Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Legend of Jeter

So I couldn't help but sneak into the command center in order to honor a great of the greatest moments in Yankee baseball. No not the Yankee/Angel fight...which was awesome by the way...but a great moment for my beloved Derek Jeter.

So let's take a moment and pay tribute to the fact that Derek is now second on the list of all-time Yankee hitters...passing the legendary Babe Ruth.

Think about that...words cannot describe how amazing that truly is.


vince said...

you are leaving out the other historical moment of the yanks missing the playoffs this year

Jeff said...

I thought that you said that you were not going to be blogging for the week.

Conner Gliman said...

I am proud of Jeter too but it almost seems disrespectful to the Babe and to Gehrig to be happy for Jeter. Jeter is no Babe and certainly no Gehrig

The Kiskadian said...

For fuck sake!