Sunday, December 30, 2007

Up All Night Long and There's Something Very Wrong

I dedicate this post to Kevin L who told me recently that he believes that Blink 182 is the best band ever. He is obviously wrong...since the best band ever is Bon Jovi but I would put Blink in the Top 10.

I miss Blink 182. Writing about them last night...however so briefly, made me realize that I really enjoyed them and miss their music. In fact, the best non Bon Jovi concert I have been to was Green Day and Blink 182. I am not gullible enough to think that there will be a reunion...but here's hoping. I liked Blink because they made me laugh with their cleverly written punk tunes. During their prime Blink was everywhere which is what lead to their demise. You know that they were on top by the fact that they played themselves on an episode of The Simpsons. If you haven't been on The Simpsons and/or South are still playing in the minor league.

So here is my list of essential Blink 182 songs for your enjoyment.
Click Lips - I laugh every time I hear this I suspect that just about every other reformed bad child does. It almost seems as if they were hanging out in my house when they wrote this song. Unlike the troubled youth of the dad continued to trust me even though I had blown it at least once before. The line(s) for this song "Can I blame it on one of my dumb friends? Its been awhile since I used that line."

Dammit - This is the song that really seemed to launch Blink 182 into the mainstream. It is not one of my favorite Blink 182 songs but it is still better than a lot of the crap that passes for music these days. Whenever I hear this song I think of the scene in Can't Hardly Wait when the cops come to bust up the party since it was playing while everyone tried to get away. I smile and remember all the times that the parties that I attended were broken up by the cops. Blink hit it on the head with the line "I guess this is growing up". You didn't live in high school if you didn't run from the cops at least once.

I Miss You - See last night's blog. Good tune.

The Party Song - Who didn't know their town's version of the girl in this song? I would have probably even have been friends with her back in my partying days. Many of my SWAT friends were burned by the girl in this song. The line "She'll never be fun and you should just turn and run." is good advice for all drunken frat boys to follow.

Before I go into the next two songs...let me say that they came off my favorite album...which is Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. It would be about a year before I would finally get the title...which is apparently only funny to me and the person that pointed it out to me.

The Rock Show - This might be my favorite song by Blink 182. The line "When we said we were gonna move to Vegas, I remember the look her mother gave us." Although in my case it was father vice mother and the look was followed by strong language.

First Date - I think that everyone can relate to this song. Who doesn't get nervous on their first date? Who doesn't want to make that magic first date feeling last forever? Usually it is the girl who is so nervous that she can't eat on the first that line makes the song kind of cute. The line for this song is "When you smile I melt inside."

Josie - Forget that Michael Bolton nonsense...this is a true love song. "Everything is gonna be fine."

Every Time I Look For You - This song is on here for one reason...but that reason is my own. It is a catchy tune so download it without me giving you a reason to.

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