Friday, December 28, 2007

Not Tonight

Ahh I have come to love thee. At first I thought that it was pretty stupid but one of my "friends" added it to their Facebook profile and invited me to join. Much to my surprise...I am totally hooked! It is like therapy with no bill and no it is completely anonymous.

For those of you who have not ventured into the realm of Facebook...or every deep into it....allow me to explain. Socialmoth is one of the zillion features on Facebook where people post thoughts, wishes, rants and raves, secrets, etc. It is totally anonymous which is cool. People can reply to your posting or just give it a heart. I prefer the hearts because it makes me feel less alone to know that someone else can relate. is a small somewhat silly thing...yet it is nice.

Fellow blogger, Facebooker and pop geek Andrew and I have discussed the pros and cons of cyber friendships and recognize that there are some risks to it. There is something pretty fucked up about that the fact that I reveal more on my blog and Facebook Groups than I do in person. Sometimes the shocking reality of it sends us both into a panic about ending up alone. But then we just "poke" or email the other one and all is well. Technology is a funny thing.

So this is my excuse for not posting anything of substance tonight...I am choosing to lose myself in the world of Facebook tonight. If you are a Facebook subscriber...poke me!


Todd said...

This kind of pisses me off. I have been asking you for weeks what is up with you and you say nothing. You aren't sleeping, and you rarely answer your phone or emails

Don't talk to strangers. Talk to your friends who have been there for you always and love you.

Todd said...

I'm not joining facebook for you.

Millie said... harm intended. Just a little insomnia.

Todd said...

I shouldn't have jumped you. What weekend are you looking at coming home?

The Kiskadian said...

how so called life are you two?

Todd said...

damn it mil! socialmoth is gay but Facebook is addicting! i have joined like 50 groups in the past day since i joined!