Thursday, September 18, 2008

When You Smile The World Is Brighter

Being that I am stuck on base and there is not much else to do…please enjoy a bonus iPod Shuffle as my internet access is pretty limited so I can’t really write about much else.

The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley: Does it get any better than the King? Everyone always talks about what an amazing rocker he was but he was also one hell of a crooner. This song is the perfect example of why so many women fell in love with him. If he and Jeter were alive and around the same age at the same time…that would be one tough choice for me to make. The reason that I love this song so much is because it isn’t asking for anything. It is simply a declaration of love and that is pretty damn awesome. Think about it…all he is doing in this song is passionate singing about how much he loves her for being her. It makes no sense and that is okay…he just loves her. Best Line: “I'll guess I'll never know the reason why you love me like you do but that's the wonder...the wonder of you”

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s: So first I must start by reminding you that this song is the #2 played song on my iTunes. It has been played over 500 times in about year. I am still not sick of it and I doubt that I ever will be. The fact is that this song just makes me stop what I am doing and just get lost in thought. I always smile as I hum along and realize that this really is one of the sweetest songs ever. Best Line “Oh it’s what you do to me”. I hear this line and think of all of the things that I have done that I never thought I would and smile.

Dirty Little Secret by Jon Bon Jovi: If it sung by Jon Bon Jovi, you know that it is going to good. This song is a bit of a surprise because it was very recently that I was reminded that it even existed. It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised. Best Line: “You got me knock-knock-knocking at your door and I’ll keep coming back for more, we made a promise and we’ll keep it our dirty little secret.”

Sea of Love by Phil Phillips: It is hard for me not to think of The Simpsons when I hear this song ever since it was used in the last scene and end credits of the episode when Dr. Frink shows Bart and Lisa their future. In the future Marge left Homer because he spent all of their money on a house under the sea. In the end they reconcile and this is the song that plays as it fades into the end credits. I am not sure why I find this amusing but I do. But The Simpsons aside, it is still a pretty good song. Best Line: “Do you remember when we met, that’s the day that I knew you were my pet.”

My All by Mariah Carey: There is one reason why this song is awesome…the opening line. So let’s get the best line over with now and move on. “I’m thinking of you in my sleepless solitude tonight, if it’s wrong to love you then my heart just won’t let me be right.” The runner up for best line is so good that it gets a place into tonight’s post as well. “Baby can you fell me imaging I’m looking in your eyes?” I guess what I am trying to is that few songs capture the essence that comes with a deep desire and this one certainly does that. In spite of what anyone else says…this really is one of Mariah’s best songs.

Let’s close it out tonight by saying that I got teary eyed again tonight while watching the Yankee game. This time it was when Mike Mussina came out of the game for what could be his time as a Yankee. He got a well deserve standing ovation and it moved me. Silly as it sounds…I cannot help but be moved by such moments…and suspect that it will continue until Sunday. I have no doubts that I will cry as I walk out of Yankee Stadium for the last time and I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad about it.


parker said...

you really are such a geek

The Kiskadian said...

I would expect nothing less from you Milville.

Jeff said...

Mike Mussina is cool. He is one of the few Yankee pitchers who doesn't suck.

movi said...

what no post tonight?

THE TODD said...

What an particularly sappy selection of songs! Between that and the crying during every Yankee game I can't help but point and laugh and say "You're Such a Girl!"

Much Love my friend.

Dr. Fine said...

What is wrong with you?

Comparing Elvis to Derek Jeter?

Crying over Mike Mussina? Didn't he get benched last year because he couldn't find the plate?

Falling for any of those songs? That is why you are cursed with the constant broken heart. You believe in the bullshit.

Will you never learn?