Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Heart Is Like An Open Highway

So the texts and emails have been coming in all day asking just one was the concert?

Un-freakin-believable, that's how! was absolutely amazing. I have seen Bon Jovi several times and every time they seem to get better and better. There was a certain magic in the air last night and it made for one hell of show. I have included video to show the madness/greatness. The quality is terrible because it is impossible to film and dance at the same time.
The opening act was a band called Hedley. I had never heard of them before but I wasn't expecting much. I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. They were pretty damn good. They played catchy tunes, they rocked a little bit, and the lead singer was quite entertaining. He worked the stage well and wasn't afraid to dance around. He won me over with what I called his "flamingo stance", which he did at least three times every song. I liked them so much that I have even downloaded a few tracks from iTunes. My 321 and go from there. Overall...a nice surprise and great choice to get everyone pumped up for the GREATEST BAND EVER!!!

After much anticipation...the big show began. First came David and we all cheered. Next came Tico and we all cheered a little louder. Then came Ritchie and things got crazy. The cheering was louder and anticipation grew greater. Then came the moment that we were all waiting for...a silhouette appeared on the stage door and we all knew who it was. Crazy went to pure chaos as Jon Bon Jovi opened up that door. I kid you was like those crazy clips you see of The Beatles. Woman of all ages (myself included) started jumping up and down...screaming...(I saw a few crying)...basically losing all composure as Jon walked up the microphone. No matter how many times I have seen never fails to amaze me. It should be illegal for one man to be so talented and so good looking. But I digress....

They opened with Lost Highway...which only made sense since that is the name of the tour. It was a decent opening...not the best I have seen from Bon Jovi but still quite good. It is a good song for getting people ready to really let loose. It was a smart choice because it gave us crazy fans a chance to adjust to seeing Jon on stage is an overwhelming sight every time.

Then it was time to really begin as the band moved on to You Give Love a Bad Name...which is always guaranteed to get everyone out of their seats and singing at the top of their lungs. I mean EVERYONE. Usually there are a few people who have been dragged to the show and are just kinda standing around. Not tonight...on the rare moments when I pulled my eyes away from the stage, I saw everyone on their feet and going completely nuts. Keeping the momentum going...the band moved into Raise Your Hands...and everyone did just that. It was freakin' awesome! Keeping true to Bon Jovi fashion...they continued to deliver a killer opening by moving on to Runaway...the song that started it all.

From there the band played Just Older...which was only momentous because I have never heard it live before. Then they played Keep the Faith with is a nice comfort tune to long-time fans like us. Clearly this was the time for Jon to recover from a kickass opening and prep for the next kickass moment. (One cannot be at 110% all the time folks...not even one as great as Jon Bon Jovi.) Then we heard A Whole Lot of Leavin'...which is a rare song in the sense that I am indifferent to it. Then we slowed down just a bit more while Jon crooned a new favorite of mine...Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore. Though only a few of the lines rang true to my was a still a powerful moment.

Then it happened. I heard the opening lines of the next song and I had another major freakout moment! (I had a few during the show) I never get tired of them playing what is one of my all-time favorite songs...Born to Be My Baby. I did the whole jumping up down, screaming...basically losing all control once again as I sang at the top of my lungs. By this point I was completely drenched in sweat but could care less. God it was awesome. They have never played it better. Next we heard We've Got it Goin' On, which was cool...kind of a calm before the storm. See...every single person in the arena went completely insane over the next song...Its' My Life....which is another song that I never get tired of hearing. The band was completely kicking ass...hitting every note...singing every song the way that it was meant to be sung. It was damn amazing. Jon's ass-shaking and smiling was almost too much to take. They continued to rock with a little Bad Medicine/Shout melody that had everyone shouting so loud that my eardrums were actually vibrating.

Then Ritchie came up and sang his solo song "Stranger in this Town". It was a forgettable performance. (Sorry Ritchie.) The best part of this was that you knew the Jon was changing into more reveling clothes and moving out into the audience. Sure enough...there he was...crooning (You Want To) Make A Memory. It was the best slow song of the night...but only because the band did not perform I'll Be There for You which truly disappointed me. It got better because there came Ritchie and the two men shared the microphone and sang Diamond Ring and a slower version of Saturday Night. Ritchie returned to the stage as they sang Mystery Train. Then Jon returned to the stage as he sang Blood on Blood. Damn did he sing Blood on Blood.

Keeping the party going...the band played another favorite of mine...completely tearing up I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. I danced up a storm during that song. Then came the new classic...Who Says You Can't Go Home...which had everyone singing and clapping. I knew in my heart that the 1st end was near but not without playing their greatest song...(maybe the greatest song ever written??)...but definitely the greatest song to ever see/hear in know where this is going....Livin' on a Prayer. My God...I think that I actually hit the certifiable insane level as I screamed and jumped around...arms thrusting in the air. (I am sure it was quite comical as I achieved new levels of geekiness.) I have never been in such a loud concert as I was at that moment. It was concert magic.

So there we all were...17,000+ of some of the happiest people in the world waiting for the band to give us more. Of course they delivered. They kicked off the encore with a kickass performance of I Love This Town. Damn is that a fun song to sing at a concert. Then they went back to the basics and nailed Wanted Dead or Alive. At this point I shouted to Dino (I had to shout because it was so freakin' loud) that it felt like Christmas. Not even a minute later the band started playing one of my favorite Christmas songs. It was amazing. As Jon belted out Santa Claus is Coming to Town...Santa actually came out on stage, which was cute. They concluded the Christmas fun with Run Run Rudolph and Jon wearing a Santa hat. It was very nice...very nice indeed.
The night ended with the band covering a few other songs...Glad All Over, Twist and Shout (you can imagine what this song did for the crowd.) and finally closing with Treat Her Right.

As I walked out of the arena...ears ringing, hot and sweaty from dancing, voice gone from singing and screaming, hands sore from clapping...all was well in my world. It was one hell of concert...the best that I have been to. It was worth every penny and every mile.


The Kiskadian said...

sounds like you had fun.

i hadn't heard that memory song until the other day and it isn't bad but its pretty sad.

The Kiskadian said...

there ain't no luck in these loaded dice

Millie said...

Not again Kiskadian.

Todd said...

Looks like it was a good show. Some things never change.