that I had never heard it before. (Maybe it was a free Starbucks download.) Anyway...I did and don't think that I listened to it until about three weeks later. As I stood in the shower one afternoon about two weeks ago...attempting to clear my head, the shuffle feature on my iPod played this song. (When I am trying to block things out of my head...I focus on the lyrics as my defense against whatever I am trying to avoid.) Funny how things work out. This song put everything into perspective for me and reaffirmed that "I will never let you fall" and "I know I'll be okay".

My life would truly be dull without music.


The Kiskadian said...

you like some shitty music.

Todd said...

I get the Apologize song and How Far We've Come but I thought only gay guys like MIKA?

Is there Bon Jovi song that you don't like?

Millie said...

No because Bon Jovi is the greatest band ever and their worst song is still damn awesome!