Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Musse!

OK I don’t care if you are a Yankee fan or not…you can’t deny that today was a great moment for Mike Mussina…and you cannot deny that he truly is the comeback story of the year in the AL…maybe in all of Major League Baseball.

He is now the oldest pitcher in history to earn 20 wins in a season. Considering that he ended last season by being benched by Joe Torre…I would say that he has a lot to proud of. More importantly, he did with so much class that even the strongest Yankee hater would have to give him credit. I will admit it…it made me cry. The fact that it was against Boston was icing on the cake.

I also got to watch the Centerstage Interview with Jorge Posada…which I loved. He was open, honest, and just plain funny. He made me laugh and cry several times over the course of that one hour. Aside from his comments about Joba…it was a great interview.

Speaking of Joba…I am aware that he had a rough day. Cut him some slack…as it is hard to near perfect all of the time.

Now back to game two and that damn Ponson. I understand why they replaced Pettitte with Ponson but it still bugs me. He just pisses me off so much.


the fossum said...

Why are you crying over baseball so much? You are such a girl! The yanks will take back the throne next year.

Jeff said...

The Fossum as in Brent?

donald said...

What is Centerstage and what did posada say?

jason said...

How are you occupy your time without Yankee baseball to watch and write about?

Dr. Fine said...

You are blinded by your love for anything striped. Mike pitched well this season but he is no hall of famer.

The Kiskadian said...

Go away Fine. Everyone here hates you and doesn't give a shit what you have to say.