Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best of 2007 - Music

So if any of you follow my blog you know that I am always about five steps behind my pop culture idol Andrew who is far wiser than I could ever hope to be. far as recaping the best of the year he has exceeded everyone's expectations and set the bar far too high for anyone to reach. Seriously...check out his blog if you want to see pop culture at its finest. That being said...I will still recap the highs and lows over the next few days in Millie Fashion...which means critics be damned...this is the best according to me. My wacky explanations.

Let's start with my favorite pop culture category...MUSIC!

Winner of the Best Chick Song to Sing When You're Blue...Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie
So this is the top song of the year according to Billboard, iTunes, and VH1. It was always on the damn radio...always in the Top 10 downloads, on everyone's damn phone as the ringtone and it dominated the VH1 Top 20 Countdown so it is probably the right choice. The video was great for members of both sexes because the guys had Fergie half naked and the ladies got to see Milo half naked so overall it was pretty awesome. The song itself is pretty damn good. The lyrics struck a cord with me for a number of reasons, from the need to figure things out by oneself to the pure vulnerability that is conveyed in the song. The winning line of this song... "Its personal, myself and I, we have some straightening out to do." If only I had the clarity and strength to say that years ago...but I digress. Well Done Fergie for having what everyone else considers to be the song of the year and for getting so many women of all ages singing of self reliance.

Winner for Best New Song by a Legend - (You Want To) Make a Memory by Bon Jovi
The first time I heard this song I was sorely disappointed. Then I heard it again and actually listened to the lyrics and was floored. Then I saw the video and I was in love with this song. Then I saw it performed live and I knew that I would always love it because it is probably the sexiest Bon Jovi song ever. It is proof why Bon Jovi is the greatest band ever. It is asong of pure desire and the longing is almost unbearable...and that makes it wonderful. I hear it at least once a day and usually want to just hit rewind as I never get tired of it. Sometimes it even still gives me chills. The line..."Baby just breathe, there's nowhere else tonight we should be."

Best Kick Ass Rock Song - This Ain't a Scene, Its An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy
Okay so I was a little late jumping on the Fall Out Boy Bandwagon but least I got there...unlike the Grammy assholes who completely ignored the band this year. Whatever. They are winners in my book with songs like I'm Like a Lawver with the Way I'm Always Trying to Get You Off, Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner...and of course...This Ain't a Scene. It is a pretty kick ass song...and it is that is a bonus. This song wins because of the beat...the lyrics are just okay...not spectular. It does have a killer first that is the main reason that it makes the cut. The line(s)..."I am an arms dealer..fitting you with weapons in the form of words." Hot damn...if that doesn't sell you on the song...nothing will. Well done FOB...remember what The Simpsons said...The Grammy's are not a real award show in the first place.

Best Dance Song - Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) by MIKA
Okay I know that I have only known this song for like a month but I'm telling you...there is no better get up and shake your ass song out there right now. I sing and dance to this song every morning in the shower and it is quite the energy booster. If you have not heeded my advice so now and perhaps I will stop thinking about this song. I have already used my favorite line from this song in a previous post so look it up if you are curious.

Best Breakout Song - Its Not Over by Daughtry
It is no secret that I am Daughty fan so it should be no surprise that they made the list. The whole album is good but Its Not Over was the breakout song that proved to everyone that Chris Daughtry was no reject...he is the real deal. The opening line will hook you, even though you are not exactly sure what the song is about until you listen to it for a few more seconds. The whole song is filled with simple yet powerful lines such as "We can't let this get away." It is a simple line but it is filled with emotion and that is awesome. Chris was my pick for The American Idol...and all I have to say is where is Taylor Hicks now??????? Exactly....

Best Simple Stupid Song - Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye
I call this song Simple Stupid with the upmost I am quite fond of it. It is on my 25 Most Played Songs on my iPod. It is simple stupid because anyone could have written it, anyone can sing get the idea. In spite of is a good song. It just works. Maybe the reason for it is because in the end it doesn't "play games". It is a simple song with a dance it is good. (GEEK ALERT) I can actually picture myself in the song...which to me means that it is a song that people can relate to. So well done Hellogoodbye...whoever the hell you are. You hooked me with this catchy song. The Line(s) " ...whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly". I fell in love, in love with you suddenly now there's no where else I would be but here in your arms." Who can't relate to that?

Best OVERALL Song of 2007 - Hey There Delilah by Plain White Ts.
I am not going to re-write all the reasons that this song is great. Chances are you have already heard me gush over this song. The point is that it is the best song of the year. One of the great things about the song is that even though it was written for some ungrateful chick named Delilah (hmmmm)...everyone who likes it has their own "muse" in mind as the hum the words. It is hard to pick a line from this song...because there are two that keep coming to mind. I will pick the safer and sexier one..."Listen to my voice its my disguise, I'm by your side." It is amazing how the sound of someone's voice saying certain things can make it feel like they are by your side even though "A thousand miles seems pretty far..." So to the boys of Plain White have Millie's vote for Best Song of the Year!

Tomorrow...maybe movies. TV is going to suck because this year's TV pretty much sucked.


Todd said...

How can say that the Grammys dissed Timbaland when you yourself left him off your countdown?

Millie said...

I like Timbaland because he is awesome but nothing be put out this year was the best.

DrFine said...

you have always love bon jovi. some things never change.

The Kiskadian said...

fuck you fine. you don't know shit.