Monday, September 1, 2008

You Have Opened My Eyes & Lifted Me Inside By Showing Me Yourself Undisguised

Happy Labor Day! I hope that everyone had as great of a day as my Yankees did. Sure they almost blew an 11-1 lead but the point is that they held on and got the win. Enough of that...let's shuffle.
Set A Drift On Memory Bliss of You by PM Dawn (56): While I still don't get a lot of the metaphors used in this song, I get that is a pretty sad of longing. It sucks when you want something that you can't have. I think that in this particular song he can't have what he wants because he is a star and she is not. Seems pretty foolish now considering one must ask where is PM Dawn now but I guess that is what the gamble of life is all about. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose what could have been the one thing that could have taken your life from content to extraordinary. (Derek Jeter...I'm talking to you!) Imagine how much it would suck to run into that same person later on and realize that you blew your chance. Best Line: " I think its one of those de ja vu things or a dream that's trying to tell me something, or will I ever stop thinking about it. I don't know, I doubt it."

Whenever You Call by Mariah Carey and Brian McKnight (34): Of all of the Mariah Carey duets, this one is my favorite. I think that it because I feel this song. I am not sure why but it gets me a little bit every time I hear it. I think that it is because while there is no doubt that it is a passionate song, it is not necessarily romantic. I usually think of my friends who are far away whenever I hear it. This song captures that feeling of never being too far away from the few people that you love unconditionally....and more importantly who love you back. So this song is dedicated to my long distance best friends whom I still feel strongly in spite of the fact that they are in Dallas, Denver, and Seattle. Best Line: "I won't ever be too far away to feel you and I won't hesitate at all whenever you call."

On The Way Down by Ryan Cabrera (41): For such a simple song, it is actually pretty damn good. I will admit that I didn't really get on board with this song when it first came out but that is OK. Better late than never. It took realizing that there is actually a lot of truth in the lyrics before I decided that I liked it and it was worthy of downloading to the iPod. I consider myself to be lucky to have been rescued and to have been saved from myself. This song always makes me reflect on that and be grateful that I did hold on. Best Line: "And on the way down I saw you and you saved me from myself".

Raise Your Hands by Bon Jovi (137): I am not sure that you can really appreciate the greatness that is this song until you have seen it preformed live. Sure it is awesome to rock out to when you are working out or driving around on an open road but it goes to whole new level when it is being sung out loud in front of a sold out crowd. It is impossible not "raise your hands" on command as well as sing out out loud at the top of your lungs. Of all of the things I remember most about seeing this song performed live, the thing that stands out the most is seeing a smile on each member of the bands face as they rocked this song out. They felt the electricity that this song created and made for on the best songs performed for the night. Killer song...vastly underrated in my opinion. Best Line: "But I...I ain't here looking for surrender, I'll raise the flag if you'll defend her, it's up to you".

Tonight I will leave you with one simple request that you cross your fingers that Joba will be taken off of the DL soon. The Yankees really, really, really need him back...even if it is in the bullpen as opposed to the starting rotation where we all know that he belongs.


Andy said...

I have to wonder what a man like Joba Chamberlain would do if he knew that he had such an adoring and loyal and sexy fan. Guys like Derek get it all the time but someone like Joba probably doesn't. He is missing out.

Fenway Freak said...

Your Yankees suuuck! I can't believe that they almost lost to the fucking tigers after jumping out to such a huge lead! The tigers are not even a .500 team. They shouldn't be celebrating their win but hanging their heads in shame!

everywhere and nowhere said...

Your fascination with Joba is purplexing. I have been reading your blog and for months you have demonstrated good taste in men and then suddenly this Joba thing happened. How could you go from the likes of Derek Jeter, Jon Bon Jovi, and Viggo Mortinsen to Joba Chamberlain. He is overweight, arrogant, and an asshole. Did you miss his interview where he offended Erin Roberts? Surely someone as smart as you seem had to have missed the one where he said that he was sent by God to win for the Yankees!

arodschick said...

PM Dawn takes me back. He had an awesome voice but you are right. Where is he now?

Can't bitch about AROD today huh? He looked awesome yesterday!

Anonymous said...


THE TODD said...

Alright Millie Vanillie, I had to find out what everyone was talking about and I even I am shocked. Sure as shit, Joba said that he was the new Jesus, sent to NYC by God because God has a "hard on for the Yankees". You can't tell me that you are cool with that? What can of asshole says something like that?

Oh and the feeling is mutual. I won't hesitate whenever you call either my dear friend. That's why I am your Sam.

Conner Gliman said...

Sent by God to the Yankees? That is so ridiculous! How can you stand that guy? Everything he says is dumb.

The Kiskadian said...

At the risk of sounding like a fag, I like Set a Drift. I especially like the line "I often wonder what makes her work. I guess I'll leave that question to the expert. Assuming that they are out there somewhere. Probably alone a solitaire." I cannot help but think of you as he sings of the one that got away.