Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

So the only thing that The Dixie Chicks ever said that I agree with is that Some Days You Gotta Dance. For various reasons, I spent most of this afternoon in a very gitty and good mood (not a rare occurrence by any means, but it was an unusually good mood) and felt the desire to dance all afternoon. Fortunately I was far too busy with party prep to really let loose, but the desire was there and you can bet that I was getting as jiggy as possible in the car on the way home. (Judging by the strange looks that I was receiving most of the northern I-5 commuters were not sharing my good mood. Oh well.)

So here is my list of Millie's Essential Jiggy Songs...straight from the Millie iPod for your dancing enjoyment....guaranteed to make you feel good and look ridiculous.

Sexual Revolution by Macy Gray - Okay...so how can you not want to get up and shake it to a song that's very first line tells everybody to "Shake it"???? I am not a Macy Gray fan...as her voice reminds me of a hungover 48 year old smoker...but that is not the point. The beat of the song overshadows the singer, which is awesome. In addition to a great beat, the words are pretty exciting. It is all about pushing the limits of sexuality and feeling good about being naked. Hmmmmm....anyway...great song to dance to in your birthday suit...and that is all I'm saying.

Pacific Coast Party by Smash Mouth - I don't care what anyone says...this song is one of the ultimate dance songs. I think that it got a bad rap because the album that it was released off of sounded too much the previous Smash Mouth release and people were burnt out by the constant playing of Walking on the Sun and All-Star (God knows that I was). I found this song long after its release but I am glad that I did. It is impossible not to want to grab a margarita and hang out by the pool when you are listening to this song.

Canned Heat by Jamiroquai - Okay this is a no brainer. Everyone who hears this song thinks of Napoleon Dynamite and wants to dance to this song. Being a music freak...I often turn to songs for advice (okay not often but more than most people I guess) and this song gives some of the best advice around. "All the bad times I'm going through...just dance." Just dance indeed. This is a jump up on your bed in the morning and shake your ass kind of song.

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) by Sylvester - A true dance floor anthem does not require a lot of words...which is proven by this song. It has all of like six lines that just get repeated over and over for about six and half minutes of pure dancing joy. This is more of a dancing while brushing your teeth in the morning kind of song....as it is an energy-infusing tune that gets the blood pumping as you bounce around to the disco beat.

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) by Mika - This song is very recent favorite of mine. In fact, as of a few weeks ago...I didn't even know about it. I'm still not sure how it made its way onto the Millie iPod but I am damn glad that it did!!! It is hot to know that there are guys out there that appreciate "curves in all the right places". Timing I suppose. Anyway...getting away from the lyrics...the beat is badass! This song will make you shake your ass instinctively....guaranteed.

So there it is. Each song has the Millie guarantee to make you shake your groove thang...and any other thang you can think of.


Todd said...

This made me think of three Millie Dance Moments:

1. Goodbye Horses
2. Rockfeller Shank
3. Beat It

This one made me smile because it reassured me that no matter what the old Millie Vanillie is still alive in there somewhere and still a bit looney. Shake on sister!

Millie said...

I assume that you are referring to Junior Prom when you mention Rockfeller Shank. I think that Beat It was 1995 Regionals Floor Routine. Am I right?

I have no idea about Goodbye Horses.

Todd said...

Goodbye horses was a drunk dancing moment after you had left but were visiting from vegas. You weren't drinking that night so you have to remember because you had the whole party laughing because you channeled Silence of the Lambs.

Bingo for the other two.

Millie said...

Now I remember. I didn't drink anything that night but you sure did...which makes me think that you are referring to yourself as the drunking dancer. Ahhhh the good old days.