Sunday, December 9, 2007

You Could Sing the Melody To Me

So 2007 was not that bad of a year for music. I seriously disagree with the fine folks behind the Grammy curtain...but that is fine. That is usually the case. I have decided to jump the gun and beat my pop culture idol Andrew to the punch by blogging about this first. (I am certain that he will announce his picks in the near future and he will have a better prediction rate than me. This is why he is my idol and not the other way around.) I will not do every category because there are many that I know nothing about and would prefer to keep it that way.

DISCLAIMER - About halfway through I realized that there is no way for me to completely throw out personal opinion. Therefore I had added a third category which is based entirely on my opinion and should be reviewed as such.

Best Country Album -
Who Should Win: I don't know
Who Will Win: I don't know
Millie's Pick: Brad Paisley's 5th Gear - I have only heard one song off of this album but I have to say that I enjoy listening to that one song very much. So yeah, this pick is definitely a personal one.
Best Contemporary R&B Album -
Who Should Win - Akon
Who Will Win - Anyone but Akon. Sorry Akon...I am trying to pick a winner and you would be it if I was the person voting. Konvicted was the best R&B album of the year but controversy doesn't win Grammys.
Millie's Pick - Akon

Best Alternative Album -
Who Should Win - Acrcade Fire
Who Will Win - Lily Allen
Millie's Pick - Lily Allen...the feisty artist has earned it.

Best Rock Album -
Who Should Win - Daughtry
Who Will Win - Bruce Springsteen
Millie's Pick - Daughtry all the way. This has been one of the top selling albums of the year, which is not a major factor in Grammy selection but should be. Sadly it might be hard for the board to get past the American Idol glitz in order to give Daughtry the award over legends like Bruce or John Fogerty. Whatever...Daughtry deserves it.

Best Solo Rock Performance -
Who Should Win - Bruce Springsteen
Who Will Win - Bruce Springsteen
Millie's Pick - Bruce Springsteen. This category is where he deserves to win.

Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group -
Who Should Win - Daughtry
Who Will Win - White Stripes, though Green Day could be the upset even though it isn't even their damn song.
Millie's Pick - Daughtry. Again...the band deserves it. It is the best performance out of the group.

Best Rock Song -
Who Should Win - Daughtry
Who Will Win - Daughtry
Millie's Pick - Daughtry

Best Pop Vocal Album-
Who Should Win - Bon Jovi though it is not nearly the quality of album that Bon Jovi can create. Who Will Win - Amy Winehouse
Millie's Pick - Bon Jovi
Best Dance Recording -
Who Should Win - No Clue
Who Will Win - No Clue
Millie's Pick - MIKA all the way! I am totally on board the MIKA train and loving it! Climb aboard...seriously!

Best Female Pop Performance -
Who Should Win - Christina Aguilera
Who Will Win - Amy Winehouse
Millie's Pick - Christina Aguilera - one person who doesn't like Candyman? It is impossible not to start grooving just a little bit when you hear this song.

Best Male Pop Performance -
Who Should Win - Not Sure
Who Will Win - Michael Buble, because everyone loves that goofy kid's voice.
Millie's Pick - Justin Timberlake because it is the song nominated that is on my iPod.

Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group -
Who Should Win - Plain White T's
Who Will Win - Plain White T's
Millie's Pick - I can't believe that I am going to admit this...but Plain White T's. I know, I know where is the loyalty??? I LOVE Jon and the boys but I have to be honest and admit that in this rare case, they did not write the best song. I'm not saying that (You Want To)Make A Memory is not a good song! It is a great song that I very much enjoy. I'm just saying that Hey There Delilah is better. It is actually a very close race, as these two songs are #2 and #3 of overall played songs ever on my iPod even though they both came out this year. That being said...Hey There Delilah is my pick for this category but I would not leave the country to go see the Plain White T's as I am about to do for Bon Jovi. (IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!)

Best New Artist -
Who Should Win - Feist
Who Will Win - Amy Winehouse
Millie's Pick - I will go Taylor Swift because I am sick of hearing 1234 and was sick of Amy Winehouse before I had even heard her music. That being said...I don't really care.

Song of the Year -
Who Should Win - Plain White T's w/ Hey There Delilah
Who Will Win - Hey There Delilah
Millie's Pick - Hey There Delilah

Record of the Year -
Who Should Win - Nobody...none of the choices are that great.
Who Will Win - Beyonce because she never leaves an award show empty handed.
Millie's Pick - Out of the 5, again I side with Justin Timberlake but again because it is the only song that I like enough to download.

Album of the the Year -
Who Should Win - Kanye West
Who Will Win - Amy Winehouse
Millie's Pick - Who the hell is Herbie Hancock? I don't know but let's go with him.


The Kiskadian said...

Delilah is the most annoying song of the year. It is a whinny song written by a stalker for a girl he never even dated. I hate JBJ but even I have to think that it should win over Delilah.

I really hate that song! When did you go back to being a sappy romantic girl?

The Kiskadian said...

oh and justin timberfag sucks too.

the only thing you got right is that daughtry isn't terrible.

Millie said...

Robin, I am what I have always been. You have sat through enough movies with me crying at the end to know that I am a "sappy romantic" girl at heart, no matter how cynical I sometimes act.

Oh...and this is the LAST time that I am going to tell you to be nice.

Todd said...

You know who got fucked by the grammys this year? Timbaland. He should have been nominated more.