Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Looking Back - Best Pics of the Blog

As I continue to go through my old posts, I decided to kick off this whole trip down on memory lane with my list of the best pictures to appear on the blog.

#20: Stubbs the Zombie...while I am no gamer...this picture does make me want to finish the game. He just looks cool.

#19: Mark Harmon from NCIS: What can I say? He just looks hot.
#18 Focus Factor: Fucking Franklin Covey. I hate him so much.

#17 Derek Jeter...'nuff said.

# 16 Eli/Luke: This picture reminds me that one cannot their fate anymore than these two can.

#15 Dino in a Box: A real friend will climb into a box simply because you asked him to.

#14 The truth about cell phones: It is funny because it is true.

#13 Nothing Like Family: I still really, really, really miss The 4400. Damn the USA Network for cancelling my show.

#12 My Superman: Call it a generational thing but Tom Welling is my Superman. One look at this picture and it should be easy to understand why.

#11 Vaderpod: As a person on her 3rd mp3-ish player...I can totally relate.

#10 Traveling MC meets Homeless Elmo: I still not what part of this whole situation disturbs me the most....but I love the pic.

#9 I Say...Take Me Out: Seriously....the great vidmod EVER!

#8 "Don't Run...We Are Your Friends": It has been about two months since I have seen Mars other words far too long.

#7 Bon Jovi: 'nuff said.

#6 Strider: Just because.

#5 What Would NPH Do? I love you man.
#4 BUUURRRRNS Red Sux!: My favorite Red Sux Protest Picture.

#3 Driven Black: Straight to my heart I'm afraid. This might be the most amazing picture of Derek Jeter I have ever seen.

#2 Traveling MC at Yankee Stadium: Short of getting a picture of the Traveling MC with say A-Rod or Johnny is going to be really, really hard to top this one.

Drum Roll Please....

The #1 Picture on the Blog so far is....

Seeing this picture always makes me smile. I hope that I am not the only one.


THE TODD said...

The cookie picture is awesome. It is always good to see you smile.

The Kiskadian said...

I am surprised that there wasn't more pictures of Bon Jovi.

Millie said...

At the risk of sounding a bit cocky, I think that I look good every time I am protesting the Red Sux.

The Kiskadian said...

You are not cocky, just confident. Besides you always look hot.

Dr. Fine said...

I still don't get the Traveling MC. Who the fuck is that guy?