Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Worst/Best of 2007 - TV

So after much consideration I realized that I have not watched enough TV to have this to be a strong category...though to be fair if TV hadn't become total shit I would have watched more of it. This is minor detail and I will march on in spite of it. So let's make TV just one entry and be done with it.

Here is the worst of it...
American Idol Season 6 -Okay so the idea behind American Idol is still heart-warming...bright kid with big dreams and big voice wins over judges and America and wins show and takes over the world. Sadly...America seems to have run out of a great talent. Not only that but it seems that the non-winners are better than the people that actually end up winning the show i.e Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken, Elliot Yamin...etc. This season was incredibly terrible...and disappointing. How is that the thing that everyone remembers is that damn Sanjaya dude? That of course spawned the phrase...Sanjaya-Gate...WTF? The show is clearly past its prime.

Carlos Mencia's Bud Light Commercial - Just what we need...a commercial encouraging people to not to speak English.

Cavemen - I still can't believe that this was a real show. The damn Geico commercials were bad enough...but to give them a damn show?!?!?!?!? I hope whatever creative dumbass behind this one is now working at WalMart.

The Sopranos Finale - Not to beat a dead horse but seriously...that's it?

America's Most Smartest Model - So here is the deal with this was pointless. Sure it had funny moments but models aren't supposed to be smart. If they were smart...they wouldn't be models. Enough already with the model obsession.

The Sierra Mist Free Commercial - You know the one...with the guy with the comb over who is wearing roller skates. They just took it too far. It went from funny to stupid because they got greedy.
FrankTV - So I don't know if this show has started yet and I honestly don't care. You know why I don't care...because I saw so many damn commercials for it while watching the MLB playoffs that I never wanted to hear about it again.

Apple iPod Video Nano Commercial - Dear Apple...please for the love of BobCat Bob...please stop playing this damn commercial. It is wonderful that Feist can count to 4...and it is wonderful that she can dance in bright blue spandex and not feel like a dumbass. It as also wonderful that you have given the opportunity for the world to watch this on a two inch screen. Yes yes...everything that Apple does is wonderful. What is not wonderful is that I have seen this bloody commercial a zillion times and it makes me want to do very bad things...such as throw things at the TV. I am so haunted by the overplaying of this commercial...and consequently the song...that when I hear it in the car I have to fight the urge to start ramming the car in front of me. So for me and for the well being of those around me...please make the madness stop.

I Love New York - I am so sick of New York. I am happy that she has finally found love...but only because that means no more reality shows. This woman is just plain crazy.

Here is the best of it...

Pushing Daisies - It is funny and romantic...and it has dead people. What more could you ask for in a TV show? Did I mention that it is actually well-written...or at least it was until the whole writers strike. More people need to watch this show...because it is awesome!

How I Met Your Mother - No it is not just because Neil is on the show. It is funny as hell. Neil being on the show is just a bonus. It is one of the few decent shows on these days.

Bon Jovi Hosting SNL - Need I say more.

Smallville - Sure it has lost hundreds of viewers...but it still a decent show. The reason it makes my best of list is because they finally escalated Lana from damsel in distress to vicious bitch and it is awesome. She has become ruthless and she accepts Clark's secret which is about damn time. I am no longer wishing that someone bad guy would come along and kill off her character so she'll stop whining. She killed off her own character and came back twice the Luthor that Lex is. (I rejoiced when I saw her whack Lionel with a shovel.) No one is going to mess with her again...Girl Power indeed.

Rock of Love - So this was my guilty pleasure over the summer. The girls on this show were CRAZY. Thousands of Bret Michaels fans bonded on Facebook over their hatred of Lacy. Not only that but we were all able to fall back in love with Bret. We all pulled for Jess to win, mainly because we all wanted Heather to lose because she was dumb enough to get a guy's name tattooed on her after a week. Ahh..celebrity reality...what gems will you bring us next year.

Robert Goulet's Emerald Nuts Commercial - This is my second favorite commercial of the year. How totally random yet funny was it to see Robert Goulet crawling around the office sabotaging everyone stuff?? In my was his finest performance. I am sad that Mr. Goulet is no longer with us...and I am sorry for the whole rice crispy incident.

Every Commercial by Peyton Manning - This guy makes the best commercials on TV. Visit YouTube if you don't know what I am talking about.

Finally...the best of TV in 2007 was...VH1's World Series of Pop Culture Tournament - This should not surprise anyone as my #1 pick as clearly these are my kind of people. But the best part of this years tournament was not the many tie-breakers or the fact that while playing severely medicated at home I still only missed three questions...the best part was The Twisted Misters. Never before has a group of geeks and inspired and rocked my world as much as these young lads from NYC. They are the pop culture geeks that I aspire to be. Victor won me over with his adorable arrogance (never knew that there was a such a thing) which was shocking for a geek. Andrew was brilliant and charming...also unusual for a geek. These young men showed everyone that geeks can be sexy and have inspired me to let my inner geek break through for more than just a few passing moments. Here's hoping that they take the title again next year... unless of course I manage to make it on the show in which case I plan to destroy them in the nicest possible way. Seriously...I love these guys.

I hate TV. This is why I watch reruns and movies over and over again.


Todd said...

Dear friend I can't believe that you still watch Smallville.

When you are going to break down and get the superman tattoo that you have been talking about?

The Kiskadian said...

Those guys are geeks even for you. What happened to you?

DrFine said...
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Todd said...

What did you delete?

Has Bon Jovi ever done anything that you didn't like?