Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Live For The Fight When Its All That You've Got

So this is the only time that I am going to address the whole "no playoffs" for the Yankees on the blog. It is not because I am mad or ashamed or disappointed...but simply because I feel like what I have to say only needs to be said once.

I am proud of my Yankees.

Sure the season has not played out the way that I would have hoped. Sure they have caused me some frustration and a lot of harassment...but nonetheless...I am proud of the Yankees.

You can say what you want about them...some of my favorite negative comments are:
- They can't hit with runners in scoring position.
- They have too many over the hill players to be competitive in a young man's league.
- Too many players are concerned with staying healthy than taking risks because they want to to preserve their big paychecks.

The list goes on and on. To all of that I have to say...look at the big picture.

First let's talk about a few of the major milestones that have been achieved.
- There are at least three players who will finish above or right over 100 RBIs.
- Derek Jeter became the all-time hit leader at Yankee Stadium.
- Mike Mussina reached 19...possibly twenty wins in a single season.
- A-Rod moved up to #12 in the all-time home run hitter.
- The Yankees broke another league record in home game attendance with over 4 million tickets sold to home games for the 4th year in a row.

But the thing that I am the most proud of would have to be the fact that as of this posting, the Yankees are on a 7 game winning streak.

Think about that for a moment as that in itself is pretty damn amazing. But now take into consideration that they have achieved this in spite of the fact they knew that there was virtually no chance of making it to the playoffs. Even with such a bleak future they still managed to pull together and make the big plays needed to win. To sum it up...the Yankees have played like Yankees. Even without a playoff one can take that away from them.

The biggest thing that has stayed with me since watching the final game at Yankee Stadium is how happy the team was to play that game in front of their fans. There were geninue smiles and they made us fans feel like we were part of the Yankee magic. Thanks to the YES network, I have been able to hear Derek Jeter's ending speech several times and I will admit it...I believe it. I believe that he and the rest love being Yankees and love their Yankee fans.

So let Boston rally its way to another championship. (I'll be honest though...I am pulling for the Phillies.) Let the Angels fight for their share of a title. Let the Mets choke as they are prone to do. I really don't care. The Yankees have shown that they still have what it takes to be winners. So what if it is too late to make it to the playoffs? There is no denying that the Yankees have shown more class and more heart than most teams combined. And that is why I love them.

Besides...there is always next year.


Donald said...

I am Boston fan so it is hard to the admit this but the yankees have shown character over the past few weeks. With vets like Jeter and Giambi on the team they will always be a classy organization. They might be rounding the bases using walkers but they will be do with class.

Don't tell anyone let you feel bad for being proud of your team.

Now if only we could help you move on from Chamberlain.

Anonymous said...

This all sounds fine and ready made Disney movie material but the fact is that they blew it. No playoffs for pretty boy Jeter, no ring for Rodriguez, no chance for Joba to blow a big game because he is afraid of bugs. Just another month for the team to give each shots in the ass that cause rage and blown chances.

Chad said...

There is a lot to be said about your outlook on things. The yankees are about to finish their worst season in a decade and yet you are still singing their praises. You are either extremely loyal or completely dillusional.

The Kiskadian said...

Milville I have said it before. Yours is a heart that will find a way to love even the most undeserving. You are probably the only Yankee fan who isn't cursing their failure. You really are a saint who also happens to have horns and a pitchfork!

chad said...

This is the first Yankee post that didn't sing the praises of Joba. Thank you!

amadeo said...

You can find light in any tunnel can't you Geek That Is Millie? You always look for the good even though your writing often seems fueled by sadness. This is a good thing as it shows that you are broke but not past repair.

THE TODD said...

You totally jinxed them! They got their ass handed to them last night. I could hear you swearing when I saw the score this morning.

Dr. Fine said...

Do you think that maybe the Yankees spent too much time working towards personal milestones and not enough time developing bonds as a team?