Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Ask The Past To Last, Its About To Change

Being that I missed Monday’s Shuffle and the fact that I am once again on duty it only seems fair to do another special Thursday edition of the iPod Shuffle.

Last Cigarette by Bon Jovi: Oh how I struggle not to sing along every time I hear this song. I can definitely relate to it. Perhaps it is because it is still a daily struggle for me not to have a cigarette and I suspect that it always will be. Now the song really isn’t about cigarettes…I only mention this because in addition to totally getting the meaning behind the song, it makes me want a cigarette by simply mentioning one. But I digress…being that I am such a fan of cigarettes, I remember savoring the last one, holding my breath and hoping that it would never end…and just like it says in this song…when its gone, its gone. Truer words have never been spoken…and it sucks when you realize that no matter what…when it’s gone it’s gone. Best Line: “Just to breathe reminds me of what used to be.”

No Myth by Michael Penn: So a friend of mine talked about this song on his blog a few weeks ago and I pretty much agreed with everything that he said about the song but one thing. He pointed out that it was used in the final scene of Loser and he kind of slammed the movie. I know it was never a major blockbuster but I have to admit that I really enjoyed the flick. Hell, just thinking about it right now as I write is making me laugh. But this is not about Loser and why it is an awesome movie…it is about the song that reminds everyone of Loser. I love this song. It is actually in my Top 25 Played list. I am not sure what about this song makes it so damn appealing…but it is. I think that just about everyone has heard this song even if they don’t know it and I have yet to find a person who hates this song. I have actually had a few debates regarding this song as if it is a romantic song or a song about some crazy chick and the scared man who is trying to get away from her. I have my opinion but I also recognize that it largely depends on one’s frame of mind at the time of the debate. Either way, it is a catchy song that I always enjoy listening to. My favorite thing about this song is that it is a bit on the wacky side which is always a plus in my book. More than anything I think it boils down to the fact that I too am “Just looking for someone to dance with” and because I am also guilty of drawing the curtains with knots that can be tough to untie. I promise to try to work harder on that. But moving on…Best Line “See it was just too soon to tell and looking for some parallel can be an endless game”.

Bailimos by Enrique Iglesias: I feel obligated to remind people that this song was totally wasted by used in the most dreadful of all Will Smith movies. I only point it out because it made no sense to me then and it certainly makes no sense to me now. Oh well. I should have known that I was doomed to be an Enrique fan when I first heard this song. I am fairly certain that I would dance with anyone to this song simply because just like the songs says…the rhythm takes over. It is also an extremely seductive song which gives it bonus points. My Hispanic heritage comes out in full form whenever I hear this song and I actually yearn to dance when I hear it. I know that is lame…but it is the truth. Best Line: “Tonight I am yours, we can make it happen I’m so sure.” I like that it doesn’t promise more than that. Sure he does later in the song but in that one line sets the stage for a desperate passion to be released…and I don’t care who you are…that’s hot.

Take On Me by Ah-Ha: Ok so I know that I have written about this song before but I cannot resist writing about it again. Crazy though it sounds, I think that I actually like this song a little bit more every time I hear it. I am certain that many people could claim that they like it a little bit less each time they hear me sing it but that is neither here nor there. Depending on the day you will probably get a different answer out of me as what my favorite part of the song. Today is the persistence that is demonstrated in the song. Sure all he keeps singing about is leaving in the near future but in the meantime, nothing is going to deter him from getting to his love. I also like that admittance of imperfection up front…which is why it is my selection for Best Line: “I don’t know what to but I’ll say it anyway” however “The things that you say, is it live or just to play my worries away” is a close 2nd. Seriously though…I really love this song.

Poison by Alice Cooper: For some reason, I just have never seen this song as an Alice Cooper song. That small point aside…the power ballad freak in me loves this song. It is especially good for singing in the car when you are having a less than spectacular day. I think that poison is a good way to describe that which we want too much…especially based of the effect that said desire can have on a person. Once you reach that point when you have to make an effort to eat and sleep, it must be poison…that or insanity…or maybe just a really bad day caused from the lack of sleep. Whatever it is, it brings me to the Best Line: “I don’t want to break these chains.” I am actually forced to admit that this actually my favorite Alice Cooper song.

The Lady in Red by Chris LeBraugh: Here is another song that just makes me stop whenever I hear it. Sappy as it is, I am such a sucker for this song. I think that I will always love it. By the end of the 5th note of the song…even before Chris even sings a word, I am usually wearing a small smile and hope that this song will always have that effect on me. Now I am pretty sure there hasn’t been a teenage girl who didn’t wear a red dress to at least one formal dance just so in case the DJ played this song. In my case, it was the homecoming dance junior year and I was not disappointed. Funny how the memory works…I can’t remember a damn thing from high school algebra and yet I can remember every moment during the four minutes and eighteen seconds of dancing to this song. Even as I struggle my way through algebra now…I wouldn’t reverse the memories for a moment. There are few perfect moments in life and for me that was one of them.


Kenny said...

I love that song by AHA! It's in my Top 50 (Hey I got 30 gigs worth of music)!!

That was soooo awesome hearing you sing it! I think I'm going to have a smile on my face all day from that one!

movi said...

I still have our HOSH pic from that dance. You looked smoking that night!

The Kiskadian said...

I guess I had never thought about it but I have to agree with you. I guess now I will think of you whenever I hear that song too. But it won't be often because straight men cannot listen to Lady In Red.

THE TODD said...

You are the only person who makes karaoke tolerable. What you lack in talent you make up for in comedic performance.

jeff said...

I figured you left your hispanic roots behind when you left Albuquerque

The Kiskadian said...

Where have you been all weekend?

conner gliman said...

Why would you want to remember algebra?

Dr. Fine said...

Good thing you are cute because you can't sing for shit!