Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Legend of Jeter cont.

So it is not everyday that one makes Yankee history...and it is extremely rare that one does it twice in one week. If anyone is capable of achieving is Derek Jeter...who did just that.

There are many things that make it great to be home...and one of them is the fact that I get to watch Yankee baseball...which I truly missed during my stay on the west coast. Just getting to watching today's game was awesome...the fact that it was an amazing game was icing on the cake.

Now I have tons of great Yankee memories...and today I was lucky enough to be able to add another one to the list. When Derek walked up the plate in the 5th inning he looked totally calm, as usual. He seemed unphased by the fact that he was on the brink of a major milestone. Everyone knew that he was one hit away from being tied with Lou Gehrig's for most hits by a player in Yankee Stadium. I don't think that there was any doubt for anyone that Derek would tie the record before the end of the season, but I don't know that any of us thought that Derek would do by hitting a beauty of home run like he did today.

By now you readers know what a Jeter fanatic I am so this next admission shouldn't surprise you. The fact is that I actually teared up as Derek rounded the bases. As the 54,000+ Yankees fans chanted for him until he came out of the dugout for a well deserved curtain call, I shed a few tears. As silly as it sounds...I couldn't help but be proud of him.

As I explained to someone last week, there is more to Derek Jeter than the fact that he is probably the most gorgeous man on the planet. Sure the man is an incredibly talented and poised athlete but there is even more than that. The fact is that Derek is all of these things and still manages to humble and classy...which is a rare in sports these days. By all rights, Derek could have been jumping and screaming all around the diamond and yet he didn't. In fact, short of that amazing smile he flashed in the dugout, there seemed to be little celebration at all.

Sure it is too late to salvage the Yankee's postseason but it is amazing to see that at least some of the players are still playing until the end.

Derek really is the man.


Conner Gliman said...


Your puppy like admiration and loyality to Derek is pretty damn cute. I will be sure to say this when I am called to a be character witness in your Derek Jeter kidnapping trial.

arodschick said...

how can you not even mention arods grand slam?!?!?!? that was ten times more amazing than jeter's solo homerun!

Parker said...

No recap of your trip to the west coast? You must be in awe of Derek!

The Kiskadian said...

I can't wait for baseball season to be over so you will stop writing about Derek Fucking Jeter. Holy shit Milville, he is great and all but you have gone overboard with the obsession. Please for the love of all that is great in this world write about something besides the god damn yankees!

THE TODD said...

Come on Kiskadian, it isn't that bad. Jeter is on fire right now.

How is life on the outside?

The Kiskadian said...

Weird. I kind of miss not having to figure what the fuck to do with myself. Decisions suck and I have become a lazy man.

THE TODD said...

Have you ever been good at making decisions Kiska? Seems to me that you have always had some smitten girl around to do it for you.

Not being a hater. I am actully jealous.