Thursday, December 27, 2007

Honoring The 4400

I have been putting off writing about I foolishly hoped that the producers would change their minds on this one. Sadly...they have not and probably will not so let's have a moment of silence for one of the more entertaining shows on cable TV.

I am far too tired to really outline that travesty that this is as I am running on about two hours of sleep again. Let's just say that I am pretty pissed off. It's not that I expected the show to last forever but at least expected some closure. Oh well. Enjoy the photo montage..

My heart went out to Tom...I understand his dilemas.
I think that I liked Diana's character because I see myself in her.
I always believed that Jordan was good.

Shawn was always getting hurt because he wanted so much to believe in people.

Poor Maya...what a burden for a kid.

Kyle just wanted to believe in something.

Isabelle didn't ask to be born evil.

Ahh the night it all went to hell....


I would have taken the shot.

I never liked Elana.

So wait...NTAC isn't real?? (kidding)

Jordan was the father to Kyle that Tom should have been.

Poor Shawn was surrounded by people yet was alone.

If only damn USA Network would give us one more season to see if Jordan and Kyle were successful. I believe that they would have been.

Oh how I cried during this scene.

Damn it all...all of the good shows are either gone or in their last season. My Blogger and Facebooks addictions are only going to get worse.


Todd said...

Never watched the show but you seemed to really like it. Weren't they aliens?

Why aren't you sleeping?

Todd said...

Is it a coincidence that almost all of the guys on the show have strong cheek and jaw bones? (Not trying to sound like a fag but I know you know what I am getting at.)

The Kiskadian said...

i'm better looking than all of them.

i watched it a couple times and couldn't figure out what was happening. sorry that you pissed off about it.

you have been in a pretty mood lately. is the holidays?

Millie said...

They were not aliens!

Do I need to send you the series on DVD?