Saturday, September 20, 2008

T-Minus 20 Hours To Go

As I sit here waiting for time to pass before I catch my train to the city for what I hope will be one of the greatest sports night of my life. Good thing that I slept well last night because tonight my head is racing with Yankee goodness and I am not sure where to start. Of course this is going to be a Yankee post but where to start?

Let's start with the pitching scenario. First there is the whole..."what to do with the "older" guys on the team. Bottom line...the team is faced with what to do with free agents Mike Mussina or Andy Pettitte. They need to sign one of them but it would be a mistake to sign them both. So which one should they sign? Both are in their late 30s and both men have been vocal about plans to retire in the near future. Both say that they think that they want to play at least one more year....but are not sure that they are up for another multi-year contract. But honestly that is where the similarities end...and without lashing it out in a lengthy post...the Yankees need to sign Mike.

Mike Mussina is the clear choice...and if there is any doubt about it just think on his 18+ wins this season. It would have been more than 18 wins if the Yankee offense had given him the support that he deserved throughout the season. He has given the Yankees 8th good seasons without any kind of drama. Bottom line...he is a fine example of what a Yankee should be and for that reason he should be kept.

Now don't get me wrong...I love Andy Pettitte. The problem is that he proved during the last half of this season that he isn't the pitcher that he used to be. I am hoping that the Yankees see this and that this is the reason that he is going to be the starting pitcher for tomorrow's game. I hoping that they are giving him one last start as a Yankee....ever.

The Yankees cannot keep signing these older players and expect to win. The Yankees need to keep one veteran pitcher on board and it needs to Mussina.

Let's move on...while staying in the world of pitching. There is a lot of talk about Joba being a starter next season or to keep him in the bullpen. I am actually torn about this. Joba is an amazing pitcher. He is also an amazing person to watch. The excitement and energy that he brings to the game is incredible. The problem is that some people think that he is a little too excited for a starting pitcher. I disagree...and hope that the organization does too. Joba did great as a starter and once he is back to 100% he should be back in the starting question.

Let's end with Derek Jeter. What is up with the damn Orioles pitchers hitting my Yankees with "wild" pitches. This is the 2nd time this season that Derek has been hit by an Orioles pitcher...and it really, really, really pisses me off. I am going to be beyond pissed off if Derek doesn't get to play tomorrow because some asshole couldn't get the ball over the plate. I have never seen Derek react the way he did today which tells me that he took one hell of a hit. So it is a real possibility that he might not get to play.

I can't even get my head around the possibility of him not playing in the last game in Yankee Stadium. He is the ultimate Yankee...a living legend....there is no other man who was ever worn pinstripes and is still breathing that deserves it more. I know it sounds crazy...but I seriously get upset just thinking about it.

Don't expect another post until after the game. I will be leaving my house early tomorrow and will not be back until early the next day. I honestly don't know what to expect tomorrow but I can say that I cannot remember the last time that I was this excited for something.



chris said...

I don't understand your obsession with the Yankees but I hope that you have a great night. Not everyone can say that they were at the last game at Yankee Stadium and you will get the chance to be part of history. Stay safe and take lost of pictures. I can't wait to see them on the blog.

Kenny said...

Hope you have a G R E A T time! Take lots of pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

As for your analysis of your team, I think it's pretty accurate save the Joba as a "starter" remark. I think the guy might be the best possible choice to fill the enormous shoes of Mariano Rivera...another guy who's getting long in the tooth.

Also, and you'll probably explode when I tell you this. But there was once another closer who played with the Braves that was just as excited a player and when interviewed made comments regarding his god given talents....his name was John Rocker. So, don't get too attached to those crazy excited players....they have a habit of doing stupid things.

Have a great time!

THE TODD said...

Darling Millie, enjoy every minute of today! No one deserves to have a piece of history more than you as you yourself are timeless! And if you get the chance seize the fucking moment my friend! The worst thing that could happen is that I have to start calling you mrs. Chamberlain! Much love my friend!

fly guy ry-ry said...

It really says something that so many people are happy that you are going to the game. I hope it is everything that you hoped for!

vince said...

I must be confused. Are we still talking about a baseball game? Its cool that your going but is it really worth all this sappy shit?

THE TODD said...
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THE TODD said...

Gonna watch the game just to see NYPD pull your crazy ass off of jeter! Go out in blaze of glory my friend! Make your memory and to hell with anyone who calls that sappy shit!

movi said...

Live it up mil! You are there for all of us!

Dr. Fine said...

When one of the greatest pitchers in baseball says that Joba shouldn't be a starter, you should listen, especially when that same catcher happens to be on the same team as Joba. Jorge knows his shit Millie. You should listen.